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A featured article is an article that represents the best that the Star Wars Fanon wiki has to offer. Out of 61,164 articles on this wiki, one hundred and twenty-nine (129) are currently featured articles.

A featured article is an article that adheres to a certain standard of quality that is higher than the standard of quality for good articles. It should be of a very detailed and substantial length, long enough to promote every single detail about the subject, though short enough to where it does not become a hassle to read it or edit it. For larger articles, the text should be balanced with an appropriate number of pictures, though it is not required. The article should contain an infobox with a picture that shows the subject in complete detail so that the reader can visualize it in his or her mind.

Featured article nominees must not be tagged with any major improvement templates. Featured articles must follow the Manual of Style, Layout Guide, and all other relevant policies.

A small blue star (LinkFA-star) in the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is featured. The article's name and link will also be placed in the list below:


CilwelliRohiWroshyr tree


Attack on the Ophuchi sanctuaryBattle of Ahara (Cruentusian War)Battle of BelahamBattle of Cul-Huq (Cruentusian War)Battle of Iridonia (Hutt War)Battle of Kothlis (Cruentusian War)Battle of New CentrifBattle of OganaBattle of Uhanayih (ASWS)Bombing of Pho Ph'eahBombing of the Jedi EnclaveCapture of Darth Revan (Goodwood)Exodus from Had AbaddonGreat Rim Lines WarGreat Territorial WarIncident on Adirof's moonInvasion of UtapauKal'Shabbol Civil WarMeeting on Ord MiritRaid on the Roche AsteroidsSecond Battle of Ankarr (Cruentusian War)Second Battle of Bakura (Dark Order War)Second Battle of IridoniaSiege of Dantooine


AcrolisBad AlshirClub StarDustJedi Temple (ESW)Kal'ShabbolMagna LunaMaynusOndosOphuchi sanctuaryRelaea


Nodnarb AherLogan AmatorSabé ArcadiaVeruna ArcadiaGalak AvaraConrad BacJonathan BacUssej Padric BacUssej Padric Bac IIUssej Padric Bac IIIUssej Padric Bac LXIVNathanaeu BasteleCalid BaatchJar BinksVilos CohaagenJhon CordatusDark Lord (ASWS)Darth DesolousForn Dodonna (Goodwood)Allura DrayneenRaymus Drewton (TOS)EliasYoder GreeHisako HoshikoKarbaccaShadan KatsureAron KelBanik KelradaObi-Wan Kenobi (ASWS)Jaden Korr (Dark Order War)Cliegg Lars (ASWS)MadclawPepan ManjaDarth Maul (ASWS)Darth NereisPanaka (ASWS)Nemo Qel-DromaMagnum RockwaterSarusMarisa SerekArva SessrenLukas SevarinAnnikin SkywalkerThe SkywalkerAmber SolarisKent StarNeal SuntryDarth TaralXendor TaralXaset TerepHoratio ThetaSakira TobonneTuffassDarth UzlagnaDarth VesanusGeist WeissAntidar Williams (ASWS)Mace WindyXendor (ASWS)Darth XimusYuuzhan'rarrDerdram Zarek


Bendu OrderCentralityDark Guardians of LettowDark Jedi of the BoganGalactic Republic (ESW)Imperial State Security CommitteeIncom CorporationJedi Order (ESW)Order of the Jedi Bendu of the OphuchiOrder of the WhillsRepublic MarinesSector 13


DL-3 blaster pistolDSD2 diminutive spider droidE.C.H.O. VisorSB-3 frigid super battle droid


Conqueror I-class Star Destroyer


23 BBY (ASWS)Force ShieldHayai OujouJournal of the Whills (ASWS)Shikkri

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