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Transmigrated as a Force Sensitive Imperial Grand Moff, with a Wookiepedia System, two years after the Battle of Yavin. Tobias Rune tracks down the Super Star Destroyer known as the Annihilator which had been Hijacked by Pirates and reclaims it as his Flagship. He ironically renames the ship Guardian.

A few months before the Battle of Endor, he had it retrofitted by completely replacing the command tower with a fully integrated modified Lucrehulk-class modular control core, which would be embedded into its hull.

After the Destruction of the Second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, The Fleet belonging to Tobias Rune fled into hyperspace to the Chommell Sector, Naboo.

Three Weeks later, he rebels against the order to execute Operation Cinder by intercepting the Imperial Fleet over Naboo from behind its moon, Rori, and initiating an Imperial Civil War.

Behind the scenes

This story combines elements from both NuCanon and Legends.

Question & Answers

What is the Wookiepedia System? This System not only rewards the main character for completing personal goals, but also holds all the knowledge of the NuCanon and Legends versions of the Star Wars Universe.

Is Rey going to be a Mary Sue in this? No, She's getting revamped, but she will have relatively the same personality.

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