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Star Wars Alternate was the name of an AU fanfiction series that rewrites a great amount of the classical Star Wars films eras, it included a blend from elements of the original The Star Wars movie drafts and completely original ideas. Many elements of the recent history of the Galaxy, drew ideas from other sources, including George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.


For over a Hundred Thousand Years, the Galactic Empire ruled with a benevolent and firm hand across the Galaxy, until barely one thousand years ago when an order of mystics called the Jedi usurped the throne and attempted to murder all remaining Royals and Nobles of the Empire in part as a vanguard for a Empire-wide rebellion. The Empire fell into chaos, and was destroyed, giving rise to the First Galactic Republic.

For a thousand years, the Empire was believed destroyed, the bloodline truly extinguished. However they have now returned intent on humbling the Republic, destroying the Jedi, thus once more glorifying and bringing balance to the Force itself.

Prequel BookEdit

A young Prince, sent into the Light to taint it. A young Jedi, seeking out the Darkness. Both cross destinies, as they seek to end a great evil that seeks to shatter the Galaxy, into a million pieces.

Prologue BookEdit

A blockade on the Outer Rim, Force-sensitive siblings travelling the Galaxy, causing chaos. The Galaxy prepares itself for its destiny, as Light and Dark once again enter centre stage.

Main BookEdit

Destiny is at hand, the Chosen One exists, destined to choose between Light and Dark. Will he continue to path a stagnant path into the future, or will he destroy all that he has held dear to return the Force to balance?


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