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Welcome to the Summer 2020 Star Wars Fanon Short Story Contest! This contest, hosted this year by Atarumaster88, is a revival of an old concept for short stories and sparking more interest in writing fan fiction here on Star Wars Fanon. You may even find that you’ll be able to promote a story to featured work status if your story is well received!

On top of that, this year there is a prize for the overall best story: a custom cover! See below for details!


There are a few short and simple rules to be followed so the contest runs smoothly.

  • Length: Entries must be between 2,500 and 25,000 words.
  • Nominations: You are allowed to nominate your own story. You are also allowed to nominate other users’ stories. Users may withdraw any nomination for their own work provided that they do so before the end of the nominating period.
  • Currency: The story must have been written (or at least finished) in 2020 to be nominated. There's a time and a place for blasts from the past, but not this time! New entries only, please!
  • Content: All stories must comply with the content policy. Stories that do not comply will be removed.
  • Medium: Only textual narratives will be accepted. This means no comics, photonovels, videos, video games, etc. Narrative texts can be in article subpage form ([[Story name/Chapter 1]] and so forth), uploaded as a .PDF file, or another form of hosting on this wiki. Stories must be hosted on Star Wars Fanon (no external linking). See this tutorial for more information on putting your fan fiction on Star Wars Fanon.
  • Voting: Voting rules will be posted in the days prior to the start of voting.


Winning entries will be given a special talk page template to commemorate their achievement in quality writing. The authors of those stories will also be given special userboxes for their userpages, should they choose to use them. The biggest prize, however, is reserved for the overall winner of the "Best Short Story" category. That person will receive a custom cover made by Atarumaster88 and Mrs. Ataru for one of their works (and it doesn't have to be the winning story)! (Fine print below)


The nomination period will last from 12am EST on Saturday, May 9, 2020 to 11:59pm EST on July 31, 2020, giving you twelve weeks to write your story (if you have not already written one). At the end of the nomination process, if a category has less than three entries, the host will use his discretion to decide whether that category should be merged with another and I have it on good authority that the answer will likely be yes. There will be no winning by default.

Voting will run from 12am EST on Saturday, August 1, 2020 to 11:59pm on Friday, August 28, 2020. An additional tie-breaking round will last for one week after that if needed. Further voting rules will be posted as we get closer to the voting period.


This section is now closed. New nominations are NOT being accepted.

Best Short Story 

This category is for the best overall story. Awards for this category will be given to the 1st and 2nd place winner, provided there are more than 2 nominees.

Best Pre-Movie Era Story

This category is for any story set before 32 BBY.

Best Movie Era and Beyond Story 

This category is for any era set in or after 32 BBY.

Best Vignette

This category is for vignette stories, between 500 and 2,500 words.


Voting is now closed. Thank you for participating. A really rapid rules refresher:

  1. No new nominations will be accepted.
  2. You may only vote once per category.
  3. You may not vote for your own story. This means that if you are listed as an author, you cannot vote for that story. You can, however, vote for your own nomination, so long as you are not the author of the nominee.
  4. All relevant matters of the voting policy apply.
  5. Voting will start on 12 am EST on Saturday, 1 August and last until 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on August 28th.
  6. Please vote with a pound sign and your signature (#~~~~)!

Due to lack of entries in Best Vignette and Best Pre-Movie Era story, those categories have been removed. Since that renders Best Movie Era and Best Short Story all-but-identical, the contest host has decided to merge those categories as well. However, to avoid having a single category and encourage newer users, our host has also created a new sub-category to avoid having a single vote entry.

Best Short Story

Sword of the Jedi: The Fall by J.J. Cushwex

Casualties by Ocarina451

"Guardian Angel" by Sakaros

  1. As much as I enjoy MPK's writing as well as Casualties, not just anyone can write a story from a 9-year-old's perspective effectively. It's a hard thing to do, but Sakaros stuck the landing. That extra twist puts it over the top for me. Atarumaster88 (Talk page) 17:49, August 12, 2020 (UTC) 
  2. An incredibly short story. Well done!  J.J. Cushwex (Talk) 20:15, August 12, 2020 (UTC)
  3. I absolutely love this story! Sakaros really knows how to get into the mind of a child. I really like the way that Kenza interacts with her soldiers, and how she treats the children. It made me want to read more! #DoctorRey12

The Other Outcast by MPK

  1. I feel guilty not voting for "Guardian Angel," especially given that I hounded Sak to pen a Kenza Rowkwani spinoff for ages. Fantastic though that entry was (par for the course for Sak, really), MPK's "The Other Outcast" was impossible to put down & stuck around in my brain the longest of the works in this category. Jedi Outcast was one of my favorite Star Wars games in the days of my youth, & this entry managed to successfully capture the spirit of that game (& of the greater EU) while injecting something fresh & new. Thank you for the nostalgia trip, sir. SeboltoTalk 13:08, August 28, 2020 (UTC)

Refugee by Thylacine17

Injustice by Captain Ricky

Knight of the Order by Atarumaster88

  1. Since I feel like I need to justify this vote... I like "Guardian Angel" plenty and Casualties would certainly get third place for me, but I think I like this one best. More characters, more stuff going on, doesn't feel as short (ironic, I know), and the fact that it's so rooted in the old-school Prequel-related media (like how it has Serra Keto from the Episode III game, and the reference to the Dark Reaper from the 2002 Clone Wars game, among many other such elements) means that it really hits me in the nostalgia. So I think it edges the others out, at least. -MPK, Memelord of the Sith 01:20, August 19, 2020 (UTC)

Fondorball by Dubya Scott

Imperial Dawn by The Fan Artist

Best Story by an Up-and-coming Author

This category is for authors who have not won Best Short Story in the Short Story Contest or Best Fan Fiction in the Wiki Awards.

Sword of the Jedi: The Fall by J.J. Cushwex

  1. "Casualties" was the most polished & clean of the entries in the up-and-coming category, but "The Fall" felt the most original in terms of plot & characterization. I'm often wary of stories that make use of Force entities as characters, but "The Fall" managed to successfully walk the delicate balance between believable & cheesy in its portrayal of the Presence. SeboltoTalk 13:08, August 28, 2020 (UTC)

Casualties by Ocarina451

  1. Out of all the entries in this category, it was a real toss-up between Sword of the Jedi: The Fall, Casualties, and Refugee, which were clearly in a different tier of work than the others. Sword of the Jedi: The Fall was a work I've read before and while it's decently-written, I have concerns about the pacing and the flatness of the conflict, even after various improvements. Refugee was a very strong contender as well—I really liked how that story was done. Some of the unique attributes of the planet were a little hard to follow and the overall quality of the prose wasn't quite as good as Casualties. I ended up being quite impressed with both Refugee and Casualties but the slightly-easier-to-read story with a more defined conflict stands out and thus my vote goes to Casualties. Well done! Atarumaster88 (Talk page) 15:38, August 2, 2020 (UTC) 
  2. Easy choice for me, no offense to the other authors. Injustice is Ricky's best work, and I can see he's on the track to writing something better soon, but this just wasn't it. Not in this form at least. Fondorball wasn't really my thing, and wasn't written well enough to hold my attention as much as the others. Imperial Dawn was a bit too short in my opinion, and Refugee was the closest to surpassing it, but fell a bit short in a few departments. That leaves Casualties. I appluad Ocarina in making the characters, particulalry the padawan MC, standout in a unique way, and giving a unique story in such a crowded era. It was also well written, and pretty engaging. Good job!  J.J. Cushwex (Talk) 19:26, August 5, 2020 (UTC)
  3. NB: SPOILERS. Per the above. A number of grammatical, tense, and stylistic issues rule out Injustice, Fondorball, and Imperial Dawn for me. The Fall is a good teaser for a broader series, and markedly improved from the first draft, but isn't as competitive standing alone. Refugee is largely well written, but while I didn't struggle with the nature of Feronia as Ataru mentioned, the story serves more as a character study without much in the way of central conflict, and so it skips from one smaller conflict to another without firm investment in any of them. The story also glosses over Elayar's rebirth, which seems like the more interesting story. Casualties is largely a character piece too, but although I thought it would've benefited from a bit more pre-blast Aarde to more clearly show her character growth, and "don't ask where the credits came from" seemed directed as much to the reader as to Aarde, its shorter length actually makes the lack of major external conflict less noticeable than it is in Refugee. It's not perfect on the technical front, but cleanly written for the most part. Like Ataru, I don't think it slam-dunked over The Fall and Refugee, but it does edge them out. SakarosTalk 00:01, August 9, 2020 (UTC)
  4. Improved considerably since its rewrite (though I rather liked it even before). I'll also mention that if this story hadn't been entered, Cushwex's would have gotten my vote. -MPK, Memelord of the Sith 00:20, August 16, 2020 (UTC)

Refugee by Thylacine17

Injustice by Captain Ricky

Fondorball by Dubya Scott

Imperial Dawn by The Fan Artist

The Winners! Finally!

Best Short Story Story

Best Short Story by an Up-and-coming Author

Fine print on the grand prize

Atarumaster88 hereby offers to create a custom cover for the winner of the short story contest for the work that won, or another of the winner's work, based on the winner's choice. Choice of work selected for the cover is final once work on the cover has started. Winner may expect and ask for multiple edits to the cover to better create their desired vision. The winner may be required to supply (SFW) source images, especially for non-Human characters. The scope of the cover will include adding source images and merging, fading, smoothing, cropping, and splicing them together along with (SFW) text of the winner's choice and font, provided it does not require creating or downloading a custom font (Atarumaster88 has the STAR WARS font). Scope of the cover explicitly excludes drastic photo alterations, 3-D model creation, re-texturing of images, hand-drawn art from Mrs. Ataru/Atarumaster88, or Atarumaster88 purchasing or downloading any game or tool to make this cover. Final work will be of quality similar to what can be found here. Winners with lousy attitudes win lousy prizes, with "lousy" meaning rude, demeaning, or unresponsive. In the event that the winner elects to not have Atarumaster88 create a cover, they can choose to forfeit their prize and pass it on to another user. In the event they do not accept the prize and no delegate is selected, the prize will go to the runner up of the "Best Short Story" category and so on.

Also, if the host (Atarumaster88), happens to win the contest, he will bequeath his prize to the runner-up.

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