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The Price of Knighthood cover.jpg

The far wall blew immediately, the roar deafening even from this distance, thundering through the packaging cavern even as it echoed from the tunnel through which the Jedi had infiltrated. Tirien took his lightsaber in hand, but Suwo stilled him with a gesture. Tirien could feel the surviving workers fleeing from the wall even as the Askajian bellowed at them and headed toward it to investigate.

Suwo waited until the Sith collaborators were packed together, close to the exit, then rolled in his grenade.

Tirien winced when the grenade blew, indifferent to the noise and heat but struck by the sudden extermination of dozens of lives in the Force. But Suwo was on his feet, and Tirien rose to join him as the Quarren ignited his yellow blade and strode into the room.

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