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Star Wars: Return of the Sith is a Fan-Fiction Sequel of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It has some Characters from the Legends universe unlike the other media from the movies universe. The Fan-Fiction Se


Long time ago in the Galaxy Far Far away

 The War with the First order has taken a bad turn, Han-Solo was killed by his son Ben Solo whom is also known as Kylo Ren, who was working for the First order a notorious army dedicated to the Empire’s rebirth. The New Republic is in crisis While Rey is with Luke, The head of the New republic, Chancellor Mon Mothma has been replaced by power hungry Natasi Daala who was once a senator of the Galactic Empire. The Jedi after Luke’s departure during the rise of the First Order now have gone from heroic warriors to undead ravaging lunatics because they sense a disturbance in the force that no one knows about and they were thought to be dead after the massacre on the Jedi Order which freaks the citizens even more.

Meanwhile The First Order had hired a gang of Sub-Sith called The Red Sun Gang who were once employed by a Tribe of Sith that have lived for Thousands of years on the planet Kesh since the starship Omen had crashed there. Because of this the Red Sun gang’s leader Darth Otakun has made a deal to the Tribe that if they want to have the Red Sun working for them and to leave Kesh then they should be subjugated under the Iron fist of the First Order…..

Prologue: The Evil before and the Evil Now

            In Mustifar, the planet of Lava and magma, There was a metal fortress in the magma rocks. Sitting in on the edge of the Fortress’s platform was Darth Otakun. Darth Otakun was seeing the destruction of Volcanos erupting with the blood red eyes of his Iron Gas mask. His golden crown reflected the red light and his black cape flowed in the fiery breeze. Later on footsteps echoed on the platform Otakun was standing on. Otakun has seen two Sith sabers arrive and they both took off their hoods. One was a 15 year old human boy with long black hair pined in a ponytail going down to his waste wearing a pi coat, black pants and black boots. The ponytail was died blood red  the next Sith saber was a twi’lek with long two long dreadlocks wearing a tank top and black pants. Otakun boomed in an oily voice, “report” to his two subordinates. “Sir”, replied the Twilek in a deep voice, “The resistance of the New Republic is crumbling milord our forces from Keshrai are finally out in the galaxy and they have joined our order, with them we will be invincible.” “Excellent Ronin, Your services are something the Sith of the past would long for.” Otakun thanked and he later said, “I wish Naga Sadow, Darth Revan, Lord Kaan, Darth Bane, Darth Plageus, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader and Snoke could have a servant like you so they could succeed in their plans.” “I wish that very same thing too for them and I also wish I could be there to help, but the past is past.” said Ronin solemnly. 

            Otakun wondered if a third would come to his aid, to destroy the forces of the New Republic before they realize the Red Sun gang’s existence as being a potential threat. If Chancellor Mothma was alerted about their presence, there would be problems for Otakun and his gang and even the Lost Tribe of Kesh would be in danger. Otakun’s thoughts were interrupted by a call to return to Kesh.

            When he returned to Kesh, he then went to the Temple to meet with Grand Lord Ajeel and his High Lords. Otakun and his Sith henchmen were greeted by two human Sith, one which is a shaggy blonde haired 16 year old boy with red eyes and another one which was a bulky and muscular man with the same shaggy blonde hair and red eyes as the boy. “Greetings”, said the man in a welcoming manner, “My name is Yaqut and this is my son Yaru, like Captain Yaru Korisn our tribe’s savior.” Otakun introduced himself and his goons including Ronin and the Human 15 year old boy, who was named Ilya. The 2 Sith flanked him to the throne room with a group of Boy age Sith then grown age Sith men attended the group that flanked Otakun and his gang until they entered the throne room in the temple. In the throne room sat circle of Lords, the worst Sith ever possible Sitting there are the High Lords Darth Kain, Darth Razor, Darth Rogue, Darth Drago, Darth Buzzor and Darth Bludd sitting in their chairs looking at Otakun waiting anxiously for a report from Otakun. Darth Rogue boomed, “Sith Lord Otakun please report about the conquering of Mustifar base. What happened on Mustifar?” 

            “Darth Rogue, Milord we successfully conquered the base on Mustifar successfully without rebellious movement from any Jedi or Republic forces, not even General Blade Skywalker made a movement to stop our regime of terror. Don’t dare to think of stopping me from leaving now because you got all the help you can get so try to recruit the Sith Sabers on your home world ‘High Lord’.”

            Darth Rogue got enraged like crazy, his red eyes burned as they lighted up his black hair like light burning on an opaque surface then Darth Rogue later calmed down. The other High Lords got mad, but unlike Rogue they did not calm down as they yelled and threw insults at Otakun. Then a bulky man wearing Black and red robes arrived in the Throne room, his hair was waving like a high tide. This man was the Grand Lord and he was annoyed about the racket that the Grand Lords were causing during the meeting. The Grand Lord was like, “WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO GIVE A SPEECH TO THE SABERS ABOUT GOING INTO WAR WITH MOTHMA AND THE JEDI!!!!!”

            “Sorry my Lord”, Darth Buzzor said apologetically, He later grinted his teeth through his vulture beak as he spoke to the Grand Lord. “I was angered because Otakun and his Sith gang wanted to stop operating under The Tribe! They have to realize that we need them, because they are the only victorious Sith ever known in the Galaxy. Without them we’re weak as disgusting spineless ants on…”

            “Oh that’s because you dolts didn’t train your sith apprentices correctly, because you all were stuck on the old ways. They were popular only Naga Sadow’s time and that was like 1,000,000,000 years ago so let us go and get out of the old ways. The Galaxy has changed we’re no longer supposed to work in legions for red skinned but heads. We’re supposed to do the organization of one Sith Lord one Sith apprentice and all my gang members are Sub-Sith because of that rule of the Dark Side. So stop mistaking us for a Sith Legion and let us do what we want and just wait out the war and Isolate yourselves you’re too weak to be around now and we don’t work for the weak.” yelled an Angry Ronin.


            “Well Darth Bane liked the Idea because we could operate in stealth”, yelled Ilya

            ‘Stop it High Lords” Boomed the Grand Lord, he later told Otakun “This is not Sith this is madness so stop it!”


            “WHAT!!!!” yelled Darth Buzzor, “I can’t believe this madness happened in the galaxy, while we we’re trapped here in Kesh!!!”

            “See you later loosers!!!!” yelled Otakun angrily, “We’re finished with you, oh and I just got news during this meeting that the First Order has decided to hire us to hunt down two Jedi, so If you don’t want us to leave your service and leave Kesh to rule the Galaxy then join the First Order!!!”

            The High Lords started whispering to each other in hushed tones wondering what to do and then the Grand Lord held up his hand and the other High Lords stopped. “Otakun, My wife and Darth Drago have kindly asked to welcome this First Order to Kesh to get a good introduction of them to see what they are like to their employees and then we will decide later on if this is acceptable.”

            Otakun snickered and left to call the First order. Then the Grand-Lord then entered a room as a woman, supposedly his wife, opened the door for him and the High Lords as they entered the room.

Chapter 1: The Madness of Daala

In the Senate Building on Chandrila, Mon Mothma was depressed because she had lost the recent election in the Republic. She wanted to win instead of Natasi Daala because of Daala’s history of working for the Empire fearing Daala would turn the New Republic into a new Order, like Palpatine back then. The bad news is Daala had her vice president the tall and broad mastermind Moff Kingston reveal the dark secret of Mon Mothma helping the Empire. Mothma is spending her last days in office before Daala takes power. Then Leia Solo arrived distressed.

“More bad news I guess General?” asked Mothma

“Yes” sighed Leia, “My husband Han was killed by my own s-s-son. When I got the news I was distressed with sorrow. What good general am I the widow of a man who was killed by our own son, a killer and a sister of a man who ran off with his kin to some unknown world? The good news is that Starkiller base was destroyed by The Resistance and my killer of a son ran off with his allies.”

“Bad news on my part, I lost the election to Natasi Daala 12 days ago and today is the day I leave office.” reported Mothma. “Leia you have a new duty and that is to obey Chancellor Daala no matter what even though, she was once with the Empire long ago.”

“Wait your rival was with the Empire like you were before the Rebellion, but I thought you loyal to help the people as a part of the Imperial Senate long ago.” said Leia in awe.

“I was that way before the Emperor disbanded it but, Daala was different she was the Imperial Naval chief before Endor. I can’t believe the people would then vote for someone who was loyal to the empire.” Muttered Mon, “This Generation is foolish they don’t know how the empire treated our generations back then. Then again that vice president of hers scared them into voting her in.”

Then a human Jedi girl with blonde hair arrived in the room. After she walked in she announced, “Great-Aunt Leia, Grandfather has returned from his Isolation and is back to the temple, our kin has alerted the resistance that we are in control of them now.”

“Why so Miriah, something wrong.” asked Leia, “How could there be problems for the resistance that might need this to happen?”

“Haven’t you heard the news the resistance reported to us, The New Republic has now decided to disband the resistance altogether under Chancellor Daala’s orders. Daala has officaly decided the war with the First Order is won and since Starkiller base was destroyed, She thinks that the First Order was destroyed with Starkiller base.” said Miriah Skywalker, “She got a report from a Senator from the destroyed sight of the base’s ruins that there were no signs of survivors at all!”

  “No survivors!!!” raged an angry Leia, “Well I’m going to have nice talk with Daala and can you get me Rey and Finn to tell her about this.”


 “Miriah calm down”, Leia said soothingly, “If Homeil kicks you out your Paternal-Grandfather will accept you, He’s way better than Homeil, I mean who fought Darth Vader 35 years ago in the Death Star even though he was his father.”

“Grandfather Skywalker” murmured Miriah, “Know what I’ll tell the Padawan friends including my cousins and siblings in siblings in law to stop going under Homeil’s teachings and start being students under Grandfather Instead.” Later on Miriah ran off with a smirk and Leia decided to go to meet Daala as she saw her last look at Mon Mothma as she packed and left the office.”


Later on Leia got her chance to speak to Daala as the doors to the Chancellor’s office opened. A woman with long white hair wearing an Imperial officer’s uniform entered the room flanked by a Pantoran male with long shaggy hair with a half shaven beard wearing robes enter the room aided by Imperial officers. Then Daala (the white haired woman) as she sat at her desk saw Leia and looked in awe at Leia.

“Well, well if it isn’t Leia Solo, the late widow of Han Solo the greatest rebel hero in the Galaxy. I’m sorry for your loss Madame Solo, Good news, your son just had triplets aren’t you happy Madame.”

Leia raged and later said, “I’m not happy if they turn out the same way he is now let me out so I can leave, I have business to attend to.” As Leia began to walk out two guards stopped in front of her and stunned her. Later on Daala said with a grin, “You shouldn’t have done that General Solo or I should say Princess Leia Organa, now as a result of this, TAKE HER AWAY AND SENTENCE HER TO BE FROSTED IN CARBONITE!!!!” then the two guards escorted her, Leia shut her eyes realizing she was stunned.

Later on Leia woke up in a cell, she realized Daala had trapped her in the cell by stunning her, was this one of Daala’s ways to prevent the Resistance from being able to reform, what was Daala up to and did she know of the First Order’s survival of Starkiller base? Was Daala afraid of losing her chancellery of the New Republic? Leia did not know what was going on until someone grabbed her.

Leia later woke up to see herself escorted somewhere by a Twi’lek female. The Twi’lek female unlike the other Twi’lek females she met had her deadlocks tied as a two banged pony tail and she was wearing a bandana, tank-top and black camo pants and boots. Leia asked her, “What’s going on and who are you?” The Twi’lek smirked with an evil grin and said, “My name is Alana De-Lomé and I’m a Jedi Knight sent here to escort you.”  Leia later asked, “Where?” Then Alana said, “To the Carbonite Freezer of course. My Husband with many other Jedi Knights voted with Daala as a punishment for sneaking in the room to make a surprise attack against her.”

Leia realized that she was to be frozen in carbonite as her husband was back then when Darth Vader and Boba Fett were trying to send him to Jaba as a reward for helping Vader catch Solo. She injured Alanna and ran as Alanna then yelled, “Somebody help NOW!!! General Leia Solo is going Senile she’s escaping me all Jedi Knights come catch Solo, HURRY BEFORE SHE ESCAPES THE CARBONITE AREA!!!!!” Then Republic Guards and 12 Jedi Knights ran to chase Leia as she ran to the Exit. Then she was caught by a Neimoidian Jedi Knight with a Samurai Pony tail punched Leia in the guts and then stunned her and he signaled two Republic Troopers to take Leia away as he walked away.




Chapter 2: The Jedi Army and Resistance Fusion

Rey, has finally found Luke Skywalker, She was amazed to finally meet the legendary Jedi at last. She had heard stories from her parents about the legend of how he saved the Galaxy by even fighting Darth Vader, even though Vader was his father and recreated the Jedi Order. She couldn’t believe she was looking at that very warrior himself. Luke was wondering who this girl is?

Luke asked, “Who are you and what is your purpose.” Rey introduced and explained what was going on with the rise of the First Order, Kylo Ren and other stuff. Luke later decided to explain, “I knew he would try to follow his Grandfather’s footsteps and try to create something like the Empire. I knew his mind like his father. The good thing is that not all of my Apprentices are dead, some went to the capital of the New republic to create a new Jedi temple, I thought that was foolish, we voted and they won to create that temple, wow I was a fool myself not to believe them, I owe them a big apology.”

“Wait” said Rey in awe, “s-s-some survived and they’re in the capital right now?”  Luke said miserably, “I think they are, I doubt they heard the news of the others getting slaughtered.”

Rey later said confidently, “Let’s go back to the Resistance, they need help.” Later after saying that they decided to walk back to the cruiser as Rey told Luke her backstory and how she got involved with the Resistance then she told them their goals of looking for him. Then they got in the cruiser, they left Ahch-to saying goodbye to the watery planet and leaving to the Resistance base.

They didn’t realize that there was a First Order TIE Fighter following them. Later on Luke sensed the Ship with the force and later said, “Rey hurry we got spotted and Rey hit the hyper-drive button and they went into Hyper-space.

After the Hyper Space warp they headed to the Resistance capital and they were greeted by two Jedi. Luke saw a blonde haired dude with a boy greeting him, the jedi dude later said, “Hey dad, we got help from Aunt Leia to get to the Resistance HQ, we have to command it, oh and this is your Grandson Anakin II, never mind that Mothma has been replaced by a new Chancellor and she decided to ban the Resistance for good thinking the First Order deformed.”


Anakin II, Luke’s paternal Grandson later explained, “He’s being healed by my mom and Poe Dammeron’s having fits because he just got the news about Leia’s capture from a spy in Chandrila’s senate building.”

Then later on Luke entered the Resistance HQ and met up with the Resistance leaders, Admiral Akbar and Leia’s second in command General, who is an Asian human male. Luke stood on a platform and began to speak.

He later boldly spoke, “My friends as you know General Leia Solo is not within our ranks as she used to. She is captured by the New Republic’s police and is ordered to be frozen in carbonite...” many Resistance troopers gasped “…as we speak. Do not worry my friends, the Jedi are alive again and are here to lead you with the force! We Jedi understand your stress. The spirits our predecessors of the old order  have told us of their sufferings, with the sith before, Naga Sadow, Darth Revan, Lord Kaan, Darth Bane, Darth Plageus, Emperor Palpatine The Separatists, Order 66, The Empire and currently the First Order.

“We will untie to stop the First Order before it does anything. We Jedi have just sensed that the First Order is still alive because of spotting one of their TIE Fighters with a helper named Rey. We Jedi were also told from some helpers of you about the First Order’s favoring of the Empire, and the Force-Sensitive known as Snoke. I believe this Snoke character could be an Old Sith lord from the Old Republic era, we do not think this could be possible. Also we must stop the First Order’s evil plan of the Dark Side without any of us getting arrested by the New Republic’s police just like General Solo.”

The Resistance cheered and they decided to work with the Jedi to stop the threatening new evil. Finally a new Army of light has been born from Luke and the heads of the Resistance, Now Daala or the First Order will never stand a chance against them.

Chapter 3: The First Order and the Lost Tribe

Darth Otakun and his gang have seen the First Order ships land on the platform at Tahv, TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers entered and made waves of ship air landing on the platforms as Keshri natives and Red Sun gang members cheered and saluted at the First Order logo. The Doors of Star Destroyers opened releasing 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 mass armies of First Order Storm Troopers out of each Star destroyer. Then the famous Sith of Doom, Kylo Ren, has finally arrived on Kesh attended by Captain Phasma and General Hlux. They barged open the gates of Tahv and walked in the neighborhood as Sith Sabers looked in awe with a little bit of anxiety. Some even whispered to each other about these mysterious people with the Red Sun gang and Keshri. Some even had fearful looks at the Keshri, Tryo Sith (Sith Apprentices without masters) and Sub-Sith saluting and cheering on for these outsiders.

Then the First Order and their fans entered the Temple of Lords and barged in the vast Throne Room of the Circle of Lords. They were greeted by the black slender haired Darth Bludd who was wearing her usual red moon kimono and sandals attended by her apprentice Myra More, who has long slender red hair and wearing a black dress. Otakun knows about Myra’s bio, Myra is a 30 year old woman who was single, with 0 children and she currently lives with her mom and Darth Bludd herself in the More Mansion located on the hills located Southeast of Tahv. The Mores were a rich Sith family in service to Darth Bludd and her Husband. Myra More has 2 sisters who are also single, with 0 children and living with Ms. More, Ms. More sent Myra to be an apprentice of Darth Bludd, in repayment Darth Bludd would help the sisters and their mother rebel against Myra’s wealthy, Grandparents and 12 aunts living with them. Myra walked with her master, The First Order and their crowds call the Other High Lords and the Grand Lord.

When the High Lords and Grand Lord entered at the beckoning call of their guests, they looked at the First Order and heard their objectives for the Galaxy, after that the first thought The High Lords was that the First Order was a great organization to work for. Then the Grand Lord arrived and asked the First Order if they would allow them to keep their titles as Sith Lords even if they work for the First Order. Kylo Ren told them, “Unfortunately, You have to consider yourselves Sub-Sith, It won’t be bad because you could still act like Sith and be considered Sith in spirit of the force. It’s just your Titles that would change.” The High Lords talked over about this and then Decided that they will join as long as they get to command those Storm Troopers of theirs and to be free from Kesh to be in the Galaxy.

Later on The Grand Lord decided to later boom happily, “Well my friends, I think we should tell our saviors of the First Order, our tribe’s origin and to thank them for giving us what we desire. Myra, Darth Bludd one of you tell the story of our origin!!!”

Darth Bludd sent out Myra to tell the legend. After Myra arrived, she began to tell the story.

Thousands of years ago, The starship Omen had crashed on this planet, the crew of the starship led by Yaru Korsin was tasked to deliver crystals to the Dark lord of the Sith Naga Sadow to power up the forces of his Sith Empire. After the crash of Omen, Yaru and his crew had made a long journey to our capital Tahv. When they arrived they were thought as gods who would be the ones to stop the destructors the most evil beings this world has ever known. They were worshiped and made rulers of the land.

“Then Korsin’s wife Seela then betrayed him and led a rebellion against her husband to make him pay for not getting any respect and falling in love with another woman named Adari Vaal and using his daughter Nida Koursin as his successor. Seela’s rebellion failed, because the Keshri decided to rebel us Sith because of a disease problem and being shut out of their city.”

After hearing this Kylo Ren was proud to have such a army of Sith under his control and was happy that if the Lost Tribe would become Sub-Sith then they would not have any arguments with each other again. With this much army the Jedi will never stand a chance against the Dark Side now.

Later on Kylo Ren announced, “Now all we need to do is to enter the Star Destroyer Shadowblade and we will find the Resistance HQ, then destroy it and then we will be victorious and we will create the worst Galactic war in history and then a new age of the Dark Side will be Supreme and we will be in charge of it all!!!”

Then the Sith cheered like crazy for the First Order and they entered the Star Destroyers and the Tribe got what it wanted, it’s greatest desire for 100,000, years. Their freedom from Kesh and to be in the Galaxy to recreate an army worthy of the Dark Side with a group of Dark Siders that was feared in the Galaxy, they were unstoppable.


Later on The High Lords, Otakun and General Hlux were planning the creation of a weapon to destroy the Resistance HQ. Darth Rogue replied, “How about we upgrade a Star Destroyer into a mass weapon that could destroy the New Republic fleets.” Then Hlux got a worse Idea he later said with a grin, “How about we recreate Star Killer Base so we just destroy their base. The Sith Lords grinned and they decided to do that. The Grand Lord then decided to plan the construction immediately and to have the Star Killer base renamed to make the weapon more feared. 

 The construction started as Storm Troopers led by Tyros attacked a moon and started to enslave the people there to mine crystals and to use that moon as the disguise of Star Killer base, which the Grand Lord (who introduced herself as Darth Thai) renamed the Bane Star (because he was a fan of the Sith known as Darth Bane after hearing about what he had done when his tribe was on Kesh and also he admired Palpatine because of him being the first Sith to rule the Galaxy in public and of his Death Star was famous.) At last after 1,000 days the Bane Star was halfway done its construction and was ready to move in orbit.

“All we need now is the cannon and the Sun energy stealer and then will scare them” snickered Hlux, “The Resistance will scream and cower and the New Republic will run away and die!!!!”

Thus started the new alliance between the First Order and The Lost Tribe of Sith. The Galaxy had no idea it was in danger to a predatory attack, because of Chancellor Daala keeping them incompetent and unaware of the movements.

Chapter 4: Feelings and Thoughts about Daala

Grand Master Homeil entered the Jedi temple to meet with the other Jedi masters. The Jedi realized what he was going to talk to them about. Daala’s reaction to the Resistance still being active because of the Padawans and 12 Jedi Knights betraying the order to Luke Skywalker’s Jedi order was the reason of the meeting. Homei then raged, “I can’t believe all of you lost a lot of apprentices and Knights to Skywalker, this is humiliating Daala is going to throw a fit.”

Several masters murmured in fear about this, and then Jedi Master Rago Kane later said, “Look we had too much of our order betraying us to Luke, they admire him because of his ways of the force. They don’t realize that they would end up like the last Jedi order he had.”

Then Master Charney McFuzz later explained, “Look master Homei, Luke knows what the force exactly says and how to keep the balance for peace. Sure he had a bad past as a kid and was foolish, but now he knows how to master the force and keep the balance unlike his father before him.

  “It was all Luke’s fault for moving the HQ of the order; if it weren’t for that massacre then the public wouldn’t make us out as ravaging lunatics that back from the dead planning to destroy our nation. Homei were grateful that you are faking that you are not a Jedi, because if Daala found out about you being a Jedi, she’ll try to locate us and execute us all. Meanwhile Luke left us and created a new Jedi order out of his family and friends and they are now aiding the Resistance. We’re in a crisis here people. So here’s what we do we should kill Luke and his order and that resistance of theirs.”

The masters started whispering in panicky voices about the conversation until Master Homei stamped his foot and yelled; “SILENCE MEN!!!” then everyone shut up and decided to listen. Then a 19 year old skinny and long slender haired boy wearing a black pi coat and boots arrived to the scene aided by New Republic guards. When he arrived the masters panicked and Homei was scared.

Homei later murmured, “Oh my well if it I-isn’t s-s-staff o-o-officer Hunter Khan, I’m sorry sir, but this is an m-matter of importance.”

“Well a matter of Importance huh” snickered Hunter Khan with an evil grin, “I’m sorry Grand Master Homei, but you are under arrest, for infiltrating for trying to build a Jedi Temple and not making a public appearance in time for the First Order’s rise resulting in the death of General Han Solo!!!!”

The New Republic Guards arrived and arrested the Jedi Masters as they were yelling that they were not the scapegoats of Han Solo’s death and the First Order’s rise. They were pleading and yelling we’re sorry. After the commotion, a New republic guard began to speak with Staff Officer Khan, he asked, “Sir should we arrest the Jedi order led by Luke Skywalker and the members of the Resistance.”

Staff Officer Khan later hissed, “No we don’t know if the First Order is still around, we’re not sure if we should take drastic measures about this.” Then he went to the chancellor’s office as the troopers arrested the Jedi to have them carbonated.


In the Office of the Chancellor, Daala had seen; staff officer Hunter Khan arriving with a half-smile walk in her office. Daala asked, “Khan what is it? Why did you barge in my office?” Khan later reported, “Madame, I discovered the Jedi are back, and they are plotting to rebel against you and to kill Luke.”

“WHAT, THEY WANT TO REBEL AGAINST ME AND TO KILL LUKE!!!!” yelled Daala “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS TRUE!!!!? Wait Khan where’s the evidence of them trying to kill Luke?”

Khan later used a recording device and then pressed play and it recorded the part of when Homei giving out the plans to kill Luke, Luke’s Jedi Order and the Resistance. When Daala heard this she boomed, “I WANT THEM IN MY OFFICE NOW, I WANT TO QUESTION THEM TO FIGURE OUT WHO GAVE THEM THOSE IDEAS AND IF THEY ARE REALLY JEDI AS THEY SPEAK!!!”

Khan later asked hastily, “Who do you want to have as their tormenter Madame?” Then Daala later replied, “Summon General McHog, I think he should be the tormenter of the Jedi, If there’s one Military warrior who’s experienced at torture, McHog is that one, get him to bring his worst torture weapons to do the work.”

Khan later replied with a smirk, “Yes Maam” and ran off to get the one known as General McHog.

Chapter 5: Moff Arthur, Thrackan Sal-Solo, the Grand Lord, Kylo Ren and Snoke meet up

          Moff Arthur and Thrackan Sal-Solo, The head of State of Corellia, were talking as Ailyn Vel, Thrackan’s daughter was sitting with them with an attendant. Thrackan just got news of his distant cousin’s death by his own son Kylo Ren.

            Thrackan later said, “Han never told me his son became Kylo Ren of the First Order, and wow Kylo Ren has kids who were born on our world, what info that is I say. So who’s the mother of his triplets?”

            Ailyn replied, “Her name is Maria McCole, She is a kinswoman of mother’s Aunt Reha. She quit serving me as my maid and companion when she reported she was getting married to a Kinsman of a distant cousin of mine. Then I met cousin Ben at Aunt Reha’s dinner gathering with mother.”

            “Well Ailyn?” asked Moff Arthur, “Who’s Kylo Ren’s mother?”

Thrackan later replied, “My wife told me when she and my daughter here returned home, that Ben told us his mother was… Princess Leia Organa!!”  

Their talk was interrupted when a guy with black and red robes arrived with Kylo Ren attended by a guy wearing an Imperial Empire officer’s suit and a silver storm trooper with a red cape flapping as he walked.

Moff Arthur later replied, “Greetings, Master Ren why are you here in our important meeting? Oh right it’s about you so you can come, so I say what have you been doing in the First Order?”

“Me” said Kylo Ren, “I’ve been recruiting an army of Sub-Sith to use as my helping hands with the First Order. This helper is the Grand Lord of the Sith Tribe, Kesh he owned my Sub-Sith helpers, now my helpers have him at my beckoning call with his tribe of Sith, they’re not technically members of the First Order, they’re just helping us.”

Thrackan Sal-Solo then asked, “Kylo who asked you do all of this and told you to interrupt our meeting about you, I demand answers from him at once.”

Then Kylo Ren and Hlux sent up a hologram device and then it showed a bald haired guy with black robes, white thin to the bone hands and a white old looking face that resembled an old guy with a chunk of flesh taken out of him. The Grand Lord, Sal-Solo, Ailyn Vel and Moff Arthur looked with wide eyes of fear at this person.

“Greetings” boomed the guy in a deep rustic voice, “My name is Snoke and I am the supreme leader of the First Order, I am the one who have summoned Kylo Ren here with General Hlux..” as he motioned toward the guy in the Imperial officer’s uniform “..And Captain Phasma...” as he motioned toward the Silver Stormtrooper “My Objective is to subjugate the world under my reign and to be the successor of the one known as Emperor Palpatine and to make my Empire as great as his. Kylo Ren here has joined to be the successor of his Maternal grandfather Darth Vader in when my Empire rules. I heard you, Head of State of Corellia wanted to rebel against the New republic to create a Galactic Alliance to overpower it. If you want your dream come true, then help us destroy the Resistance and we will destroy the New Republic and then give power to you, as long as you obey our supremacy and our rule over the Galaxy.”

Sal-Solo looked at Ailyn Vel and the Prime Minister (Moff Arthur) he later decided “Yes we will as long as you respect our plans to destroy the Resistance.” Snoke smiled and replied, “Good then you will help upgrade our new orbital destroyer which the Grand Lord here renamed the Bane Star.” Thrackan Sal-Solo later replied, “Hey, know what we will help upgrade your ‘Bane Star’, but our own way, but to gain our trust have Captain Phasma here lead some of our people and some Stormtroopers to a New republic weapons facility tonight. Then we will consider this deal true.” Snoke snickered and then he and his four henchmen left the room attended by Moff Arthur and Ailyn Vel.

Chapter 6: The Invasion

Later on Finn had recovered from his injuries from Starkiller base and was ready for Luke’s plan about stopping The First Order. Luke before the plan had got news that the First Order recruited the Lost Tribe of Sith located on Kesh, Luke though they were just a legend of old Dark Side myth, with the Red Sun gang the new gang of Sub-Sith causing the New Republic trouble and worst of all the Corellians also began to be allies the First Order. Luke had sent Poe Dameron, the new Jedi knights in his order Dominic Al-Raku and Alanna De-Lomé who were escapees of the Jedi Order on Chandrilla, Rey, Finn, Anakin II, a couple of Padawans, Chewbaca, C-3PO and R2-D2. They boarded the Millennium Falcon and headed on.

Rey after blasting off asked, “Where’re we headed Dameron, it better not be under power of Daala.” Dameron later replied I know a place where we could get help.” He was later interrupted when Finn and Anakin II told him to suddenly turn. Poe got mad then he realized that there was a New Republic Cruiser with starships surrounding it. They got Luke’s orders not to be seen especially with Alanna and Dominic who betrayed the Jedi Order in the New Republic.

Then a First Order TIE Fighter escorted by Corellian Star Fighters began to shoot down the New Republic Cruiser and Starships and then destroyed them fully. The Millennium Falcon crew after witnessing this did a hyperspace warp to escape the First Order Forces. Then after the Hyperspace warp they ended up on an unknown world. After that Finn asked, “Okay where the heck are we Dameron?” Poe later said, “We’ll I told Luke about a guy who used to be in Hamil’s   


  • Rey 
  • Finn
  • Poe Dameron
  • Anakin Skywalker II
  • Alanna De-Lome (Jedi Knight, Twilek, Female)
  • Domonic Al-Raku (Jedi Knight, Nemodian Male)
  • Luke Skywalker
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