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Star Wars: Ryloth Under Siege takes place in 6 ABY when the ashes of the Empire, known as the First Order rises up against the Rebel Alliance. They commence to take over planets and it is up to every rebel to stop them.


Star Wars: Ryloth Under Siege
Ryloth under siege! After a new Empire organization called the First Order awakens with help from a former clone trooper, the Rebellion acts fast with impulsive actions and disobeying of direct orders.

Nearing every single step to the First Order capitol, Princess Leia gathers help from Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and every single rebel trooper still alive.



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Battle over Ryloth


Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Weapons and technology

  • Lightsaber
  • DC-17 Pistols
  • DC-15 Blaster

Behind the Scenes

After almost three years of its initial release, the author decided to rewrite Ryloth Under Siege for multiple reasons. One of the reasons was he felt that the story did not live up to its full potential, whereas he wanted it the be the "Infinity War of Star Wars." From the start, the author knew that the plotline was carried out in a rushed and speedy way even though his intentions were not that. The rewritten version will have slight description and pacing changes along with some dialogue switches, but will keep the overall plot-points the same. The rewritten version will also delve deeper into character backstories and arcs amidst setting up their next scenes.

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