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In spite of the four-year existence only, Star Wars Fanonpedia has filled its resources with as many as 2309 articles, becoming one of the fifty largest wikis of the Polish Fandom.

Over the history, Star Wars Fanonpedia has been edited by 154 users, 61 of which have decided to join the fanonpedists group with the purpose to conceive their own fiction related to Star Wars.

Star Wars Fanonpedia is open to various kinds of creativity, and so supports articles extending the universe both in a serious or humorous way. This does not change the fact, though, that any sort of content regarded as violating the netiquette will be removed.

Administrators Edit

The administrators take care of the wiki's and the community's goodness. They are composed of chat moderators, thread moderators, content moderators, and administrators, one of which is appointed to hold the bureaucrat permission.

List of administrators:

Customs and traditionsEdit


The current logo was projected by the user DarknessEyes23 and released official on September 29, 2017, following the community's approval expressed a day later.

Featured ArticleEdit

The Featured Article has been present in Star Wars Fanonpedia's history from the very beginning of the wiki's existence, and its first election was completed as soon as a month after the foundation.

The status of the Featured Article is the highest way to feature one user's invention amongst others. Traditionally, it is set visible on the main page for one month or two, as often as the activity condition requires this solution.

Since December 2016, the Featured Article had been on hold due to a low activity from the community. It was eventually brought back in July 2017, in which three articles were featured on the main page rather than one.

Community PolicyEdit

  1. Star Wars Fanonpedia is a gwfanon-subdomained wiki which operates upon the Fandom portal, whose purpose is to offer a space to create and share one's own Star Wars-related invention. Star Wars Fanonpedia applies a wordmark in the logo of of its September 29, 2017 version.
  2. The community of Star Wars Fanonpedia is composed of the fanonpedists, who are considered to be all users who have the minimum of one main-namespaced article in their category, who have created a game, or who have shared a short story. The fanonpedists are permitted to engage in Star Wars Fanonpedia's public life, it is they upon whom the wiki's most important issues should depend. The active Fanonpedists are called to be Fanonpedists who have had a contribution in the wiki within 30 days prior to the day of creation of a post which requires their engagement in Discussions and remain unblocked.
    1. The head of the administrators is bureaucrat, who is granted the administrator permission as well. Removal of the bureaucrat in office should be approved of by the community of the active Fanonpedists. A proposal should be constructive, and so suggest a candidate for the new bureaucrat. If bureaucrat resigns from the permission him- or herself, the voting is performed by starting an appropriate post in Discussions, where the permission to vote should be granted to all active Fanonpedists, or a request for adoption is issued.
    2. The administrator permissions are given to fanonpedists with a broad experience and the community's support. A request for giving or taking the administrator permissions can be issued by any one of fanonpedists by creating an appropriate thread in Discussions, where the permission to vote should be granted to all active Fanonpedists. Bureaucrat, having consulted other active administrators, has the right to reject giving the permissions to a user elected in this way if a lack of enough experience is stated.
    3. Bureaucrat grants the permissions of the content moderators to active Fanonpedists who are nominated by the administrators and takes them without having to discuss it with the community. The bureaucrat grants the permissions of the thread moderator to fanonpedists with a broad experience and the community's support. A request for giving or taking the permissions of the thread moderator can be issued by every fanonpedist by starting an appropriate post in Discussions, where the right to vote should be granted to all active Fanonpedists.
    4. The bureaucrat grants the permissions of chat moderator to fanonpedists or active users of the Discord server with a broad experience and the community's support. A request for giving or taking the permissions of the chat moderator can be issued by every fanonpedist or active Discord server user by starting an appropriate post in Discussions, where the right to vote should be granted to all of active Fanonpedists.
    5. Bureaucrats, administrators, and content, threads, and chat moderators are not subject to the ban penalty but to losing their rights.
  3. The community of Star Wars Fanonpedia is possessed of the official Discord Server (ID: 323557016159125515), which is the official method for fanonpedists' communication. Administrators present upon the Discord server are obliged to save the seriousness of the performed functions, and their negative behavior can affect their future career in the wiki. Apart from the Discord server, Star Wars Fanonpedia possesses a forum in the shape of Discussions.
  4. As a fan initiative, Star Wars Fanonpedia is open to starting cooperations with other websites which are Star Wars-related directly or indirectly and with other wikis. A commercial of websites not regarded Star Wars Fanonpedia's official friends requires the agreement of administrators, as it can be considered spam.
  5. The content of articles shared in Star Wars Fanonpedia is applied to by the licencing dictated by Fandom. Despite its prediction of a possibility to modify the shared content, in Star Wars Fanonpedia we strive to avoid situations in which someone interfered in a content of someone else's invention. Star Wars Fanonpedia thus considers its users authorship by marking their nicknames in articles which they share, but the later, potential removal of their invention only depends of the administrators' good will.
  6. Star Wars Fanonpedia tolerates either serious or humorous invention. However, it is forbidden to share contents aimed against other persons. It is also forbidden to use offensive vocabulary, and the block is predicted for spam, trolling, vandalism, and other signs of a harmful behavior to the website. The block imposed by the administrators applies to a user rather than an account, thus a usage of multi accounts is forbidden. Articles violating the rules referred to above can be deleted by administrators and moderators. In Star Wars Fanonpedia Fandom's inside rules are also obeyed.
  7. The purpose of Star Wars Fanonpedia is not only being a place to create one's own in-universe items, but also sharing one's own literary stories. These should be namespaced in "Opowiadanie".
  8. The method for featuring the most developed and the most engaging articles is the election of the Featured Article, which should be singled out by the community once a month unless otherwise impossible. As the Featured Article is intended for being on the Main Page, it must honor all wiki standards, including those received historically.
  9. These rules apply to all users of Star Wars Fanonpedia, and any change within them should be preceded by an the active Fanonpedists's approval expressed below an appropriate post shared in Discussions.


What is Star Wars Fanonpedia?

Star Wars Fanonpedia is a wiki, which is a kind of website co-created by anyone who chooses to edit. It operates on the MediaWiki system, as Wikipedia, Wookieepedia, and Biblioteka Ossus do.

Why is Star Wars Fanonpedia hosted on Fandom?

Fandom, once known as Wikia, is a free website gathering fans of the entertainment, and not only. It offers you a technical support and provides a higher position in searchers for your wikis. As a website created by fans, Star Wars Fanonpedia — as well as Wookieepedia, but unlike Wikipedia and Biblioteka Ossus — uses Fandom's servers.

Who can Star Wars Fanonpedia be edited by?

Anyone. The purpose of Star Wars Fanonpedia is to gather all creative fans of Star Wars to invent their own stories taking place in the galaxy far, far away. However, creating an account is recommended, so your all editions, invention, and ranks can be pinned to the same person.

What is the best to start with?

This all depends on what you want to start with. In Star Wars Fanonpedia, you can create articles about the world in-universe (such as characters, locations, or droids), but you might as well share your own short story. You can also engage in a discussion or start a new topic.

Will my entire invention be passed?

Star Wars Fanonpedia accepts both serious invention and that treating Star Wars humorously, but articles with the aim of offending someone, insulting them, or harming them will meet with removal immediately. What is also important is follow the netiquette.

What establishes Star Wars Fanonpedia's own rules?

In July, 2018, on the wiki's third birthday, Star Wars Fanonpedia's community established the so-called Community Policy, the final impact on which was not only derived by the users, but also by the tradition.

Who looks after the order in Star Wars Fanonpedia?

In commons with most wikis on Fandom and on those out of it, Star Wars Fanonpedia has administrators and moderators with the bureaucrat in charge. None of the groups above, however, is the owner of Star Wars Fanonpedia, because the wiki belongs to the community of fanonpedists.

Whom are these fanonpedists?

Fanonpedists grow the community of Star Wars Fanonpedia, and anyone who has created at least one article is considered to be a part of it. The community votes in the most meaningful issues.

Where can I talk to fanonpedists? Star Wars Fanonpedia is grown by the community of Fanonpedists, which means that the wiki gives you a way to communicate to them. If you want to talk to others, the best place for that will be Discussions or the Discord server.


Star Wars FanfictionEdit

Apart from providing a possibility to invent one's own Star Wars universe, the purpose of Star Wars Fanonpedia is amassing the invention known as fanfiction. The stories published in the shape of single chapters that we amass are over 389, and they still rise in number!

Star Wars FanartEdit

Star Wars Fanonpedia is open to every single sign of fan invention. Thus, apart from stories, games, and articles upon the universe's items, it works on amassing so-called fanarts, as well as constructions of the My Own Creations type, usually constructed of LEGO bricks.

Star Wars MOCsEdit

Star Wars Fanonpedia is open to every single sign of fan invention. Thus, apart from stories, games, fanarts, and articles on the universe's items, it works upon amassing photographies of the so-called MOCs (My Own Constructions), which corresponds to fan creations that are usually built of LEGO bricks.

Star Wars Gry (games)Edit

In Star Wars Fanonpedia we invent fanon in a variation of ways. One of these is games, which are created, added, and composed by our users. Currently, our resources are rich in 10 games, whose number continues to extend!


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