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Star Wars: The New Jedi Order is a novel made by Elitolu. It is about Mark Rosh and his master Karr Jeda. They go on many different missions part of the Secret Jedi Sector, a secret sub-organization of the Jedi that is spying on enemy targets such as bounty hunters and Sith. They overcome many obstacles.


Main Characters

  • Mark Rosh
  • Karr Jeda
  • Cole Jeda
  • Tarla Fett
  • Darth Marlak
  • [[Sida A'ael
  • Lowgabba
  • Fursha the Hutt



  • Part One (Complete)
    • Opening and Prologue
    • My Life as a Teenage Jedi
    • My first lightsaber
    • The Hunt for the Fett
    • The Planet of Broken Dreams
  • Part Two (Complete)
    • My Master's family
    • The Sith of Telos
    • Chase to the Republic
    • Fight of Willpower
  • Part Three (Complete)
    • The Wookiee Outcast
    • The planet of Kashyyyk
    • Huttese Cantina
    • Secrets of an Imperial
    • Epilogue
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