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...the Star Wars Fanon Wiki brings out the true imagination of its users, and allows each user to fulfill their writing dreams.
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Star Wars Fanon is the oldest and largest of all of Wikia's fan fiction wikis, and the second largest of Wikia's Star Wars wikis—after Wookieepedia. The wiki is also the 16th largest Wikia wiki overall. Star Wars Fanon is the Star Wars wiki of fan invention, a place where anyone—that means you!—can add whatever fanon and fan fiction works they want so long as they meet a few simple guidelines.

The wiki was founded in 2005 by Neomessiah as a place where anyone who wants to write fanon/fan fiction can freely do so. Works include fanon subjects created and written by users, and fan fiction narratives written by users as well. Community members are called Fanoneers, a name that combines the word "fanon" with The Walt Disney Company's Imagineers.

What is the purpose of Star Wars Fanon?


Star Wars Fanon was founded by Neomessiah in 2005 after several Wookieepedia users were disappointed that they were not allowed to post their fan-created Star Wars content on Wookieepedia, as Wookieepedia is primarily a canon wiki. Star Wars Fanon was founded as "the Star Wars wiki of fan invention," and was one of the first wikis about a topic that was not actually about facts on that topic—namely the wiki is about making up your own stories in the fictional Star Wars universe.

This wiki, while retaining encyclopedic elements such as a Manual of Style, can never truly be considered an encyclopedia because the purpose has never been to document facts from a canon story. Instead, Star Wars Fanon is a repository, a place where you can let your imagination run wild and create any appropriate story you want without worrying that someone is going to delete it because they think the story is bad, or they dislike one of your characters, or anything else like that. Deletions are objective, not subjective, and deal primarily with article guidelines. So as long as you meet those guidelines, never worry about your article being deleted!

Our community's core philosophy, eloquently stated by Atarumaster88, is simple: write what you want because you want to. You should never write to be popular or to earn awards. Never worry about what people think of your story, because the contents of your story—so long as it does not include extreme profanity, excessive/overly graphic violence, explicit sexual material, pornography, and real-world racism (this is all, or should be, common sense)—are for you to decide. If you create a story that you really like and you want to share it with the world, then this wiki is the place for you!

Fanon and fan fiction

Aside from general encyclopedic articles, disambiguation articles, and other more informational-type pages, there are two main, distinct classes of articles and story types on Star Wars Fanon: fanon and fan fiction. The two are often used interchangeably, but, for the purposes of this wiki, each one has a different meaning.

What is fanon?

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Fanon

Fanon encompasses all articles that do not directly relate to a work of fan fiction, fan fiction being short stories, novels, and the like. Fanon articles you write function as part of your own "fan repository," so to speak, as they are part of your fanon continuity and only yours—collaboration with other users not withstanding, though collaborations not directly relating to fan fiction works are still fanon. There are a variety of purposes for fanon ranging from a character outline for a role-playing game, an exercise in character development, or something as simple as you wanted to share your ideas with other writers without having to write a fan fiction story to go along with it—among other possibilities.

These types of articles encompass the majority of Star Wars Fanon's pages.

What is fan fiction?

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Fan fiction

Fan fiction on Star Wars Fanon is made up of two different elements: literary works—short stories, novellas, novels—and articles that directly relate to corresponding literary works, such as an article for a character who appeared in a literary story you wrote. These articles are not required to be sourced as they would be if they were canon and on Wookieepedia, though some users choose to do so anyway. This allows fan fiction to function as an encyclopedia of your own fandom, with the purpose being to try a serious attempt to fill in gaps in canon or basic literary exercises in the hopes of writing your own fiction.

What else is there?

Outside of standard fanon and fan fiction, there are other types of fan works that have been posted on the wiki. Some users have written photo novels, which are essentially illustrated works that tell a story through narrative text and images. Similarly, some users have posted comic books. Another medium, albeit a rarely used one, has been the creation of video games. All of these have fan works and articles to go along with them, similar to fan fiction.

Why should I be a Fanoneer?


I want to go with you to Star Wars Fanon. I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Fanoneer like my father.

Good question! This is one that you might often ask whenever you join any new website, regardless of what the website might be. Sometimes the answer is obvious, and sometimes it takes a little more decision making to decide if you really want to invest yourself in that website's community. This is definitely one website that you will want to invest some of your free time into!

Again, you may be asking, but why? The users of the wiki can answer that question the best, because the question was once posed to the community. I'm the Chosen One enjoyed the idea of writing articles and sharing ideas in a social environment. Like I'm the Chosen One, Friedebarth joined because he wanted to share his ideas with other people. Jedi Master 76 felt he had a story to tell, and he stayed even after he told it because he thought the wiki has a positively addictive quality to it.

Darth Wylind felt that some of his earlier stories could use improvement, so he stayed on the wiki so that the community could help him improve his writing skills. He also thought that seeing other user's writing featured articles gave him something to aspire to.

Continuing a trend of responses that indicated the warmth of the community, JediCommando remained active on the wiki because, unlike other websites he had been on, he thought the community seemed nice and that he could trust the other users. Bluethunder213 also agreed that the community was very welcoming.

If the responses from users are any indication, the answer to your question should be clear by now. Star Wars Fanon is a warm, helpful, and welcoming community that provides a free and open atmosphere for you to share the story you want to tell without fear of being insulted or someone deleting it because they dislike you or the story. You can stick to your own articles and keep to yourself, or, if you want to interact with other users, you can get involved with the larger community.

After reading all of that, if you find yourself wanting to explore this creative outlet and are ready to make your first fanon or fan fiction contribution, then congratulations: you are now officially a Fanoneer!

Great, I'm a Fanoneer! Now what?


You're a Fanoneer too? Pleased to meet you!

Dive right in! So long as the community-approved article guidelines and other policies are followed, your articles are the playground for your imagination. You can also put your name on the Fanoneers page to let everyone know that you're one of us!

Don't be afraid to reach out to other users for help either. The Senate Hall is always available to you if you want to ask questions or seek help about general Star Wars Fanon information, like how something works, how to follow a certain policy, and so on. Not only that, but the Writing Center and its sub-forums—Critic's Lounge, FA projects, and Writing tips—were established if you ever need help with your article or fan fiction writing. Your fellow Fanoneers are a helpful bunch, so never be afraid to reach out to them on their talk pages too!

Earlier on this page it was mentioned that you shouldn't write just for the sake of awards or recognition. This is absolutely true, but awards and recognition can still be very gratifying. Every year around January, we hold our annual Wiki Awards to award those articles that the community votes as their favorite. If you're interested in writing short stories, we also have short story contests every few months. We may even have an art contest in the near future! Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to tell someone that the community said your article, story, or art was one of their favorites of the over 25,000 articles we have on Star Wars Fanon?

There are also a few ways that your articles and fiction can be recognized as being of the highest quality on the wiki. Featured articles represent the best articles on the wiki. Instead of voting based on whether you like the character or think it's cool, though, featured articles have a set of requirements that have to be met. Then, once Fanoneers just like you and Fanoneers who are members of the Council of Seers review board have voted, your article can become a featured article!

Like featured articles, there are also good articles for articles that are of high quality but not quite featured articles, as well as featured works for high quality fan fiction. Both of these also have requirements—see the good article requirements and featured work requirements. All of these may not be awards, but they still tell the community that you've created something special!

The most important thing is to make sure you're having fun. If you're not having fun, and there's something the community can do to help with that, reach out to your fellow Fanoneers in the Senate Hall, Fanon Cantina, Writing Center, or user talk pages. Star Wars Fanon is meant to be fun—embrace that and you'll have a great time!

Is there anything I need to know?

Main article: Policies on Star Wars Fanon

Be mindful of the community policies, my young Fanoneer.

There's not much else to mention. This page has covered a lot! The last thing to reiterate, though—and this is the technical rule stuff that is never very much fun—is to make sure you’re familiar with the wiki's policies, just as you would want to be on any other site you go to for the first time. Within the Star Wars universe, your fanon is only limited by your imagination, so there really are no rules. On the wiki, though, there are a few rules to remember and respect.

All articles need to meet the basics of the Manual of Style and Layout Guide, and should never go beyond the type of more mature content that's allowable in the content policy. Remember to respect the rights of users to determine their own content, unless you have permission or an article is marked as {{Free-edit}}, per the editing guidelines. All images you upload to the wiki need to be sourced and licensed in accordance with the image policy. We also don't allow joke articles or crossover articles, unless otherwise noted.

Always remember, though, that some policies just go beyond what's written in articles. Always assume good faith when it comes to the actions of your fellow Fanoneers until you're given a reason not to. Often times we may be quick to call someone a vandal, but it could just be an honest mistake. Most people are here to help the wiki, not hurt it. To that end, please also remember to be civil and don't make personal attacks when talking to and about other people. We want to be welcoming, not mean! All users should be treated with respect and as equals.

It's important to always be mindful of the policies we have here, so be sure to check up on all the rest of them if you're not sure about something. It's better to be safe than sorry, as they say. Just remember that even though there are administrators here on 'Star Wars' Fanon, none of them want to block you. Administrators are much happier when they don't have to block someone.

If ever you're unsure about any of the policies and guidelines on Star Wars Fanon, be sure to ask for clarification in the Senate Hall, or talk to one of your fellow Fanoneers. We're all here to help you!

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