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A glorious utopia of fan-fiction writers and studious readers - celebrated and complimented and in turn, complimenting the vast majority of the article writers on Star Wars Fanon.
—Jedi Master 76 on the Featured Works[src]

The featured works on Star Wars Fanon are works of fan-fiction, photonovels, and fan comics that have been recognized by the community and the Archivist review board as being of superior quality and worthy of posting as examples of the wiki's finest works. Featured works have an excerpt displayed on the Main Page for one month at a time, and are demarcated by a Era icon featuredwork icon. This is not a way to showcase just anything you've written; there are stringent standards for attaining featured work status.

So just what makes a featured work? To answer that, we've compiled the following list of requirements.


To become featured, a work must…

  1. …Be finished. Simple enough.
  2. …Be of sufficient length as to merit featured work status. A general qualifier is 50,000 words for a novel and 2,500 words for a short story, at a minimum. If other categories of work are nominated, it will be at the discretion of the Archivists as to an appropriate length.
  3. …Be of sufficient quality to merit featured work status and display on the Main Page. That said, the Archivists have various powers related to judgment calls on nominations as described above. They are not required to read the entire work, but that is recommended, nor are they required to read every nomination word-for-word for minor grammar and spelling errors. That is the responsibility of the author and/or any betareaders to handle. For a more complete description of the features the Archivists are looking for in a work, please see this subpage, which governs the desired aspects of quality for Featured Works.
  4. …Be nominated with an excerpt of good taste, interesting, between 150 and 300 words, and completely free of spelling and grammar errors. All of these considerations lie with the sole purview of the Archivists in charge of featured works.
  5. …Receive at least 5 votes in all, of which at least two must be votes from the Archivists in order to become a featured work. This is to encourage community participation, without dragging out nominations forever. Two Archivists can also remove a nomination if they believe it is of particularly low quality.
  6. …Employ an easy-to-use means of navigating to, at a minimum, the main article and other sections of the work. The ChapterNav template is advised; some means of navigation is mandatory. [NB: This section applies only to works containing more than one subsection page]
How to nominate

How to nominate:

  1. First, place the {{FWnom}} template on the work you are nominating.
  2. Create a new entry below and post an excerpt of the work to be featured to the forum. If the work is not yours, you may nominate it, but the author may ask for a nomination to be removed at any time.
  3. Others will object to the nomination if they disagree that the work is good enough; they will then supply reasons for doing so, and ways to improve the excerpt/work (grammar errors, style, organization, plot, etc.).
  4. Supporters adjust the excerpt/work until the objectors (with reasonable objections) are satisfied.
  5. Also, if, at least a week after the article's nomination, that article has 5 votes, at least two of which are from Archivists, and no objections (or the objections have been stricken or overridden), it will be added to the queue, and will be officially known as a "featured work."
  6. Be sure to place sign in the "Nominated by" line when the nomination is posted for voting.
  7. You may not vote for your own featured work nomination. This rule does not apply to the Archivists. Furthermore, you may not strike the objections of others.

How to vote:

  1. Before doing anything, be sure to read the excerpt completely, keeping a sharp eye out for mistakes. Reading the complete work is optional; Archivists are encouraged to do so, or at least skim over it.
  2. Afterward, compare the article to the criteria listed above, and then either support or object the article's nomination.
    • If you object, please supply concrete reasons for doing so, and how it can be improved. Be specific in your objection! Failure to do so may result in your objection being considered invalid and overridden (by at least 2 votes from the Archivists)
  3. As stated above, any objections will be looked upon by the nominator, supporters, and anyone willing to improve the excerpt/work, and action will be taken to please the objectors.
  4. If a nomination is inactive or deemed totally unworthy of FW status, it can be removed by a quorum of at least 2 Archivists.


Place nominations on a new forum here. Note: All replies and discussion will occur here. Old nominations can be found in the archives.

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