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Star Wars Shorts 1: Survival of Kit Fisto

Mace Windu and Palpatine passed. I barely could hold on to life. I grasped the little bits of the carpet and dragged myself to the window on the left. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't feel anything beneath my cut. I did not give up. Palpatine was too busy to notice me escaping.

I kept dragging across the floor. I soon got to the other end. There was a turbolift. I used the force and pressed the button. The door opened. I crawled in time before the door closed and continued down it's accent.

I had enough time to grab the emergency medpack. The cut healed quick and I stood at my feet. The turbolift ended and I got out. I saw the Chosen One walking down the great hall.

When we got near I asked," Where is Master Shaak Ti?"

"She could not come, but she sent me instead," said Anakin.

"Fair enough," I continued down the hall, feeling great deception. I thought it may be the aura of the Dark Lord.

I knew that I shouldn't go to the Temple again so I got in my starfighter outside the Chancellor's apartment. I hopped in and was greeted by T3-T4.

"T3, go to the whereabouts of Master Yoda," said I.

The ship then took off.

Within thirty minutes I got to Kashyyyk. I landed and got out. I found a young Wookiee by the name of Chewbacca. He said he witnessed the clones revolting and attempting to assassinate Yoda. He then said that he may be found at the Jedi Temple.

I got back in my starfighter and traveled back to Coruscant. I went on the ship called the Tantive IV.

There was Obi-Wan, Shaak Ti, and Master Yoda. Too, there was Senator Bail Organa and Captain Antellis.

"Kit Fisto, you made it alive," said Bail.

"Yes, but what is the threat?" I asked.

"Begun, a revolution has. Persecuted, the Jedi have," Yoda said.

Shaak Ti then said," Palpatine was behind this all, he is the one who gave the order of our destruction."

I fell to the ground out of many Jedi, I lived.

"No, this... this can't be," I said," We can't just stand back and do nothing. Who even lead the clones?"

"Don't quite know that yet, but we are trying to figure out," Bail said.

"We are going to go to the temple and try to unlock the mysteries," Obi-wan said. I got up. I stood strong and firm," Do we know of any other Jedi that survive?" "No, we are the last that we know of," Shaak Ti said.

I thought of Aayla, I wish she was here. Especially since the clones may have attacked her.

"What of Aayla Secura," I asked.

"Shaak Ti, tried to contact her. She appears to be dead,"Bail said. I felt as if everything was unimportant and useless, even I myself. I took out my lightsaber," What is to be done."

"The front entrance, Master Kenobi and I will take. Behind the temple, The big pond, you will ambush," Master Yoda said.

We got to the temple. The ship landed in the deep pond. Shaak Ti put on her breath-tube. I had my shirt off for mobility.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Always," she said.

I unlocked the door and the water then flooded in the ship. I soon got to the roof, me and Shaak Ti then swam out. We got to the surface of the pond and sneaked to the bank. We got out silently. We ignited our sabers and started attacking the clones.

I felt as a traitor, for I was harming the once ally. I took my lightsaber and threw it to make a barrier around me. Most of the attackers around me died. As Shaak Ti finished up the rest, we fought our way in. We found ourselves at the ruins of the great temple. Collapsed pillars covered the floors. A group of clones then followed into us. Shaak Ti force pushed a few of them. I then force Repulsed the rest. We kept fighting till we got to the archives where we met Obi-Wan and Yoda.

"It was Anakin," Obi-Wan said," Of all the people, the Chosen One, Anakin."

"Fight we must. Exile, you will go," said Yoda.

"I will be on Felucia, they pulled out troops from there," said Shaak Ti.

I then thought of where to go. I then resolved,"I will go, to Alderaan with Senator Organa."

"Very well, I feel that this may be the last time we may meet. Let's just hope not," said Obi-Wan. The End

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