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Having existed for five years, Star Wars Fanonpedia has enriched its resources with approximately 2700 articles, which grands it the fifth place among wikis of the Creative category and simultaneously puts it among the fifty largest wikis of the Polish Fandom. By popular vote, it was given the 2nd place in the competition "The Wiki of the Year 2019" in the Creative category.

Ever since the day of foundation, Star Wars Fanonpedia has been edited by almost two hundred users, with over seventy of them dissolving to enter the community of Fanonpedists with the aim of publishing their own Star Wars-related invention.

Articles extending the universe with humorous contents are just as much supported as those serious, which sets the wiki apart from akin pages of similar ranges of topic. The administrators reserve no permission for judging users' creativity. For all the tolerance of the invention, all the contents deemed as breaching the netiquette are subject to immediate removal.


Star Wars Fanonpedia, as the Library of LEGO Star Wars Fanon, was founded by Mustafar29 on July 5th, 2015, coincidentally at 11:38 p.m., the time so much familiar to every fan of the universe. Next day, the permissions of administrator were granted to PikPL, Gial Ackbar, and Henio z Tesco, bringing all of them to being referred to as the founders as well in the future. On June 7th, with no voting conducted, C5-D2 was selected the 1st Featured Article, providing the wiki with a new habit, lasting to this day. However, the 1st Featured Article was voted on as soon as next month, promoting the article Leia Windu to the rank of it.

On July 9th, PikPL dissolved to abandon the wiki due to his personal conflict with other communities, simultaneously relinquishing the right he held. The Author template, which would one day lead to the greatest fight within the wiki's community, was published three days before, being in general use to this day.

On September 28th, 2015, the user nicknamed Komandor Fly claimed to have been behind the "death" of PikPL, imposing a blockade upon himself. On October 18th, he exiled himself from the wiki in favor of the community of the Library of Arkania. On November 11th, Gial Ackbar lost his permissions for his persistent absence.

On November 27th, upon a broad negotiation, the name of the wiki was eventually subject to a change so as to be Star Wars Fanonpedia from them on. The URL address was changed to "" in such a way that it reflected the newly proclaimed name. The following day, a new wordmark was uploaded for the same reason.

One day prior to the Christmas Eve, Komandor Fly's candidature for administratorship on the Library of Arkania was voted through by that place's community and positively reviewed by the incumbent bureaucrat SuperSzym. By managing the community and implementing all the previously proposed changes, most of them being copied from Star Wars Fanonpedia, the only thing Komandor Fly did was intensify the conflict setting both of the wiki apart.

On March 10th, 2016, Komandor Fly's actual face was discovered on the wiki he had managed so far, bringing him to being deprived of his permissions. The fact of him no longer being accountable for all the community brought both of the wiki together so that peace was declared by each, being officially sealed after 20 days. However, the conflict was renewed in a week, causing an interruption of the agreement worked out before.

On March 17th, 2017, Mustafar29, disappointed at the way he was treated by the opposite wiki and no longer motivated to draw on the wiki's existence, resigned from the right of bureaucrat, instead devolving them to Henio z Tesco. Mustafar did not return until June 11th, assuming the permissions of administrator. The day he came back, the Discord server was activated. Three days following his arrival, the URL of the wiki was changed to, mostly to eliminate the pl suffix. On July 31th, having vandalized another wiki, Henio z Tesco honorably renounced his bureaucratship in favor of Mustafar29, who assumed it just as quickly in order to hold it to this day.

Gial Ackbar was localized by Mustafar29 on August 13th, being allowed the permissions of chat moderator so as to oversee the order on the server. On September 19th, DarknessEyes23 implemented a slign amendment to the so-far logo.

On April 1st, 2018, Henio z Tesco's permissions were taken off due to his vandalism on the wiki he was meant to take care of. Those of Gial Ackbar, however, were raised to thread moderator in 18 days. Shortly, Featured Article elections were resumed as a result of the community extending fast.

On July 1st, the Community Policy was proclaimed, strictly specifying the order of the wiki and formalizing the way the administrator should work. The new rules opened a new chapter of the wiki.


The administrators take care of the wiki's and the community's goodness. They are composed of chat moderators, thread moderators, content moderators, and administrators, one of which is appointed to hold the bureaucrat permission.

List of administrators:

  • Mustafar29 – the bureaucrat since 2017
  • Cashao – a thread moderator since 2019

Customs and traditions

The current logo was projected by Mustafar29 and released official on September 2, 2019.

Featured Article

The Featured Article has been present in Star Wars Fanonpedia's history from the very beginning of the wiki's existence, and its first election was completed as soon as a month after the foundation.

The status of the Featured Article is the highest way to feature one user's invention amongst others. Traditionally, it is set visible on the main page for one month or two, as often as the activity condition requires this solution.

Since December 2016, the Featured Article had been on hold due to a low activity from the community. It was eventually brought back in July 2017, in which three articles were featured on the main page rather than one.

Community Policy

1. Star Wars Fanonpedia as a website Star Wars Fanonpedia is a wiki operating on Fandom under the ``gwfanon`` subdomain, whose purpose is a service of space to create and share one's own invention related to Star Wars. Star Wars Fanonpedia legitimates the wiki wordmark in the version of September 2, 2019.

2. The community of Fanonpedists The community of Star Wars Fanonpedia is comprised of Fanonpedists, one of whom any user is regarded who has a minimum of one main-namespaced article in their category, a self-created game, or a self-published short story. Fanonpedists are eligible to engage in the wiki, being those on whom the most relevant issues ought to be dependent. The Active Fanonpedist is a term applying to all the fanonpedists whose contribution to the wiki has occurred within 30 days predating the day on which a Discussions post which necessitates their involvement has been created and remain unblocked.

3. Permissions

  1. The Team of Administrator is headed by the Bureaucrat, who is simultaneously entitled to the role of administrator. A recall of the incumbent Bureaucrat ought to be approved by the community of the Active Fanonpedists. Such a request ought to be constructive, meaning it necessitate a proposition of a new candidacu for bureaucratship. In case of the Bureaucrat relinquishing their permissions, an election is conducted by posting an appropriate Discussions thread, where a vote ought to be allowed to all of the Active Fanonpedists, or a request for a wiki adoption is submitted.
  1. The permissions of administrator are granted to active fanonpedists typified by a large experience and the community's approval by the Bureaucrat. A request for giving or taking the permissions of administrator can be submitted by any Fanonpedist by creating an appropriate Discussions thread, where any Active Fanonpedist ought to be allowed a vote. The Bureaucrat, upon a consultation with the other administrators, can lay a claim to refuse to grant the permissions to a user elected in this way should a lack of sufficient experience have been decided.
  1. The Bureaucrat gives the permissions of content moderator to fanonpedists nominated by the administrators and takes them with no necessity to consult the community. The Bureaucrat gives the permissions of thread moderator to large-experienced and community-approved fanonpedists. A request for giving or taking the permissions of thread moderator can be submitted by any Fanonpedist by starting an appropriate Discussions post, where a vote ought to be allowed to all of the Active Fanonpedists.
  1. The Bureaucrat gives the permissions of chat moderator to large-experienced and community-approved fanonpedists or active users of the Discord server. A request for giving ot taking the permissions of chat moderator can be submitted by any Fanonpedist or active Discord user by starting an appropriate Discussions thread, where a vote ought to be allowed to all of the Active Fanonpedists.
  1. The Bureaucrat, administrators, and content, thread, and chat moderators are not subject to penalties of blockade but rather deprived of their permissions.

4. Discussions and the Discord server The community of Star Wars Fanonpedia is in possession of an official Discord server (ID: 323557016159125515), which provides a way for communication between Fanonpedists. Administrators present upon the server are obliged to sustain the dignity of the self-held functions, and a negative behavior of theirs can leave an effect upon their further career on the wiki. Apart from the Discord server, Star Wars Fanonpedia possesses a forum in a form of Discussions.

5. Entry in partnership As a fan initiative, Star Wars Fanonpedia is open to entering a partnership with other websites which directly or indistinctly refer to Star Wars, as well as other wikis. Advertising of portals uncertified as Star Wars Fanonpedia's partners requires the administrators' agreement, as it might be deemed spam.

6. Licencing and authorship consideration The content of articles published on Star Wars Fanonpedia are subordinate to the licencing which Fandom dictates. Much as it projects a possibility to modify the shared content, on Star Wars Fanonpedia, it is striven to avoid situations in which one person intervenes in another's invention. Star Wars Fanonpedia thus considers the authorship of its users by displaying their nicknames in the articles which they publish, though a later deletion of their creativity is dependent upon the administrators' will.

7. Ways of behavior. Star Wars Fanonpedia's tolerance is both of serious and humorous invention. However, under prohibition are items aimed against other persons, and so is any usage of offensive vocabulary. For spam, trolling, vandalism, and any other signs of behavior harmful to the commonwealth of the website, a blockade is projected. The blockade imposed by the administrators applies to a user, not a specific account, so usage of double accounts is under prohibition. Articles breaching the above-enumerated rules may be removed by administrators and moderators. On Star Wars Fanonpedia, Fandom's inner rules are in force, as well.

8. Literary invention Not only is the Star Wars Fanonpedia's purpose service of space to create one's own items of the world depicted in Star Wars, but also facilitation of publishing their own literary work. Such ought to be placed under the "Opowiadanie" namespace.

9. Featuring articles The manner of honoring the most developed and most interesting articles is election for the Featured Article, voted on by the community once a month should it be possible. Due to the Featured Article being displayed on the main page, it must fulfill all the standards applying to the wiki, including those received historically.

10. Popular vote. The Community Policy shall apply directly to all users of Star Wars Fanonpedia. Implementation of amendments to its contents shall only be possible upon receiving approval result via voting conducted in Discussion at request of any Fanonpedists within Active Fanonpedists, respecting:

  • The casual majority — in the case of amendments introduced to Points from 2 to 9 and the passage of Point 1 concerning the logo.
  • Supermajority 3/5 — in the case of amendments introduced to Point 1 and 10, excluding the passage concerning the logo.

The voting ought to last for 7 days, though there exists a possibility that it might be shortened by the Bureaucrat should a minimum of half of the community members exhaust their vote sooner. Upon the closure of voting, the new contents shall be published immediately.


What is Star Wars Fanonpedia?

Star Wars Fanonpedia is a wiki, which is a kind of website co-created by anyone who chooses to edit. It operates on the MediaWiki system, as Wikipedia, Wookieepedia, and Biblioteka Ossus do.

Why is Star Wars Fanonpedia hosted on Fandom?

Fandom, once known as Wikia, is a free website gathering fans of the entertainment, and not only. It offers you a technical support and provides a higher position in searchers for your wikis. As a website created by fans, Star Wars Fanonpedia — as well as Wookieepedia, but unlike Wikipedia and Biblioteka Ossus — uses Fandom's servers.

Who can Star Wars Fanonpedia be edited by?

Anyone. The purpose of Star Wars Fanonpedia is to gather all creative fans of Star Wars to invent their own stories taking place in the galaxy far, far away. However, creating an account is recommended, so your all editions, invention, and ranks can be pinned to the same person.

What is the best to start with?

This all depends on what you want to start with. In Star Wars Fanonpedia, you can create articles about the world in-universe (such as characters, locations, or droids), but you might as well share your own short story. You can also engage in a discussion or start a new topic.

Will my entire invention be passed?

Star Wars Fanonpedia accepts both serious invention and that treating Star Wars humorously, but articles with the aim of offending someone, insulting them, or harming them will meet with removal immediately. What is also important is follow the netiquette.

What establishes Star Wars Fanonpedia's own rules?

In July, 2018, on the wiki's third birthday, Star Wars Fanonpedia's community established the so-called Community Policy, the final impact on which was not only derived by the users, but also by the tradition.

Who looks after the order in Star Wars Fanonpedia?

In commons with most wikis on Fandom and on those out of it, Star Wars Fanonpedia has administrators and moderators with the bureaucrat in charge. None of the groups above, however, is the owner of Star Wars Fanonpedia, because the wiki belongs to the community of fanonpedists.

Whom are these fanonpedists?

Fanonpedists grow the community of Star Wars Fanonpedia, and anyone who has created at least one article is considered to be a part of it. The community votes in the most meaningful issues.

Where can I talk to fanonpedists? Star Wars Fanonpedia is grown by the community of Fanonpedists, which means that the wiki gives you a way to communicate to them. If you want to talk to others, the best place for that will be Discussions or the Discord server.


Star Wars Fanonpedia is rich in portals, each of them paving a comfortable and pleasant way to attain items of one specific topic should it not be as feasible via categories. With most being developed by the wiki itself, some portals are managed in association with pages regarded official friends.

The portals available these days are as follows:

  • Star Wars Fanfiction — a portal enumerating all the literary invention, dividing short stories into those actively developed and deemed as curtailed or finished.
  • Star Wars Fanarts — a portal ensuring that all the fanart can be accomplished in one place either classified by authorship or topic.
  • Star Wars MOC — a portal providing galleries displaying all the invented LEGO sets, put together by the community.
  • Star Wars Games — a portal naming all the games in which the player chooses themselves which link to click on so as to skip between separate pages after one another.
  • Star Wars Roleplay — a portal in the framework of which users who play so-called Roleplay games upon Discord may describe their achievements as well as biographies of their self-invented characters, some of them being equated with the players themselves.


  1. Last updated on July 5, 2020
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