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Star Wars: The Lighthunters – A Way Out

They went inside. All Lighthunters. They were teen, with Sakon Tigana leading them. Sakon was a fallen Jedi knight who abandoned the Order in the Clone Wars, arguing that he could no longer serve an organization whose purpose was to bring peace while the factual mission, to invade innocent planets, as long as they are not governed by the CIS. Now Tigana commanded a smaller group of Force-sensitive individuals, whose training he had conducted for as long as four years, enough to teach them using the lightsaber, as he was given to saying. However, he would always point out that the elegant weapon could only be used in a relevant matter, meaning it was hardly possible to see him use his lightsaber on a daily basis. In fact, the man had turned 60, and his age successfully prevented him from engaging in missions that his adepts regularly attended. He would sooner spend days alone in the headquarter, located inside a cave on the desert planet of Geonosis, which no one could learn.

Ridiculously, none of Tigana's apprentices had ever used a lightsaber in a direct fight so far. Their only opponent that they had to fight was one another by then, and Sakon did not aim to change it. He strongly believed that there was no other way to expand peace than following its rules, considering stillness, calmness, and silence to be some of which. Every mission he would send them for would have to be well-orchestrated, meaning the necessity to change clothes every time his apprentices set off, inter alia in order to intercept a piece of imperial cargo. According to Tigana, it was important for his adepts to disguise their faces with helmets whenever they lied themselves open to a danger, so that the Empire would not find out anything.

This mission was the first to be taken part in by him. The viceroy of Alderaan, Senator Bail Organa, had informed them of tracing the Jedi master Luminara Unduli, whom he now claimed to be in the planet's capital city, more specifically in the palace that he resided in. Once they arrived, Sakon went in first.

"Master", said one of his apprentices, named Kossan Knive. "I have a bad feeling about it."

The hall they found themselves in was very extensive. The senator had already been awaiting them, not looking ravished, though.

"Master Sakon Tigana, right?", the man began.

"Senator Bail Organa. This is a pleasure to see you again", Tigana responded as seriously as usual. "I would like to take Luminara away from here and leave as soon as possible. We have no weapon."

The ten guardians of the light side were looking at the senator's face. He did not look natural.

"Senator Organa has already fulfilled the Empire's plans, master Sakon Tigana. I would've forgotten… you never received the rank, did you?"

Sakon and his apprentices suddenly turned around, being exposed to a slim figure of a disguised person, whose voice gave them nightmares.

"Leave", the person said to Organa.

Tigana turned on his lightsaber, being seen by his apprentices doing that for the first time.

"Go to the exit", he ordered.

"Even if they succeed to get to the escape, my inquisitors will crash them, as you crashed the Jedi years ago."

The masked enemy would have finished the phrase unless attacked by the opponent. Within a few times that their blades intersected, a conversation started off.

"I perceive a significant improvement of your skills, my friend", said the imperial emissary.

"Do not address me like this", Sakon responded continuing to pant. "There's been no time we met, Vader".

"You're more likely not to know who you're talking about than I am to be Vader", his opponent reacted. "I'm not the one you have me pegged for. I am the Imperial Grand Inquisitor".

As the duel went on, the glass window embedded in the wall close to the fighters burst affected by the energy of lightsabers, causing Tigana's hair to wave in the wind that blew in suddenly.

"You must know, Sakon, that there has been a time we met", the Inquisitor resumed the polemics. "Back in the Clone Wars, I belonged to the guard protecting the Grand Jedi Temple upon Coruscant. It was I who you talked to a few moment prior to being expelled at one memorable Council meeting. We have both betrayed the Order, we have both given up our views."

The Pau'an exploited a moment of his adversary's distraction and inflicted a wound on him, directing his weapon at the former Jedi's underbelly.

"You're just a traitor who nobody will grieve over", the Inquisitor removed the lightsaber from the elder man's body, seeing it falling on the floor, and then addressed two other inquisitors as they approached him. "Dashit, I order that you safely convey him to Stygeon Prime, to the Inquisitorious base. Your responsibility is to the Emperor either for the anticipated result or a possible failure."

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