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For the vehicles part, it's just the same as Wookieepedia. Looks nice. No one should mind. -Aiddat 23:35, 3 July 2006 (UTC)

I thought there was something in here about not having titles in the name (General, Lord, etc.) -- JM76 Talk to an Admin Mind Trick Jedi Library Sabersmilycyan

Star Wars Names

For those of you having trouble thinking up names for characters, there is a website [1] that can generate up to 100 Star Wars names at a time; the number of times is unlimited and you can select 'male', 'female', or 'neuter'.

Should/can this go in the article? It's very helpful. Bredd13sigcomlink profile Republican Emblem battles victories medals ALTA in a GFFA....


Why isn't there something on not including titles in the name of the article? -- Knowledge the Article Writer talk

  • It should be added, however I'm not sure if we should just go ahead and add it or not. Since it says that we must propose changes. --SquishyVictalk


Since we're on the subject of naming, if you were making a character who is a Sith, then do you name the article their real name or their Darth name? On Wookipedia, they have Palpatine instead of Sidious, but here some people use their Darth name as the title. I'm just curious whether it matters or not. — Pahvulti (Delta Source)

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