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Star Wars Creed of the underworld: Age of Un-Rest, is a continued novelization of Captain Lucius Rand of  

2nd book cover

the Smuggling ship Big Dipper. The war with the Mandalorians rages, set a week after the orignal fan fiction novel Star Wars: Creed of the underworld


Along time ago in a galaxy far far away ...

Star Wars Creed of The Underworld: Age of Un-Rest

the war with the mandalorians rage on, the republic have took mandalore from the mandalorians

the Republic senate named the crew of the big dipper the heads of the grand fleet Lucius being admiral

Reginald the yeoman and Dutchess leading derelict mandalorians for the republic

The Chancellor Dropped an embargo on the mandalorian worlds evening the odds

but with the election of a new chancellor being around the corner no one truly knows what will happen

it is truly an age of unrest....

Chapter 1: Attack on Nar Shaddaa

Lucius was walking with the chancellor they were talking about how thin the jedi representative has the army spread, Lucius suggested having a election for the jedi representative position. the chancellor liked the idea but he thought of just impeaching him on counts of incompetence, Lucius looked outside and saw a mandalorian cruiser in orbit he told the chancellor told them to let out the special ops to attack them. The chancellor and Lucius were running to the Big Dipper, they ran into the dutchess and she told them that the derelict mandalorians were assaulting the cruisers with the bombers.

They made it to the chancellor's private hangar Lucius thanked the chancellor for keeping the big dipper in the private hangar, the dutchess insisted in going with Lucius, He reluctantly agreed and took off. Lucius contacted the Republic ship Valor to rendevous with him at nar shaddaa, Lucius was aboard the bridge of the Valor told the troops theat they were not expecting the attack from the mandalorians he commanded all fighters to engage the enemy.he told the pilots to get into position to have the heavy weapon batteries to fire on the mandalorian cruiser, the chancellor was impressed with admiral rand's commanding skills.

Lucius commanded telling that boarding parties get ready to take the ship from the inside, the chancellor went down to the batteries and got in one and started firing at the mandalorian cruiser, Lucius was shocked to see him doing that, he commanded spit fire turrets to fire on the mandalorian boarding crafts. the dutchess said" the derelicts got all of the mandalorians off planet, now we need to kick the capital ship a new ass". Lucius was looking over the holo table on the bridge and commanded the spitfires to increase suppression fire. A member of the boarding party member told him that the engines and comunications were down, then he heard a lightsaber slash come over the channel and then a laugh, the channel went dead.

Lucius commanded the bombers, batteries and fighters to begin heavy bombardment of the cruiser and told them to keep it clean. Lucius asked for a ship diagnostic the technicians reported no damage except to the shields, He saw the mandalorian ship blow up but he saw a ship heading for the planet. he told Vivian and the chancellor they were heading back to Nar Shaddaa.

Chapter 2: Invasion of Mandalorian controlled naboo

Senate was in session, Lucius as admiral had to sit in on sessions from this point,the chancellor addressed the senate on the state of the republic. The Chancellor told Lucius to discuss the plans, Lucius deliberated to the senate about a campaign to liberate naboo, he pleaded with the bureaucrats for the support and the funding. The Senate rose to their feet the chancellor took it to the vote, Lucius had support from the whole senate the jedi representative told them it was a bad idea and vetoed jedi support.

Lucius walked to the big dipper with anger, he contacted the fleet to rendezvous with the valor over naboo he had three frigates ready to invade. he stood at the lead flagship the valor telling all other ships to align them selves to prevent escape, he commanded to have all fighters at the ready position. He commanded the fleet to take no prisoner that once the fleet was destroyed he would have General Reginald lead the strike team on the planet and that he was going to lead the special ops to take down the mandalorian naboo prime minister, and take him out of power. Lucius they told all marines to have the fighters clear a path for there troop transports, he told the bombers to protect the transports until they got on board the mandalorian capital ship.

Lucius was also to select the person to rule over naboo once the prime minister was assassinated, he stood at the base of the bridge told his troops to get ready as the enemy came up from the planet. Fighters started rushing into battle fighting off the mandalorian pit fighters, he told the left flank to help bolster the transports closer. the republic bombers started bombing the engines of the mandalorian ship effectively taking the engines out.

Republic saboteurs took mandalorian communications out, Lucius told them just because the key systems were out not to get sloppy, he told fighters to push the assault further to strike right on the bridge of the ship. Bombers began bombing runs when they were intercepted by a mandalorian G wing fighter, the fighter opened fire on the bombers taking one out, then firing rockets taking the second one out, then crushing the last one with the force into giant clump of space refuge and throwing it at the last one taking out the last bomber. he told the fighters to try to get the G Wing to crash into the planet.

Lucius put co admiral reimus in charge and ran to the big dipper, he Flew out in pursuit of G wing fighter, he told reginald to get on the turrets the dutchess was his co pilot. Reginald opened fire on the Fighter, they chased it Lucius activated the rockets and fired on the craft sending it crashing to the planet below. he landed the Big dipper and got out to find the pilot was the jedi representative. Lucus threw cuffs on the Jedi and force restrictors and told the fleet to continue with plan that they had to take the jedi representative back to nar shaddaa to stand trial before the senate.

Chapter 3: The Republic vs. The Gray jedi Philospher Logan Garret

The Senate presided over the court case, the chancellor deliberated the charges to the senate, the dutchess stood before the grand senate and testified telling the senate how long hes been aiding the enemy. Lucius testified saying that Logan Garret vetoed every single covert ops assignment since he became an admiral for the republic army, Lucius presented exhibit A the black box of the mandalorian G wing.

the dutchess brought out exhibit B was Logan's comlink messages from mandalore, the chancellor now relized they were stalemated for most of the war, Vivian deliberated saying that is why he should be found guilty, the senate started voting on the fate of the the grey jedi when the senate build started rumbling. The mandalorians were atacking the building Luicus Ran to the big dipper, he took off firing on the fighters that were attacking telling dutchess that him and Reginald were going to repel the fighters he contacted the valor and commanded they get to Nar Shaddaa immediately. The big dipper started bombarding the mandalorian frigate, Lucius told dutchess to get the senate to safety.

Lucius Landed the Big Dipper into the mandalorian frigate, he had a plan he disabled the engines and the communications array. the Valor got into the system with 3 frigates, Lucius commanded on his siginal to start firing the batteries on the mandalorian ship, he took out the turret mainframe. he disabled the life support on the mandalorian ship, he got on the ramp on the big dipper and yelled Reginald take off!, he commanded the valor to fire on the mandalorian frigate. The mandalorian frigate blew up, Lucius smiled the explosion nearly made Lucius fall off the ramp, Lucius climbed up and went to the cockpit.

Chapter 4: Chancellor Election

Lucius stood in the senate hall bored out of his mind he remembered how bored elections made him bored,Reginald stood before him in his offcial uniform he said" we chased them from bos pity, the chairman of utpau are sending troops to Nar- Kreta to keep them from getting to the capital again, have you voted ?", Lucius said " no, you know how these elections make me feel i am so bored". Reginald said" well i'm going back to my apartment showering and then we have meeting with the senate to plan the next move. Lucius looked disgusted by looking at a voting booth.

The Senate grand stander said" we have the results, former Chancellor Malcolm we thank you for your 2 years of service but welcome your new chancellor from corellia conservative systems Adrian Lincoln". Chancellor Adrian looked over the senate and said" thank you for your votes of confidence, i stand before you a humbled corellian, the mandalorian menace is a threat that will be dealt with i have asked chancellor malcolm to stay on as a consultant to admiral lucius rand since he fought besides lucius durning the beginning of this conflict, i have passed a extension on the embargo to include outlining mandalorian moons, we will be in a meeting to delegate our next move i thank you again for this opportunity.

Chapter 5: The Next Move

Lucius stood in front of a holo projector he said" Tatooine is under a mandalorian protectorate contract and they owe the mandalorian so much the mandalorians took the planet it is a mandalore colony my yeoman reginald suggested we send him and a few scouts under cover to investigate Tatooine and if it comes back positive we send a liberation fleet if it doesn't succeed the mandalorians will sell tatooine to the Hutts". The Chancellor said"my sources at the correllia conservatives said" that the mandalorians will be striking from ordo soon, so i suggest we strike ordo as well as your plan Lucius". Lucius was waiting in the hallway he saw the chancellor and said" Chancellor, i just want you to know that i shall work with as well as i did your predecessor i don't plan to stand against your agenda i see that your affimative action plan is great with my fleet on ordo will be ours". The Chancellor smiled and said" Admiral, i have the utmost confidence in your fleets the conservatives purchase the contract of a security company as well so your guys will be having major help", Lucius replied" i had one more request off the record, we should setup Relay stations at tatooine and ordo thats how we succeeded at Mandalore.

The Chancellor said"i agree but we can't set one up at tatooine just yet, let the report come back positive as a mandalorian colony then we will set it up", Lucius replied"sir, me reginald will be on our way", The Chancellor said" Lucius, one more thing the security agency that i hired has a place for reginald to stay durning his investigation", Lucius replied" i will tell him". Lucius went up to Reginald and told him the news, Lucius said" take care of yourself please it'll a couple months but if you get rotated to ordo look me up" , Reginald said" here, this a key to my house on ordo when you get to the ground campaign, you and the troops can use it as a safe house while your there i probably won't be rotated because, the previous records have shown positive but my investigation will go off with a hitch, take care of yourself old friend".

Chapter 6: Battle of Ordo

The Valor came into the system, he said" all right all fighters check in, all fighters checked and flew behind the capital ship, they had no choice but to play the waiting game. The Mandalorian fleet emerged from the planet below, Lucius said" on my mark fire on them, they haven't seen us yet we still have the element of surprise, hold, hold, hold, FIRE!!!". all the fighters in the valor's fleet started firing on the mandalorian battle cruiser and the fighters began dog fighting with the mandalorian pit fighters chasing them, Lucius said" Blue Leader you and your bombers begin your run.

the Bombers began bombing the surface of the ship hitting every part of the ship, basilisk war droid began battering the fighters with hellfire rockets and deadly battering shots, Lucius commanded" Red leader get out of their the basilisks are to much for your fighters". Bomber hit the basilisks out of position, the mandalorian fleet exhausted the pit fighters and retreated planetside.

Chapter 7: Tatooine investigation

Reginald took the big dipper so they wouldn't identify it as a republic ship, Reginald looked around seeing all of the merchants and he saw Mandalorian soldiers all around the square. He saw a government building he went in and saw a line of terminals that say bill pay terminals, he thought to himself he could hack one and find out the controlling government, protectorate status. Reginald went to the terminal and pulled out a hacking device that hooked into the terminals input his subordinates looked around to keep prying eyes away. Reginald looked into the data banks finding a whole bunch of data proving his case he found that the protectorate status was in full effect and that the governing body was mandalorian, he saw the mandalorians have a martial law in place.

Reginald put a prompt in the billing terminal deleting any recollection of this session on record, Reginald walked out of the building and said" have a good day". Reginald got in contact with adrian lincoln and lucius he said" alright lucius,chancellor i am sending you reports i got from a terminal in the government building, the chancellor said" well this proves everything tatooine is a mandalorian colony under a protectorate contract as well with martial i didn't even know about the martial law, Lucius once your done taking back ordo you and your leg of the republic fleet head to tatooine and set up a relay station,a blockade and an liberation setup, my corellian security agency will be rendezvousing with you reginald we need to get under way and liberate tatooine.

Lucius read the files and said" yes sir, the valor will be at tatooine in a couple days we are finishing up here soon,lucius out. The chancellor said" great work, Reginald go back to the safe house i have for you and await Lucius and the security agency,Adrian out".

Chapter 8: Liberate Tatooine

Lucius and his platoon were pushing back the mandalorians, he said" come on men, push! right off the planet now!, they will retreat to their base. Lucius heard a mandalorian commander say" Retreat!", they ran for the troop transports. Lucius put his gun in his holster and said" commander pack the base camps up and we must go to tatooine to set up a relay station. Lucius walked toward the shuttle climbed and contacted the chancellor and said" Chancellor, we just finished the assault on ordo, send other capital ships this is the big one, tell the dutchess that her renegades are needed as well",the chancellor said" good call, the more we have the better it will look when we are done with it".

Lucius got up to the ship and said" to the crew , alright men tatooine is the big one the dutchess is sending her renegade mandalorian as well as reginald's strike team and the chancellor's security detail from correllia and other parts of the republic as well, they will tell tales of this battle, lets make history!". Lucius and the fleet got planetside alongside dutchess's renegades , correllia security detail and the republic ship valiance. Shuttles go down to the planet, Lucius's shuttle got down to the surface touching down in mos eisley he commanded he said"men keep an eye on civilian casualties and find out if there is a resistance movement they can join us".

Lucius saw Reginald, he smiled and he was running to him then he saw a green lightsaber cut a good chunk of his shoulder get sliced off and he yelled"Medic!" as he got carried away by republic medical troops, Lucius saw Logan Garret and he said" commander with me bring a vibroblade, for the Republic!" Lucius tangled his vibroblade to Logan saber and said" you will pay for that". Lucius swung his blade meeting with logan's lightsaber, the commander slashed at logan he grabbed another lightsaber and countered the commander's swipe.

Logan swung at lucius barely missing a hair on his then he sliced off the commander's helmet and stabbed him in the arm, he barely hit the commander and the commander dropkicked the grey jedi. Logan went flying into the cantina, lucius yelled"medic", the commander said" thank you admiral", Lucius went in the cantina seeing logan went flying behind the counter into the automatic drink despencers, he said" your under arrest by the grand order of the republic and yelled "colonel, detain him take him back to nar shaddda".

Chapter 9: Battle of Mos eisley

Lucius commanded his men to push forward, mandalorians seem keep coming lucius saw exchange agents pouring and firing on them, dutchess's renegades poured followed by the new chancellor's security agency. Lucius looked around and realized they had the high ground, Lucius yelled" now we push them out of the city!" lucius firing at troops the he sees the new mandalore, walking toward him spinning a war axe, he pulls out a vibroblade. Lucius swung his vibroblade at mandalore met with his war axe.

the two clashed through the city, exchanging strikes then Lucius hit him with a sucker punch to the face,then a leg sweep. Mandalore was on his back with Lucius's vibroblade to his neck he said" you are under arrest under the order of the grand republic, Commander take him to nar shaddda confiscate weapons armor and credits from both logan and mandalore" he cuffed mandalore and sent him and the commander to a shuttle.

Lucius began firing on multiple troopers, troops were pushing them from the center of town to the edge of town, Lucius commanded his troops turn up the heat. Lucius said" men! tonight we celebrate our coming victory!".the mandalorian retreated to their camps in the jundland wastelands.

Chapter 10: Battle in the jundland wastelands and victory on Tatooine

Lucius said" men at ease,we strike in the morning", Lucius went into Reginald's tent he told they got 2 war prisoners. Reginald was shoulder was heavily taped up, he looked at lucius and said" you capture Logan and the new Mandalore congratulations, im being rotated back to nar shaddda they told me, they said that i am in no condition to serve my wounds are great they have cybernetics on my joints the lightsaber took out a bunch of nerves as well all motor function in my arm". Lucius looked at his friend and said" you go through rehab and you get back when you are 100%", Lucius went to bed .

at dawn landspeeders rushed to the jundland mandalorian camps, Lucius knew the mandalorian numbers were low they had a larger number of casualties.Lucius pulled out his rifle and looked through the scope the miniscule numbers were standing in the center of encampment. Lucius began and his force filed out of the landspeeders and land transporters. They began assaulting the encampment the mandalorian's had no choice but to retreat. Lucius declared victory for the republic


Lucius stood in his formal admiral uniform and adressed the people of mos eisley, hes said" Citzens of tatooine we hold your future, we stand before you clearing from mandalorian dictatorship, on be half of Chancellor Adrian Lincoln i present you as a new official planet this 1,000,000,000 credit grant to knock you guys out of your debt,we extend to you not a protectorate contract not a colonization agreement, but a declaration of establishment, to establish as both a republic territory and a official planet of the republic coalition of planets you granted a seat on the senate.

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