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The Wiki Awards are annual awards held to commemorate the best articles that the Star Wars Fanon Wiki has to offer, as voted upon by the Star Wars Fanon community. There have been four processions held since 2006, held annually. For the first two ceremonies, the Wiki Awards were held in the summertime, although this was changed by the third ceremony to take place in the beginning of the new year to commemorate articles written in the entirety of the preceding year.

A small blue medal (WAW Icon.png) in the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article won a Wiki Award. All article, image, and user winners will also be placed in the list below.


Articles denoted by a † indicate the article has been deleted since its win.

2006 – 1st

2007 – 2nd

2008 – 3rd

2009 – 4th


2010 – 5th


2011 – 6th


2012 – 7th

2013 – 8th

2014 – 9th

2015 – 10th


2016 – 11th


2017 – 12th


2018 – 13th


2019 – 14th


2020 – 15th


The Wiki Awards
First Second Third
Fourth Fifth Sixth
Seventh Eighth Ninth
Tenth Eleventh Twelfth
Thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth
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