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Despite the fact three of us are working on here and lots of us wrote the story, it isn't uploaded fully yet, so if your following a link, you'll already know the story, as we completed the story (and extra episodes, and bonus content) ages ago.

Authors (By their Character Names)

  • Zara Adeptsword (My older sister in real life, I don't know if she has an account.)
  • Aylana Tachi (Really, really odd.)
  • Holly Talon(...I don't know what I can see about Holly...)
  • Tahiri Adeptsword (Me, a weirdo.)
  • Mezhan Adeptsword (weird little sister person)
  • Kane Polarbeam (boyfriend of Mezhan, poor boy)File:1st_Book.png|thumb|Cover.]]


Tahiri Adeptsword has lost her best friend, Ahsoka Tano, Tahiri wants to find and save her missing friend. But will her feelings for her close friend Ahsoka get in the way of her feelings for her master Mace Windu.....                            

Chapter One


Tahiri Adeptsword.

Tahiri Adeptsword sped down the long narrow coridoor in the Jedi temple, her long, bright green, hedtails flying out behind her. "Hey, sir, there is actually a speed limit down here!" Commander Cody, who was on guard duty, called after her. "Really, I was not informed," Tahiri replied sarcasticly as she stepped into the glass elavator, "Now, if you will excuse me, I have things to do." The Clone Commander watched her go, and didn't attempt to stop her. Tahiri was one of most gung ho Jedi he had ever met. He sighed and shook his head. "She's mad" he muttered under his breath.

Two hours later, Tahiri stood in the middle of the Jedi Council chambers, glaring at her master, Mace Windu. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T LOOK FOR AHSOKA, SHE COULD BE IN DANGER!" She yelled. Mace sighed. Sometimes he wondered if Tahiri had the right mind set to be a Jedi. "I know she could be in danger, but the council has decided that Ahsoka must make her own way back." he replied. Tahiri scowled at him, and he knew she was going to go and look for her friend anyway, whatever he did to try and stop her. The Twi'lek turned and stormed out of the room. "Bye!" She shouted, without looking back. Everyone was so stunned by Tahiri's temper that they only noticed where she was heading when it was far to late.

Chapter Two



Tahiri's fighter.

Umbara, she'd heard awful rumours about this planet, Tahiri recalled with a shudder as she glanced out of the top of her magenta Jedi starfighter at the large, looming black planetin front of her. But, she added with grim determination, Ahsoka was there so she was going there aswell! Stepping from her fighter, she realised that she had landed on a building, which, she noted a second to late, was collapsing! Tahiri screamed as she fell, she felt herself land on someone, then everything turned black.

Later, Tahiri opened her eyes to see Ahsoka perched on the edge of her bed, in what looked like the medcenter in the Republic's Umbaran base. "Looks like I'm the one rescuing you this time, was that the plan?" She smirked. "Apart from finding you, I didn't have a plan." Tahiri answered, almost calmly.

"Well, you managed that ok, since you landed on my head." Ahsoka laughed. Tahiri grinned, then stopped smirking when Ahsoka said cheerfully, "Now lets get back to Coruscant, since your mission is over."

"It wasn't exactly a mission." Tahiri sounded uncomftable as she muttered her reply.

"Ah." Ahsoka mumbled in response. They walked silently onto the gunship parked outside the base.

As the two young girls climbed from their gunship and into the crowded Jedi temple hanger, Anakin Skywlker pushed his way to the front, ran to Ahsoka and open his mouth to speak. "Yeah, I'm fine." Ahsoka said, calmly wandering past him. Tahiri used the diversion to slip away to rest.

Chapter Three

As Tahiri lay in her bed, she heard the window break. Quickly leaping from the bed, pausing only to grab her lightsaber, Tahiri ran to the window. Then she slowed coming face to face with Assaj Ventress, a deadly sith assassin. Ventress snatched the young Jedi's lightsaber, and, cackling evily, grasped Tahiri tightly. Tahiri only only just managed to screech "HELP!" before Ventress pulled her onto a speeder, outside the window. Unfortunatly for the sith, Ahsoka had heard Tahiri yelling and was now showing a security holo from Tahiri's bedroom to Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker. "Where might Ventress take her?" Ahsoka wondered aloud.

"I don't know, I'm to worried to think!" Mace snapped.

"I never knew you liked her." Anakin joked.

"Huh! Thats not funny." was the hissed reply. The three Jedi were on board a Republic cruiser seatching for Tahiri and Ventress.

"Imcoming message from the Sepratists Umbara Orbital station!" Captain Rex anounced suddenly. The Holo transmitter blurred and crackled, then Tahiri appeared "I can't talk long, I wanted you to know where I -" The transmission ended without reason.

 Chapter Four

Just as Tahiri seized transmitting, Assaj Ventress burst into her cell, ripping the commlink from her grasp. "So, calling you precious Jedi for help, were you?" She sneered.

"They are already coming to save me, the Republic acts faster than your Sepratists!" Snarled Tahiri.

"In that case, I shall have to kill you now!" The assassin , grinning, she reached for her lightsabers. Snap! A lightsaber blade appeared at the sith's neck. Ventress spun round to glare at Mace Windu. "You are arrest, now release Tahiri!" He ordered.

"Never! Your little Twi'lek pet is doomed!" Screeched Assaj.

"Really?" A voice enquired as Anakin Skywalker stepped out of the shadows, followed closely by Ahsoka Tano, who traded insults with Ventress and tossed an already running Tahiri her lightsaber. "Lets run!" Tahiri advised. Ventress shrieked "You will pay for this Jedi scum!" as they cut down her droid guards and ran.

Chapter Five

As Tahiri relaxed on her bed, the door slid open and her master walked in and sat down beside her. "What's up?" Tahiri asked, looking up.

" you." He whispered, touching her face.

Tahiri draped her Lekku over his shoulders, and kissed his lips, "I know, and I love you too." She said softly. They kissed again, for longer than before. Thudding footsteps alerted them to someone's approach and they disentangled themselves and sat up, on Tahiri's bed.

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