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star wars episode IV: a new dawn is an epic space opera film and the first in the saga reboot by Steven Irizarry. the film is a retelling of the original film in the saga. it feature some elements from the expaned universe and the original-prequel trilogy. the film received praise for its visuals writing and portrayal of the films iconic scenes and characters. others were mixed about the addition of a later acclaimed character named Kalo sky-walker the elder twin of leia and Luke who would later become iconic after the films release. the film was released to great critical and commercial success. making 2 billion dollars worldwide. the film would go on to get 2 sequels a prequel trilogy(retelling of 123) and a spin off cinematic series titled star wars tales which depicted multiple re-imagined eras of the star wars galaxy.


The film begins with the classic “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and opening crawl. The opening begins with 3 ships in the middle of a battle chasing after the iconic rebel ship. The ship is attacked almost like in the film (with cgi effects and a more dynamic scene). leia is captured and it is revelealed that she knows vader is her father. she gives tyhe plans to c3po and r2d2 and they escape, the escape pods break out and they land in the desert(scene remade). The entire space ordeal is observed from the planet’s surface by Luke and his elder twin Kalo sky-walker. The scene shows the scenery which is grander then it was in the original film. They go home to their uncle and aunt and tell them what they saw. Knowing the boys enthusiasm for the empire Uncle Lars tells them to wait for the right time before making a decision and that he needs crops and a droid. They go to town where they are greeted by Watto (episode 1 and 2) he mistakes Luke for Anakin sky-walker telling him that he grew to be a great man. They try elsewhere and see one of the Jawa tanks.

R2d2 is narrowly bought and convinces the brothers to buy his friend. C3po and r2d2 go to the Lars home where Kalo discovers the Leia transmission.  Luke and Kalo are instantly curious, and r2d2 runs away. Luke and Kalo go looking for the droid; they spot the sand people and to the terror are intercepted by one hiding behind a rock. It calls the others and knocks them down.

The sand people are scared by a cloaked man who attacks them with his blue light-saber killing several and scares off the rest (they think he is Anakin who slaughtered most their people in episode 2). They Luke and Kalo thank the old man, he introduces himself as obi wan Kenobi. They meet at his house where they show him the message. He tells them about the clone wars. He then gives Luke his father’s light-saber and helps Kalo make his own.

They hesitate and with reluctance return home. To their horror the farm is destroyed by imperials. Crying Luke and Kalo return to Obi Wan to learn the ways of the force. They train for a few weeks learning techniques and reading scrolls where both twins’ characters will showcase their personality and differences while this is happening they learn of the chosen one prophecy but don’t pay much mind to it.

Obi wan and the boys go to mos-eisley where they meet the smuggler Han solo and Chewbacca. Luke gets in a fight where the three get into a fight leading to several arms being cut off. Han is impressed and decides to take them on the ride. Leia is interrogated regarding the rebel plans. She hates her father because he murdered her foster family. Obi wan and the twins are taking to the millennium falcon where they are attacked by the imperials. Obi wan is distressed by the thought of flying and tries to meditate but they are chased by star destroyers through hyperspace.

They shoot at the tie fighters and damaged some star destroyers. Obi wan makes a judgment call and calls one of the ships. He tells them that Luke is Vader’s son, afraid of the prospect of the destroying the ship they fly away. Vader himself is informed of the child and looks out the window in silence. The song padmes rumination plays in the background as he looks into space.

They destroy alderran with in front of Leia (epic explosion). The gang arrives seeing the planets sun and asteroids. They chase a tie fighter and a dot growing and growing (that’s no moon) the shoot goes to the death star where the song Anakin’s dark deeds plays in the background.

They are pulled into the terrible weapon and must get out. They must destroy the beam; the gang goes through much of the same routine (Vader’s scene where he senses obi wan is expanded to include a small fainted yell of obi wan saying “you were my brother Anakin”). Obi wan and Kalo have a warm conversation saying soon that Luke’s wellbeing will be in his hand. He departs from Luke and Kalo and tells them  “May the force be with you always” . He leaves and the twins find out the location of the princess. They go and Luke saves the princess, with light-sabers blazing they cut and shoot down clone troopers (they are like in the clone wars and 2 and 3 where they can actually aim and hit).

They are separated and Luke is put in trouble. Obi wan Kenobi plants a bomb on the tracker beam generator. While making his way to Vader he is stopped by a clone trooper named Rex. He is conflicted and argues with obi wan, obi wan is able to convince him that the empire is a product of the dark side and cannot bring any lasting peace.

Disillusioned because of the death stars ruthless destruction of leia’s home world he lets him go. ben goes and meets Darth Vader and engages in a duel. The duel will utilize the nova-star and Caine light-saber system of combat.

Same dialogue slightly expanded and altered with a longer fight. Kalo reunites with Luke and meet Han and Leia. Obi wan and Vader reach the climax where he sacrifices himself and Luke screams they deflect blaster bolts.

The big four, are chased in the scene that will combine iconic scene with new ones. They go into hyperspace and escape. They arrive on Yavin 4 where they are exhausted. They all go through the same routines while new strange things happen the political scene is shown in Coruscant where we see the imperials destroy the council. A sith inquisitor (star wars rebels) finds the base and the battle begins.

The death star plans are utilized and the pilots go into action but are attacked by the inquisitor and his troops. Luke takes out several troopers while he goes into the ship. Kalo demonstrates his strength and takes on the troops head on. While he battles and space fight rage, it’s bigger than in the other film but the battle will mix iconic scenes with new ones. The small band are for the most part destroyed while Luke struggles in the trench against the ruthless Vader.

Kalo overcomes the troops and kills them easily he battles the inquisator who taunts him. they both fight savagely but kalo is stronger, kalo decapitates his opponent with ease. Han shows up in the last minute and shoots at Vader causing him to drift but gain control back. Luke shoots the hole using his talents in the force and flies off. The station blows up in a more epic fashion (with the same song).

The twins are rewarded and go to the throne room where Luke Han Kalo and Chewbacca get awarded for their bravery and zeal, luke and kalo realize that they had stepped in a whole new world. The credits roll but in the deleted mid credits we see a figure with a hood watching an opera, he is revealed to be Palpatine.

references to other star wars works

the film contains some loose references to other works

  1. the story mentions order 66 by name. order 66 was the millitary operation that resulted in the death of the jedi also known as the jedi purge
  2. the story states that ben was mistakened for the tuskan destroyer referenceing the events of episode 2 loosely
  3. the story depicts coruscant and a glimpse of the jedi temple
  4. the inquisator is the same one who is a major character in star wars rebels
  5. the lightsaber choregraphy is similer to the prequel trilogy
  6. the film uses some of the scores for all the six original films
  7. the ship model of the craft luke wants to build was based on the jedi cruisers from the clone wars and prequel trilogy
  8. watto bail and jar jar binks are all mentioned or in wattos case given a cameo
  9. darth vader shows some shade of anakins character
  10. kalo is a loose reference to deak skywalker from the early drafts of star wars

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