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Star Wars: The Other

Troy Hillman


Joshua Wagner


Joshua Wagner


Troy Hillman


Troy Hillman

Cover artist

Troy Hillman

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Hyperspace Comix

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March 5, 2009



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3532 BBY-137 ABY


Star Wars: The Other

This upcoming Star Wars Fanon Project officially titled Star Wars: The Other is a different look on Jedi and Sith in the Rise of The Empire Era and the preceding (and following) eras. This project currently includes a comic series, a novel trilogy, a video game, and even a fan film.


Star Wars: The Other is a project being made by some devout Star Wars Fans, and as such is being considered Fanon. It will revolve around the other points of view of other unknown Jedi and Sith in the 6 episodes, even before and after.

Troy A. Hillman, Age 14, came up with this idea on June 2, 2007. The comic will revolve around the primary eras used in the movies, but also eras in the extended universe. It focuses on the Other side of Star Wars, the part of the story you've never heard.


This new fanon series was given the name of Star Wars: The Other as a working title, but on July 20, 2007 Troy Hillman stated that this is now the official Name for the Project. This name was chosen because Troy believed that the Other side of Star Wars needed to told. His side. He believed that most of the series revolved around the Skywalkers and supporting characters, so why not introduce his own. That was how this project was born.


Vezz zaranoth concept art

Concept art for Vezz Zaranoth in Star Wars: The Other

Not much has been done on the comic, except cover art for issue one and concept art for Vezz Esaro Zaranoth. However, there is a book being written, sort of a "Darth Bane" style, but with a twist and starring mainly Vezz Zaranoth. Also, a preview of the comic, to be released mid 2008, entitled "Star Wars The Other: The Prequel."

Troy Hillman was waiting for a question he posted to Mr. Chee on the Star Wars Message Boards on the official site. He asked for the permission to have his Fanon project. Mr. Chee was given the link for this page, and will hopefully visit this page and not discard as another stupid fan attempt to make money. However, Troy was NOT given permission but, he was told to go ahead and do the project anyway.

Troy met with Josh Wagner, the penciler, second writer, and second artist, on August 14, 2007 to discuss the project. and they are currently planning another series currently titled, Star Wars: A Certain Point of View. Unveiled that day from Troy was that the first issue of Star Wars: The Other was already underway and may even be online before February of next year. Stay here more updates!

Dramatis personaeEdit


This REAL Fanon project will revolve around the Other Sith and the other side of the story. It will take place between 3532 BBY and 137 ABY. The first issue will begin around 24 BBY. The comic will revolve around a character named Vezz Zaranoth and his struggle with the empire and other aspects of his life.

Star Wars The Other 1: The Fall of a Jedi Part 1Edit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Star Wars The Other 1
  • This issue will begin on Yavin 4 and there will be mostly Flashbacks.
  • Vezz, on Yavin 4, has a vision of himself 19 years into the future.
  • Vezz will be taken from his parents to be trained as a Jedi. (flashback)
  • Tviel'k Ajhoh will take on Vezz as an apprentice.
  • Vezz will have a flashback about his lost brother, who died serving in the Jedi order. (flsshback)
  • Vezz hunts down a Bounty Hunter named Iadas Typhos. (flashback)

Star Wars The Other 2: The Fall of a Jedi Part 2Edit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Star Wars The Other 2
  • This comic will focus on the hardships of Vezz becoming a Jedi in the teenage years. (flashback)
  • Vezz and Tviel'k go to Dantooine on Vezz's first mission, and Vezz wanders off. He encounters Huands (Human/Droid Hybrid) and they are tortuing a young man named Drako Elcarna. Vezz saves them, and after seeing the way Drako's stepfather treated him, promised he'd be back one day. (flashback)
  • This issue will span over four years. (flashback)
  • Vezz and Tviel'k will get orders at the end of this issue to got to Yavin 4. (flashback)

Star Wars The Other 3: The Coming of DarknessEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Star Wars The Other 3
  • This story will take place in 19 BBY (Revenge of the Sith) when Order 66 is given. It will be on Yavin 4, and there will be no flashbacks.
  • This will involve the death of a major character, but this character will be back in flashback issues.
  • There is a event leading to Vezz's eventual turn to the dark side in this issue. (see above spoiler)

Star Wars The Other 4: The Sith are HereEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Star Wars The Other 4
  • This issue will focus on the loss of Tviel'k and Vezz dealing with what he has done.
  • Vezz goes the temple and watches Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda as they leave. Vezz looks at the security recordings and then realizes that he has a new power. Force Thought Breach. (He can hear any Sith or Jedi's thoughts.)
  • Vezz watches as Palpatine declares himself emperor.
  • Vezz steals a Jedi Starfighter, which he calls The Fall and heads toward Dantooine.

Star Wars The Other 5: Last One StandingEdit

  • In this issue, Vezz returns to Dantooine to claim Drako Elcarna as his Sith Apprentice.
  • Drako first learns the force in this issue.
  • Vezz takes the title of Darth Zezik and calls himself a Sith.

Star Wars The Other 6: The Return of the SithEdit

  • Vezz decides that Maldorn is strong enough to be on his own and Vezz leaves the galaxy.
  • Dark Jedi Reenum Deejam makes his first appearance in this issue.
  • Maldorn takes on Sardoc as his apprentice.

Star Wars The Other 7: The Fall of The SithEdit

  • Sardoc and Maldorn but they prepare to attack the Emperor himself. They reveal themselves to the Empire.

Star Wars The Other 8: A Dark Moon RisingEdit

Coming Soon!

Star Wars The Other: InfinitiesEdit

Star Wars The Other: Infinities was announced on July 4, 2007. It star most of the characters (Vezz, Vexx, Tviel'k, Zain, Maldorn, Sardoc and Others) under the Infinities Brand. It's a "What If" 5-part comic spin-off series based on these characters actions. Like what if Vezz never killed his master? What if Maldorn and Sarodc and Zain were never discovered? This spin-off special will focus on those elements. Here are the Issues summaries so far announced.

Star Wars The Other: Infinities Part OneEdit

  • The first step into a realm where anything is possible...Star Wars Infinities! This first issue will feature Vezz Zaranoth and a cast of other characters.
  • In this issue, Vezz hunts down the bounty Hunter Iadas Typhos and in turn, he too becomes a bounty hunter.

Star Wars The Other: Infinities Part TwoEdit

  • Vezz and Iadas hunt for a person named Jango Fett for information on their next kill.

Star Wars The Other: Infinities Part ThreeEdit

Coming Soon!

Star Wars The Other: Infinities Part FourEdit

  • Someone important is killed in this issue.

Star Wars The Other: Infinities Part FiveEdit

Coming Soon!


Troy said that when he envisioned a project, it came with a novel. Star Wars The Other: Quest for Darkness is a novel by Troy Hillman and there would be many, many things that the readers can identify with. Characters, Locations, and Events would star in this novel. He also said that there would be a main battle in the first few chapters, and the rest of the novel mainly focused on the events in Vezz's life leading up to his coming back to the galaxy.

UPDATE August 11, 2007: Troy has stated that much of the novel is done, and actually MAY be IN STORES next year. The original idea was that it be posted on his Star Wars Blog however, he recently got a package in the mail with a company called Vantage Press Inc. willing to publish his book.

UPDATE August 21, 2007: Troy recently posted an excerpt from the novel on his website. In his other blog, his Star blog, he said that he would be writing a trilogy. The trilogy will probably be out by the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010.


  • Troy Hillman, the head of this project has stated, "I already have the story for the entire series, and the back story for all the characters, but the story will all depend on the Fan's reaction. It may or may not change."
  • The Story will focus on not only Jedi, but Sith, and Commoners. (Holonet Writers, Bounty Hunters)
  • The story will begin with a young man named Vezz Zaranoth and his struggles and eventual turn to the dark side.
  • The caption on a promo poster says, "As the Jedi Fall, The Sith Rise."
  • An early poster was released not long after SW: TO was created and due to legal issues, was not able to become the official poster. It can be seen at the top of this page and the official poster (unable to view on page because of file type) can be seen here.

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