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Wiki wide-crop The Fourteenth Annual Star Wars Fanon Wiki Awards

Welcome to the Fourteenth Annual Star Wars Fanon Wiki Awards!

This year's edition of the Annual Star Wars Fanon Wiki Awards is hosted by the resurgent prodigal son of Star Wars Fanon, Sebolto, alongside his indomitable co-host Captain Ricky! Please, no applause. We live to serve.

The Annual Star Wars Fanon Wiki Awards serve as a way for the greater community of active users to come together and honor the best fanon and fan fiction stories Star Wars Fanon has to offer through a simple nomination and voting procedure.

To get involved, simply nominate and vote for your favorite fanon and fan fiction. You can nominate your own pages, or nominate those written by your fellow authors and content creators. We're here to showcase the best of the best, and you can help the community decide what will win.


Before participating, please familiarize yourself with the following rules. These rules will be enforced by Sebolto, Captain Ricky, and the SWF administrative team as required to ensure the contest remains fair and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Any confirmed Wikia users with mainspace edits may nominate an article of their choosing for an appropriate award. This includes nominating your own work.
  • Sockpuppetry is not allowed. This is defined as one person using more than one account. Our sockpuppet guidelines forbid the use of multiple accounts on this wiki. The Wikia/Fandom CheckUser tool may be employed to enforce this policy.
  • To nominate, simply use the following format beneath the appropriate heading:
    *[[ARTICLE]] by [[User:AUTHOR|AUTHOR]]
  • No author is allowed to have more than three of their own articles nominated in a given category.
  • Winning articles or fiction works from prior Wiki Awards may be renominated at will without threat of disqualification.
  • All entries must follow the content policy.
  • You may nominate any article in any category.
  • You do not need to be the author of a nominated article, but you are permitted to be the author as well. However, each author is only allowed up to three articles per category. That includes articles nominated by others.
  • You may not vote for articles that you authored or co-authored.


Best Light-sided Force User
Marrik Quee by MistAtom
Best Dark-sided Force User
Darth Vandak by Sakaros
Best Neutral-alignment Force User
Sarana by Sebolto
Best Non-Force User
Maximian Tranner by Mazro
Best Clone Trooper
CC-1211 by Boomdodger
Best Location
Neroth by MistAtom
Best Organization
Slaver's Republic by LordOfTheNeverThere
Best Vehicle/Vessel
Conqueror I-class Star Destroyer by InfernalWarrior
Best Event
Celestial-Rakata War by Sebolto
Best Miscellaneous
Forcedrive by Sebolto
Best Fan Fiction
Knights of the Old Republic: Phantom Rising by Jedi Master 76
Best Fan Art
"Murese Unionism" by Sebolto


The official schedule for the Fourteenth Annual Wiki Awards is as follows:

  • Nomination period:
    February 4—February 24, 2019
  • Voting period:
    February 25—March 17, 2019
  • Tiebreaker period:
    March 18—March 22, 2019


On a winning article's page, users may add the Wiki Award Winner era icon (WAW Icon) to the infobox via {{eras|waw}}.

Additionally, users with winning articles are permitted to add the following userbox to their respective userpages if desired via {{User 14wa|Article name|Article award}}.

14WA This user's article [[{{{1}}}]] won {{{2}}} in the Fourteenth Wiki Awards.

Contact the hosts

Feel free to contact the hosts with any requests, complaints, or suggestions related to the Wiki Awards.

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