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The Clone Wars: Fires of War is a fan-fiction short story written by Boomdodger set that was released on April 27, 2016. It shows the events of the 56th Legion's assault of Sullust, against the dreaded Confederacy of Independent Systems, through the eyes of primarily Viera Cacete and CC-1211.



The Clone Wars: Fires of War
After the Republic finds out about a secret Separatist meeting on Sullust, they send the 56th Legion, followed by the 833rd and 724th Battalions, to intercede and put an end to the summit, while also trying to figure out what its purpose is. 

However, the Separatist defenses are found stronger than anticipated, and the 56th must find a way to disrupt the summit, and claim Sullust for the Republic.


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  • B1 battle droid(s)
  • B2 super battle droid(s)
  • Dwarf spider droid(s)


Battle of Sullust (First appearance)



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