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Welcome to the Seventh Wiki Awards—Live on HBC4

The Seventh Wiki Awards holocast on HBC4 is sponsored in part by Bacatine, an Alternative Pharmaceuticals brand—apply to ego twice daily.

The nominations period is over. DO NOT nominate any more articles. Vote for your favorite articles NOW!!!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Multi-gends of the galaxy, welcome to one of the premier annual galas of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki: the Seventh Annual Wiki Awards. It's time for a celebration of creativity and community! Your hosts for this evening: Fresh from an exile… I mean new voyage on the Wild Space world of Yanibar, please welcome Atarumaster88; joining us during a short "research"-sabbatical from teaching at the University of Alderaan–Aldera, please welcome Fiolli.

Greetings to all! It is our pleasure to host the awards show this year, and we're going all-out to bring you the best event possible. There's a lot of wonderful and distinguished guests here, and we're glad you've joined us. We see Ric'ah T'rib right there in the third row—not that you could miss a beauty like her. Wait, can we say that about a Jedi? Speaking of Jedi, there's of course a ton of Skywalkers and Solos here too—and Fetts. It's almost like we've been invited to a family reunion! Most importantly, <insert name here> is here, sitting over there in the fifth row—one of our favorite fanoneers. Now, our first order of business is the timetable. We've streamlined the process to make this a little more action-packed, so stay alert! This whole friendly competition won't even last as long as the Coruscant News Network did.

  • Nominations: 01 January 2012, 00:00 EST – 17 January 2012, 11:45pm EST
  • Voting: 18 January 2012, 00:00 EST – 31 January 2012, 11:45pm EST
  • Voting, Tie-breaker Round: 1–5 February 2012 (if necessary)

Unless you're Jirebon Trapani—and we mean no disrespect, sir—every good contest has rules. While we slowly walk over to the other part of the stage, let's go over how the nomination process will work this year. Really, sir, we mean no disrespect.

Nomination Rules and Guidelines

There are some basic rules that will apply to the nomination process. Please read these rules carefully before proceeding.

  1. Nominations should be entered based upon creativity and quality. Article length or status (GA/FA) carries no weight in this competition and is otherwise irrelevant. Feel free to nominate articles of any length, as well as articles that are and are not featured. You are encouraged to nominate some of your own works!
  2. An entry may be nominated in more than one category with exception, but all categories must be applicable.
    1. A character may only be nominated for one (1) era-based category and one (1) gender category.
  3. Previous winners are ineligible for nomination in the categories they previously won. For a complete list of all previous winners, please see the Wiki Awards main page.
  4. No author is allowed to have more than three (3) entries in a given category or to monopolize a category in its entirety. Co-authorship, for the purposes of this event, is defined as either (1) having performed any permitted edit to an article that was more involved than the correction of grammar, spelling, linking, code fixing, or minor æsthetic tweaks or (2) having collaborated in the content generation of the nominated item in any way.
  5. If an entry in question is deleted or drastically edited to make it no longer qualify for the category for which it was nominated, the entry shall be removed.
  6. The format for nominations beneath each category is as follows:
    *[[ARTICLE]] by [[User:AUTHOR|AUTHOR]]
  7. If an author or co-author of an entry asks for an item to be removed from any category, the entry shall be removed. If an author wishes to be removed from "Best author" consideration, their entry shall be removed.
  8. Nominations that do not conform to the content policy will be removed. Nominations do not have to conform to the Manual of Style or the Layout Guide, but the organization must be otherwise sensible and logical.
  9. Any user can nominate entries that are deemed worthy for the competition even if the user does not qualify to vote under the site guidelines. The voting policy will be enforced in the voting round, however.

Note: The hosts of the awards reserve the right to move entries into more appropriate categories without warning or notification.

We trust that everything regarding the nomination process was clear. If there are any questions thus far, please feel free to inquire. Please keep discourse civil and organized so that it doesn't become the Second Battle of Scott Bakula… er… Bakura.


Please make certain that the rules and category guidelines above have been read before nominating. Nominations ARE OVER!

Best Pre-Movie Character (pre–50 BBY)Edit

This category is for any character whose primary activities take place before 50 BBY; characters may only be nominated for one era-based category

Best Movie-and-Beyond Character (50 BBY—)Edit

This category is for any character whose primary activities take place during or after 50 BBY; characters may only be nominated for one era-based category

Best Male CharacterEdit

This category is for any male individual; this excludes droids

Best Female CharacterEdit

This category is for any female individual; this excludes droids

Best Overall CharacterEdit

This category is for the best overall individual character

Best DroidEdit

This category is for any individual droid, series, or class

Best OrganizationEdit

This category is for any organization, whether it be governmental, military, private, or otherwise

Best Celestial ObjectEdit

This category is for any celestial object, including stars, planets, moons, nebulae, etc.

Best LocationEdit

This category is for any location not defined as a celestial object, such as cities, buildings, space stations, etc.

Best EventEdit

This category is for any event or series of events, such as a war or uprising

Best TechnologyEdit

This category is for any type of technology or technological device

Best VehicleEdit

This category is for any type of vehicle, including spacecraft, ground vehicles, speeders, etc.

Best MiscellaneousEdit

This category is for any other item that does not clearly fall into one of the above categories

Best ArtEdit

This category is for all original artwork or original design that might incorporate other elements

Best Short FanworkEdit

This category is for complete vignettes and short stories

Best Long FanworkEdit

This category is for complete novellas and novels

Best AuthorEdit

This category is to celebrate authors of high creativity and quality, not necessarily prolificacy


See: 7WA Voting

Voting has completed. Please refrain from attempting to vote any more.


Congratulations to all those who participated. We could go on some random and cliché diatribe about how everyone is a winner, but it should be emphasized that all nominations were worthy to be apart of this awards program this year. We hope that you all will continue to write, foremostly because you enjoy it, but also because we have a great community and a lot to share with each other. Now, we proudly present the winners!

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