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Star Wars: The Force Lives Beyond is a series of chronological novels/short stories being written by Captain Ricky and McClanahEric. The first story is about a clone commander called Stone and his personal struggles and adventures right after the Clone War has ended. Legacy of the Resistance Force provides more characters to deal with and a mission to return the kidnapped Princess Leia. After the Resistance Militia Squadron finds the princess, they run into a malicious dictator who takes in slaves and makes them do his dirty work. Revival is about the return of clone commander Ponds and his own struggles to deal with being in cryo-stasis for so long. Blue Quartz introduces the Death Watch amid new chaos. The spin-off is about different character scenarios in each chapter leading up to Order 66. During the siege of Ryloth, a new threat arises. Civil War is when political differences spark outrage within the Rebellion. A couple years after those events, the Yuuzhan Vong strike against the galaxy.


  1. Star Wars: Stone
  2. Star Wars: Legacy of the Resistance Force
  3. Star Wars: Rise of the Dictator
  4. Star Wars: Revival
  5. Star Wars: Blue Quartz
  6. Star Wars: Ryloth Under Siege
  7. Star Wars: Civil War
  8. Star Wars: The Yuuzhan Vong


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