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Star Wars Legacies: The Jedi Guardian is an upcoming Star Wars fan fiction novel by Brandon Rhea and GreenRangerBoli. The story is an adaptation of the events of the backstory for Star Wars Legacies, the fifth and current role-playing era on The Star Wars RP. The authors intend it to be their vision of the storyline, while remaining faithful to the spirit and basic events of the role-playing backstory.

The novel is set in 980 ABY, over eight hundred years after any canon Star Wars stories. The story begins in a time of galactic peace, as the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Empire have been allies for centuries. The primary focus is put on the early history of the role-playing characters Jhon Cordatus, Tyrn Lightell, and Kara Vaalki, as well as new characters such as Sara Umbra and Elim. The return of the Sith after centuries of hiding also plays a major role in the storyline.

Plot summary

It is an era of peace and prosperity for the galaxy. The Galactic Alliance, the successor state to the Rebel Alliance, formed an unprecedented truce with the now-benevolent Galactic Empire, and the New Jedi Order has retaken its rightful place as the guardians of peace and justice in all of the known galaxy. Yet beyond the quiet comforts of the allied worlds, the Sith continue to loom in the shadows, plotting their return after centuries of exile. As the followers of the ancient Sith ways anoint themselves the new Dark Lords of the Sith, they begin a quest into the allied worlds that they hope will destabilize the peace and bring about their return to power.


The basics of the stories that would be incorporated into The Jedi Guardian were created in 2011, when Star Wars Legacies was first created by administrators and members on The Star Wars RP; Legacies is the fifth and current role-playing era on the site. The return of the Sith was documented in a write up containing information about a Sith Lord called Darth Aevum, whose story, albeit somewhat different, would be part of The Jedi Guardian. Other concepts for The Jedi Guardian were created by author Brandon Rhea when he created his character, Jhon Cordatus; as well as by author GreenRangerBoli, when he created his characters Tyrn Lightell (originally known as Vrek Lightell) and Kara Vaalki. Both Rhea and Boli are senior administrators on The Star Wars RP.

The book itself was conceived in mid-2012 under the title of Star Wars Legacies: Destiny Begins - The Guardian, with an intention for it to focus exclusively on Jhon Cordatus. At the time, Rhea was the only author. As the summer of 2012 went on, Rhea incorporate the Battle for the Serendipity, which Boli created for Tyrn and Kara's backstories, into Jhon's history and the story of the novel. The plan was for the novel to end with an event in the role-playing backstory called the Mission to Ardos. Despite the initial plans, and the scripting of some scenes, this version of the novel never made it beyond the planning stages.

Plans to write the book, which was since retitled Star Wars Legacies: The Jedi Guardian, resumed in July 2013 when Rhea asked Boli if he wanted to be a co-author on the story, which brought Tyrn and Kara in as major characters rather than a small supporting roles they previously had. As they spent the next month developing the story, an increased focus was also placed on the return of the Sith, and weaving the backstories of the characters into more prominent parts of the Sith resurgence.

Rhea and Boli began writing the first draft of the novel, in screenplay form, in late November 2013. A release date for the completed novel has not yet been established.


The Jedi Guardian is an adaptation of the backstory for Star Wars Legacies, the fifth and current role-playing era of The Star Wars RP role-playing community. It is not meant to be a faithful retelling of those events, but rather the authors' own vision for the storyline. Despite this, it will remain true to the spirit and basic events of the Legacies backstory. The events of the backstory primarily deal with that of the characters Jhon Cordatus, Tyrn Lightell, and Kara Vaalki, all of whom are characters in the role-play; as well as the early return of the Sith, before they take over the Galactic Empire as they did in the role-play storyline. The authors also plan to include references to other role-playing characters and events from the 980 ABY era.[1]

Like the role-play, The Jedi Guardian is set in the centuries after the established Expanded Universe, which includes Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2, the canonical story set farthest into the future. However, the authors plan to avoid including information that would require a knowledge of the Expanded Universe, and instead intend to write the story so someone only familiar with the six current Star Wars films could understand it. This will also be done in an attempt to avoid conflicting with the story of Star Wars Episode VII and the rest of the upcoming sequel trilogy.


Notes and references

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