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Star Wars Generations, also called simply Generations, is a fan fiction continuity created by Jacob Kingston. Following in the example of Disney, Generations abolishes media outside of the film series as canon in favor of its own. Central events include the Galactic Civil War and the First Order–Resistance conflict—though the author has indicated the series is open to explore any point in the Star Wars timeline.

Novels include Skywalker, with several sequels planned, as well other stories and character arcs.

The series is primarily hosted by Wattpad.

Story overview[]

Generations, like the official canon, is set in the galaxy far, far away. According to the introduction of its breakout novel, Skywalker, the story treats the first seven Star Wars films as canon to its own continuity, while treating all other media as null—thus allowing the author to explore any story and character he chooses.[2] The stories are said to be taken "from the Untold Saga, Journal of the Whills."[1]

The story of Generations follows a multitude of characters and story arcs. Starting with its first book, Red Eagle, the continuity explores the birth of the rebellion. The project went on temporary hiatus in July 2016 due to the author suffering from writer's block.[3]

In the second book (first novel) of the continuity, however, the story of Luke Skywalker is revisited—specifically his attempts to reform the Jedi Order after its destruction during Order 66. While the prologue of this series was set in 34 ABY, in the direct aftermath of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the story itself begins in 6 ABY—only a short time after the Galactic Concordance.[2]



Title Format Date Notes
Red Eagle Book July 4 2016 Released on Wattpad (On hold)
Skywalker Novel July 21 2016 Released on Wattpad (Ongoing)

Future works[]

Sequels for both Red Eagle and Skywalker are expected, but not yet in the planning stages.[1] On July 25, 2016, three sequels to Skywalker were officially announced: Solo, Organa, and Nomar including their cover art. All three novels are scheduled for a late 2016–2017 release respectively; none, however, are currently in production.[4]


In his profile on Wattpad, author of the continuity Jacob Kingston cited growing up as a homosexual man, without any hero he could "completely relate" to, as a major source of inspiration to write Star Wars and later Generations.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The series was originally going to be called Star Wars The Untold Saga due to the epitaph at the beginning of Red Eagle. This was dropped in favor of a new title around the time Skywalker was conceived.

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