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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Soundtrack is the soundtrack for The Force Unleashed. Yodakenobi chose the tracks he thought would suit the game.


  1. Invasion of Kashyyyk (One)
  2. Darth Vader vs Kento (The Devil Went Down to Georgia)
  3. Starkiller's Theme (Take A Look Around: Mission Impossible 2 Theme)
  4. PROXY's Theme (Stronger)
  5. Juno Eclipse's Theme (American Woman)
  6. Starkiller and Darth Vader (Sith Lord Theme)
  7. TIE Fighter Construction Facility (Let's Start A Riot)
  8. AT-ST Battle (2 Step)
  9. Starkiller vs Rahm Kota (Battle of the Heroes)
  10. The Jedi Temple (The Imperial March)
  11. Starkiller vs Darth Desolous (Jaws Theme)
  12. Raxus Prime (The Metal)
  13. Starkiller vs Drexl Roosh (Greed)
  14. Junk Titan Battle (Iron Man)
  15. Starkiller vs Kazdan Paratus (Becoming Insane)
  16. Starkiller vs Darth Phobos (Black Magic Woman)
  17. Felucia (Welcome to the Jungle)
  18. Rancor Battle (The Number of the Beast)
  19. Starkiller vs Shaak Ti (Don't Cha)
  20. Starkiller's New Mission (Raining Blood)
  21. Escaping the Empirical (Spaceballs the Music Video)
  22. Bespin/Nar Shaddaa (Cantina Theme)
  23. Starkiller vs Emperor's Shadow Guard (Ice Ice Baby)
  24. Starkiller vs Kento (Apologize)
  25. Imperial Kashyyyk (Jungle Out There)
  26. Freeing the Wookiees (Wild Thing)
  27. Starkiller vs Ozzik Sturn (Desert Chase)
  28. Imperial Felucia (Black Sunshine)
  29. The Sarlacc's Torture (The Monster Is Loose)
  30. Inside the Sarlacc (In the Belly of a Shark)
  31. Starkiller vs The Bull Rancor (Bulls on Parade)
  32. Starkiller vs Maris Brood (Miss Murder)
  33. Imperial Raxus Prime (Trash Day)
  34. Starkiller vs PROXY (Darth Maul) (Duel of the Fates)
  35. Rescuing Garm Bel Iblis (The Twist)
  36. Starkiller vs Kleef (My Humps)
  37. Starkiller vs Chop'aa (Crank That (Soulja Boy))
  38. Ambush on Correlia (E.T.'s Adventures on Earth)
  39. Starkiller and Juno Eclipse's Last Moment (Across the Stars)
  40. Death Star Part I (Rock You Like a Hurricane)
  41. Death Star Part II (Avalancha)
  42. Death Star Part III (Holiday in Cambodia)
  43. Starkiller vs Darth Vader (Through the Fire and the Flames)
  44. Starkiller vs The Emperor (I Am the Senate)
  45. Starkiller's Sacrifice (The Emperor's Death)
  46. He is Dead (Qui-Gon's Funeral)
  47. Ending (A New Hope and Credits)
  48. Starkiller vs Darth Vader Round 2 (Dark Side) (Anakin's Betrayal)
  49. Emperor's Slave (Anakin's Dark Deeds)
  50. Bonus Track:Starkiller vs Himself (Enter Lord Vader)
  51. Bonus Track 2:Tatooine (The Great Pit of Carkoon/Sail Barge Assault)
  52. Bonus Track 3:Starkiller vs Boba Fett (Jango's Escape)
  53. Bonus Track 4:Starkiller vs Obi-Wan Kenobi (Anakin vs Obi-Wan)
  54. Bonus Track 5:Hoth (Hoth Battle)
  55. Bonus Track 6:Starkiller vs Luke (The Boys Continue)
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