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This page is considered an official policy on Star Wars Fanon.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Administrators have the ability to block or ban users from editing for any duration. This blocking policy covers what offenses are worthy of a block, as well as how long an administrator can block a user for.

Reasons to block a user

Users can be blocked for the following reasons:

Duration of blocks

If a user violates the wikia's policies, an administrator will block the user for the following lengths of time (depending on how many times said user has violated policies):

  • First offense: warning
  • Second offense: warning
  • Third offense: 3 day block
  • Fourth offense: 1 week block
  • Fifth offense: 1 month block
  • Sixth offense: permanent ban

Accounts whose sole purposes is spam or vandalism will be given an immediate permanent ban.

Note: IP addresses should be not be blocked for longer than 3 months for any reason.

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