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Episode 1: "Rumors"


Grand Admiral Calvin Vice sat in his new office on the planet Courascant. After not being on the planet for over 2 years, it was a relief to be on Courascant.

Luke Skywalker [Transmission]: "Admiral Vice. I need to speak with you. Can I come to your office?"

Calvin Vice [Transmission]: "Come on in, Master Skywalker."

Moments later, the Jedi entered Vice's office. He was looking older as each day passed.

Luke Skywalker: "Some Jedi Sentinels have been scouting the area, and they've found out about a group of Sith. They call themselves the Lost Tribe of the Sith. We need to go see Daala about it."

Calvin Vice: "Everything's got to go back to good Ol' Chief-of-State Natasi Daala. We should be calling her Chief-of–"

Luke Skywalker: "Yes, we know, Admiral... Now, let's just not complain and get this to our leader, Chief-of-State Natasi Daala."

Calvin Vice: "Alright, Skywalker! Let's go."

The Jedi and Grand Admiral walked down the corridor, and arrived at the elevator. They took the one marked, 'Office of the Chief-of-State.' When they got up to the office, two guards stood by the door.

Calvin Vice: "Urgent message for the Chief-of-State."

The guards stood out of the way, allowing Vice and Skywalker to pass. They entered her office.

Natasi Daala: "What do you want, Sky... Oh, Admiral Vice. What is it that you've come here for?"

Daala's lust for Admiral Vice always creeped him out. Vice had been working with Daala for ages, but it had never been quite this creepy.

Calvin Vice: "Well, your honor, we have an urgent message for you. Jedi Sentinels have heard rumors of a group of Sith. They call themselves the Lost Tribe. We need to call an emergency session of congress to vote for a course of action."

Natasi Daala: "You're right, Admiral."

Daala approached her desk, and contacted the senate building.

Natasi Daala: "I call an emergency session to congress. Schedule it for 4PM."

Daala approached the Jedi and the Admiral with a smile.

Natasi Daala: "Be there at 4, Admiral."

The two left, and headed back to Vice's office. When they arrived, Vice made coffee, and they sat at the lounge in his office.

Calvin Vice: "Did you hear about the gaTOS?"

Luke Skywalker: "The GA's got their own TOS now? When'd they get it?"

Calvin Vice: "Daala had it created without consulting the senate as a whole. She only got a select group of senators to vote, and she put it in motion. Now the gaTOS is going around snooping through people's private business... I myself refuse to have the TOS installed in my estate, my office, or the Alpha & Omega. I don't trust Daala."

Luke Skywalker: "Daala hates me. She's got that Imperial background, and it makes her hate me."

Calvin Vice: "I have an Imperial background, but I don't hate you."

Luke Skywalker: "You're different though. You've got a heart."

Admiral Vice thought that was harsh, but it was true. Every bit of it.

Calvin Vice: "Let me show you something while we're waiting for the senate meeting."

Around 3:55PM, Vice and Skywalker headed towards the senate building. Skywalker wearing his fancy Jedi robe. Vice wore his double-breasted white coat with the golden epaulets on the shoulders, and the fancy, miniature rank insignias on the wrists. The two entered the senate room, and split up, each going to their senate seat.

Calvin Vice: "What'd I miss, darling?"

Paige Lille: "Oh, Calvin. You didn't miss much. All there was was this super fancy opera, but it wasn't very interesting, plus, it was one I've seen multiple times."

Suddenly, Chief-of-State Daala rose from her smaller office in the lower levels of the senate building. Her platform reached the top, and she began to speak.

Natasi Daala: "I've called you all on this beautiful day to inform you of some terrible news. Thanks to Jedi Grand Master, Luke Skywalker's Jedi Sentinels, we've found out about a group of Sith called the Lost Tribe... Now there's no need to be alarmed. We are handling this! In fact, we're here to vote on a course of action against these Sith. Any ideas?"

Ord Mantell GA Senator: "Send the Jedi. Send the whole Skywalker-Solo clan to fight this insurgency."

Correlian GA Senator: "Send Grand Admiral Vice's forces to intercept."

Calvin Vice: "I will be involved in this conflict, but I will not be sending my fleet to unknown space, risking multiple lives."

Kessel GA Senator: "You never said this was in the unknown regions, your honor."

Natasi Daala: "I'm sorry, I'm just concerned too much about our survival that I didn't think to mention where they are suspected to be."

Paige Lille: "I propose that Grand Admiral Calvin Vice, Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Master Jaina Solo, and Knight Kayla Skywalker investigate the ancient Sith territory."

Correlian GA Senator: "I agree. I vote on Senator Lille's proposal!"

Many other senators proclaimed their liking of Paige's proposal. Finally, Daala said something.

Natasi Daala: "Admiral Vice. You, the Skywalker's, and Solo, prepare to leave to the unknown regions."

The senate chambers were filled with applause instantly. Looks like Admiral Vice was getting back on the field.

Episode 2: "The Lost Tribe?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice, Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Kayla Skywalker, and Jaina Solo were in the middle of space, reaching the ancient Sith territory.

Jaina Solo: "Which Sith planet are we visiting first?"

Calvin Vice: "I'm thinking maybe Ziost."

Kayla Skywalker: "What kind of weather do they have there?"

Calvin Vice: "It's basically just winter, all year round."

Kayla Skywalker: "Really? Freezing weather?"

Calvin Vice: "Would you rather visit the desolate, desert rock, Korriban, or the nice, cold planet of Ziost?"

Kayla Skywalker: "What makes one better than the other?"

Calvin Vice: "Well, Korriban is a planet that went through nothing but war, and sure does show it. While Ziost was wiped of all life, it then lost all snow, that came back within the next few hundred years. Basically, now it's a winter wonderland with multiple palaces."

Luke Skywalker: "Alright! Well let's get to Ziost, and quick! The sooner we get to finding these Sith, the better."

Over the next couple of hours, the group were busy searching the planet. Scanning for life, but all they found were animals. How they got there, Admiral Vice questioned.

Calvin Vice: "Nothing. Let's try Drommund Kaas."

Kayla Skywalker: "I thought you said there were only 2 planets?"

Calvin Vice: "I did... but I was lying."

Kayla was surprised, but got over it eventually.

When the group arrived in the atmosphere of Drommund Kaas, they began to scan for life forms.

Luke Skywalker: "I feel the dark side of the force here stronger than I have anywhere else. This planet probably is where the ancient spirits of the Sith hold their most valuable pawns."

Everyone looked over to Skywalker as if he was insane.

Luke Skywalker: "It's a thing I heard about. There are ancient Sith spirits here that hold the spiritual vessel of their most valuable pawns. They'll preserve these bodies, and Sith Lords would come to Drommund Kass to resurrect one or more of these ancient people."

Calvin Vice: "Well, I'm not detecting real, living life forms on Drommund Kaas, so let's move on to Korriban."

When they reached Korriban after going through hyperspace, Kayla was surprised at the state of the planet.

Kayla Skywalker: "Wow! This place really was destroyed by war!"

Calvin Vice: "Yeah! Well, let's scan for life forms."

Vice scanned for life forms as he ran his ship through the atmosphere of the planet. He detected no life forms.

Calvin Vice: "If they aren't hiding on Sith planets, then where–"

The life detection machine began to beep more than a R rated movie. Vice flew the ship down to the old Sith temple. Outside stood multiple Sith Lords. They knew there were Jedi aboard. Admiral Vice exited the ship.

Lost Tribe Sith: "There are Jedi aboard your vessel. We must kill them!"

Vice shot at the Sith, and ran back inside the vessel. He had successfully killed the Sith off. He closed the door, and ran back towards the cockpit. He flew off, and fired at the temple, pieces came falling down, but no real damage was done to it.

Calvin Vice: "Well now we know they exist, and they're on Korriban."

Episode 3: "Lost Tribe, Found"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice exited his office after plotting the Sith planets on his star map. They had finally arrived on the planet of Courascant. They went on their way to Daala's office.

Calvin Vice: "Once we're done with this meeting, you Jedi can go back to your temple. I've got business I need to take care of."

The Jedi nodded. When they arrived at Daala's office, the elite senate guard stood at her door with lightsaber pikes.

Luke Skywalker: "You aren't authorized to carry one of those, Captain!"

Captain Ryan Tlex: "I'm sorry, Skywalker, but Chief-of-State Daala's choices are law. Us elite are permitted to carry around these pikes."

Vice thought about his personal Knights. Most of his Knights were clones of a Vice's son, Marcus. Others were crew members that served under Vice during the Galactic Civil War, the Thrawn Crisis, and everything leading up to his time serving the Correlian government. Most of the older men were commanders.

Calvin Vice: "Alright, Tlex! You're letting us in! Daala won't mind my appearance, but the Jedi, she won't.... Now let me in."

Tlex, the young, muscular senate guard stood out of the way of the Admiral. Vice nodded in thanks, and progressed into Daala's office.

Natasi Daala: "Admiral? I trust your trip to the Sith worlds were... enlightening."

Calvin Vice: "If you consider getting lightsabers thrown at your ship, cutting countless valuable parts of my ship, enlightening, be my guest."

Natasi Daala: "You actually found the Lost Tribe? They're real?"

Calvin Vice: "Very real! Real enough to attempt to kill me just 'cause I was carrying a few Jedi."

NatasI Daala: "Time to inform congress! I'll schedule the meeting."

Daala pressed the buzzer on her desk.

Daala's GA Receptionist: "Yes, your honor?"

Natasi Daala: "Put me on with the Speaker of the Senate."

Seconds later, Daala was patched in with the Speaker of the Senate, Albert Powell, Jr.

Albert Powell, Jr.: "Greetings, your honor. What is it that you want?"

Natasi Daala: "Admiral Vice returned, and he gave me the news. I need to schedule an emergency session again. Can you prepare it for me?"

Albert Powell, Jr.: "Will do, ma'am!"

Vice left the office, and headed towards the estate of Senator Paige Lille. When Admiral Vice arrived, he entered the estate, encountering more senate guards wielding lightsaber pikes.

After waiting a few minutes for Paige, she came into the entry hall with another Senator. When he left, she came in front of Vice, face-to-face with her hands on her hips.

Paige Lille: "Calvin Silas Vice. What are you doing here?"

Calvin Vice: "The Silas stuff, err... no!"

Paige Lille: "Your father, Calvin, was a great man! He did so many great things for Correlia–"

Calvin Vice: "What did he do? All he did was comply with the Emperor's tyrannical ideals, and brought poverty to the people of Correlia."

Paige Lille: "You sided with that Emperor. You joined him, and were loyal to him! When he died, you went to Thrawn! The Chiss that was Palpatine's personal favorite! His Unknown Regions pawn."

Vice sat back down. Arguing with Paige was something he needed to end.

Calvin Vice: "This bickering is pointless, Paige.... I've got something to tell you though."

Paige Lille: "What?"

Calvin Vice: "The Lost Tribe exists! They're real, and they almost took my life."

Paige sat down next to Vice, she had her hand over her heart.

Paige Lille: "What do we do about it?"

Calvin Vice: "Daala has called an emergency meeting to congress. Let's check the news. It should be on now."

The two lovers entered Paige's massive living room. Vice turned on the holo-vision, and turned to the GA Intergalactic News Network (GAINN).

GAINN Talk-Show Host: "Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 16th hour of the day, and you're here with Brian. Today, Grand Admiral Calvin Vice returns with the group of Jedi he was assigned with a few days ago, and reported to Chief-of-State Natasi Daala moments ago on the issue. Her reaction: she's personally hosting another emergency session of congress on the topic around 1900."

Vice paused the program. He looked over to Paige.

Paige Lille: "There's our answer! Now I need to get prepared within a couple hours."

Paige left, and Vice resumed the program.

GAINN Talk-Show Host: "Breaking News: We have reports from GA agents scouting the planet of Kesh that there is a strong dark-side presence on the planet. The Jedi Master in charge of the Kesh revival program (KRP), says, and I quote, 'Every time I get closer to the ancient temple, I feel its presence. It's always saying something like 'Luke!' and I thought about Master Skywalker. I think I need some mental therapy.' Well, Master Ke'Püs has been taken back to Courascant to the Jedi temple for counseling."

Calvin Vice: "Paige!"

Paige Lille: "Yes?"

Calvin Vice: "The Jedi Master leading the KRP claims to feel a strong dark-side presence on Kesh. He says it's saying, 'Luke'."

Paige seemed interested from what Calvin could see from the mirror as she was doing her hair.

Paige Lille: "You need to go get ready for the session, Calvin. Meet me at the senate building 10 minutes before we start."

Vice left Paige's estate, and headed towards his. When he arrived, he looked through his wardrobe. Inside, he had multiple Imperial Officer uniforms, his fancy double-breasted coat, his overcoat, and his armor.

He stripped, then put on clean undergarments, and a clean uniform. He dressed in his grey officers uniform, and grabbed his overcoat. He added the epaulets, and rank insignia, then headed out the door.

When Vice arrived at the senate building, he noticed GAINN, everywhere. The media network designed by Daala was suspected to be a diabolic plan to control the media, as well as the whole system. Vice simply ignored them, and kept his Knights, whom were wearing their fancy uniforms, close to him.

The Knights stood outside, along with the senate guards when Admiral Vice entered his senate chair where Paige was.

Paige Lille: "You're a little late."

Calvin Vice: "Eight 'till is not late, Paige. It's just a couple minutes."

Suddenly, an opera began. It was one that Vice had not yet seen. He enjoyed operas, and always had. Ever since his father hooked him on them, well, when his father was around. When the opera ended, Daala rose from the office below, and spoke into the microphone.

Natasi Daala: "Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, you all know why we've gathered."

Correlian GA Senator: "Admiral Vice, tell us of the Lost Tribe! They are real, we know it. All of us."

Vice stepped forward, releasing the seat from it's pod, and now hovering out in the area. 

Calvin Vice: "While in the Sith territory, I and the Jedi Masters I worked with encountered the Lost Tribe. It was on ther Homeworld, Korriban, that I had a short confrontation with them. They threw their lightsabers at me, and damaged my vessel. We now need to take a course of action against these Sith, and do it precisely, and accurately."

Applause thundered throughout the room. Not a single Senator sat in their chair, but each one applauded.

Calvin Vice: "In fact, on the GA Intergalactic News Network a couple hours ago, I heard a story about a Jedi Master who was in charge of the Kesh Revival Program that felt the presence of the dark-side fill the planet. He claims to have heard it cry our, 'Luke.'"

The audience seemed intrigued. Even the senate guards were poking their heads through the doors.

Natasi Daala: "Who offers a course of action?"

Tattoine GA Senator: "Send the Jedi to investigate. They're supposed to be experts in exterminating Sith threats, so send them!"

Ord Mantell GA Senator: "Yeah, send the Jedi."

Natasi Daala: "Cast your votes through the tablet in our chair."

The votes came racking through. Each second, you could hear the small ping that Daala got at her seat.

Natasi Daala: "Alright! Our results are in.... We are sending the Jedi to Kesh to investigate."

Luke Skywalker suddenly entered and released his seat from the pod.

Luke Skywalker: "I and my son, Ben Skywalker, will personally hunt down this dark being."

Natasi Daala: "So be it! Case closed!"

Episode 4: "Abeloth"

Luke Skywalker sat in his meditation chambers in the Jedi Temple. For hours, he was meditating on the location of the dark-side spirit.

Unknown: "Luke!"

Skywalker jumped out of his chair. 

Luke Skywalker: "Come out, dark-side spirit! I must speak with you."

Unknown: "If you wish to speak with the great-and-mighty Abeloth, you must come to Kesh."

Luke Skywalker: "Your name is Abeloth? Abeloth, tell me–"

Abeloth: "Come to Kesh, Master Jedi."


Grand Admiral Calvin Vice sat in his estate, watching GA Intergalactic Business Network (GAIBN). They were talking about the gaTOS. Paige entered his estate. She was escorted by some of Vice's Knights.

Paige Lille: "That gaTOS is a scan designed by Natasi Daala just to spy on the Jedi. She hates them!"

Calvin Vice: "Well it's great to see you, Paige."

Skywalker stormed into his living room, Knights were following him.

Luke Skywalker: "The dark-side presence on Kesh, is a dark-side entity named Abeloth! She spoke to me personally during my meditation session. It's time for me to head to Kesh."

Calvin Vice: "Woah, woah, woah! Hold on, Skywalker. You've learned of it's name?"

Skywalker nodded, and left the estate with a few credits that Vice had sitting around.

Cavin Vice: "Keep the credits, and take the smaller shuttle on the roof."

Luke reentered the room.

Luke Skywalker: "Actually, Admiral. I need to go to the Jedi Council. Would you mind coming with me?"

Vice nodded, and they went towards his garage. Paige followed behind. When they arrived, they stormed toward the council chambers.

Jedi Councilman: "Grand Master Skywalker? What has brought you to storm into the council chambers like you have?"

Luke Skywalker: "The dark-side presence, it's got a name. It's Abeloth. I encountered it in my meditation time. She told me to get answers, I need to go to Kesh."

Jaina Solo: "Go then, Uncle Luke. You and Ben head towards Kesh like you said you would in the emergency session."

Ben Skywalker: "Let's go, Father."

The two Skywalkers left the room, and headed towards Skywalker's shuttle.

Jaina Solo: "Dispatch some of your Knights to Kesh, Admiral. Make sure they watch out for my Uncle, and Cousin."

Vice nodded, and left the room with Paige. When they arrived back at Vice's estate, they were both worried for the Jedi on their quest to find the dark-side entity, Abeloth.

Episode 5: "Plot Against Abeloth"

Days later, after the Skywalker's return from Kesh, they began to plot against Abeloth. Admiral Vice, Paige Lille, Kayla Skywalker, Rex Tillman, and the Jedi Council (which consists of the following: Luke Skywalker, Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo, and 9 others) were apart of the group against Abeloth.

Jaina Solo: "So from what Ben says, Abeloth is a powerful dark-side entity. She happens to be so powerful, that even Ben is convinced that Uncle Luke couldn't face her. So we need a plan. This group was made to exterminate Abeloth. Make sure that this doesn't reach the Chief-of-State! That's an order directly from Uncle Luke."

Jedi Councilman: "Understood, Master Solo. Now, Admiral Vice, your military expertise wil be useful in our efforts against Abeloth. Any ideas, Admiral?"

Vice pulled his cap off, and straightened his tunic. He stood strongly, and boldy.

Calvin Vice: "Alright! So, Master Skywalker says that Abeloth is inside the native temple of Kesh. My Knights mapped out the territory, and now I have the ability to conceive my battle plan."

Vice uploaded his map into the holographic device. Suddenly the lights dimmed, and the map of the temple appeared in holographic form.

Over the next few hours, the group planned and planned for hours. It wasn't until about 2 hours into the meeting when Luke Skywalker finally occured. When it came time to end the meeting, Vice said his goodbyes, and headed back to his estate with Paige.

Paige Lille:  "You've gotten better at battle planning, Calvin! I sure can tell Thrawn's influence in your life! His strategies show through you. You now observe, and come prepared, instead of just striking the planet wildly. Wasting military resources."

Calvin Vice: "Thank you, Paige. I would like to see you get back into the grove of military planning. Colonel Lille."

Paige Lille Vice was formerly a Colonel for the Imperial Army. She was originally planning to join the Navy, but was put into the Army under the will of Governor Tarkin.

Paige Lille: "I don't want to get back into the grove of military planning. And I'm no longer Colonel Lille! I serve no military, and I reluctantly serve the Chief-of-State."

Vice and Paige continued their conversation for a couple hours, until Vice was called to come to Daala's office. Upon arrival, Vice noticed Luke Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker: "Let's go, Admiral."

The two entered the Chief-of-State's office, and were greeted by Daala's elite guard. Now in more expensive uniforms, and weapons. Skywalker wasn't happy one bit.

Daala approached the two

Natasi Daala: "Grand Admiral Calvin Vice. Grand Master Luke Skywalker. I have heard rumors from GA spies that you two, Senator Paige Lille, Director Rex Tillman, and the Jedi Council have created a secret organization in an effort to destroy the dark-side presence."

Calvin Vice: "The plans of the Jedi are against your rule, your honor."

Daala looked at Vice like he was ignorant.

Natasi Daala: "But you, Senator Lille, and Director Tillman are all my responsibilities. Plus, the Jedi have sided with the GA, so I have the ability to remove them from their senate seat."

Vice was enraged, but quickly regained composure. He removed his cap, and set it on the table next to him.

Calvin Vice: "Your honor, I would like to ask you. Why are you against any effort to keep your people safe. Even if it was a plan conceived by the Jedi, that doesn't mean you have to hate it!"

Daala's eyes stared deep into Vice's. She waved her hand, and the two were quickly escorted from the room. They left to their homes. Vice, upon arrival at his home, removed his epaulets, rank insignia, belt, and tunic. He began to plot against Abeloth.

Episode 6: "It's Time for Abeloth's End!"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice was sitting in his estate, preparing for his, and Luke and Ben Skywalker's trip to Kesh. Vice removed his epaulets and rank insignia, then put his armor on, and applied the epaulets, and insignia to it. He then applied his own hand crafted shin, forearm, and shoulder guards.

Walking out the door, Vice requested that his Knights come with him. They got prepared quickly, and all headed towards the Jedi Temple. When they arrived in the hangar, the Skywalkers were waiting for them.

Luke Skywalker: "You ready to go, Admiral? I see you've brought your crew. They might be useful in this effort. Now let's get going."

They entered the ship, and were aboard the Skywalker vessel for a few hours. Upon arrival on Kesh, Ben Skywalker began to flirt with one of Vice's personally recruited Knights.

Calvin Vice: "Hey, Mr. Loverboy! Quit chattin' with Katie. She's got a job to do, and so do you."

Luke Skywalker seemed humored, along with some of the Commanders of Vice's Knights. Vice moved on, and pulled out his map. He had already formed the plans, and began to review them.

Calvin Vice: "Temple's that way. Alright, Class III Knights, activate your shields, and form the flying wedge formation. Class II Knights, activate your plasma blades, and back-shields, and stand behind the Class III Knights. Class I, you'll head into the wedge with the rest of us. Now, remaining Class II Knights, fill in the wedge."

The Knights quickly obeyed, and Ben seemed impressed with their obedience skills, and formation skills. They entered into the temple. The sounds became so loud after a certain period of time, that Vice could now clearly understand what Abeloth was saying.

Abeloth: "Master Jedi? Luke Skywalker? You've come to my place, betraying my trust."

Luke Skywalker: "How have I betrayed your trust, Abeloth? I do not understand."

Abeloth: "You have brought your offspring, and your military companion. I do not trust them. Make them leave, or be destroyed."

The group continued on. Abeloth remained quiet for the next few minutes. Suddenly, a young woman came running down, with terror in her eyes.

Calvin Vice: "Woah! Who are you? What are you doing?"

Young Woman: "My name is Chloe O'Reilly. I'm running from this horrible creature I saw. It kept crying out the name Luke. I did not understand. But now that I see the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, I understand."

Calvin Vice: "You guys stay behind. Me, and the Skywalkers are going to follow Ms. O'Reilly."

The Knights instantly formed into a wall, blocking the path past their location.

Vice, and his Jedi companions began following Chloe O'Reilly in search of Abeloth. For minutes, she did not speak, but she became more pale as they continued. At a certain point, her head rotated 180o as she looked straight into the Jedi's eyes.

Chloe O'Reilly: "Échla, Héchü Yedé!!!"

Vice did not identify the language. He knew every language in galactic history, but not this one. Suddenly, the woman's statement echoed in Galactic Basic, "Die, Master Jedi!"

The woman formed her arms into lightsabers. The Jedi sparked theirs, and Vice sparked his plasma blade. The fight began. Vice impressed himself as he fought what apparently was the most powerful being in the galaxy. Vice used his Mandalorian wrist tool to shield himself, and push Abeloth away with supersonic technology.

After countless hours of fighting, Skywalker finally had the perfect moment to slash through the possessed being that was Chloe O'Reilly. When Skywalker's lightsaber slashed through her abdomen, her arms returned to what they used to be, and she regained color.

Abeloth: "You have succeeded, and you are worthy adversaries."

Chloe rose up, hers eyes transforming back to her standard color.

Chloe O'Reilly: "Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker? Jedi Master Ben Skywalker? Grand Admiral Calvin Vice? Am I dreaming?"

Vice regained composure.

Calvin Vice: "Oh I wish you were, darling!"

Chloe O'Reilly: "What do you mean, Admiral?"

Calvin Vice: "You were possessed by a dark-side entity named Abeloth. She used you to draw us to her, and attempt to kill you."

Chloe was surprised. Her eyes widened. Skywalker stepped forward, and touched her forehead. He closed his eyes, and sat there for a couple of minutes. Chloe was disturbed a little.

Luke Skywalker: "This being is strong in the force! I think we should bring her back to Courascant, and train her to become a Jedi."

Chloe's face lit up. She was as happy as could be.

Finally, after a few hours, they returned to the group, and with the group, they returned to the Skywalker's shuttle. They headed back to Courascant, and dropped Chloe, Vice, and his Knights off. The search for Abeloth was to continue.

Episode 7: "Lost Tribe Origins"

After returning from Kesh, Vice, his Knights, and Chloe O'Reilly were dropped off at the Jedi Temple. Vice and his Knights approached their vessel.

Chloe O'Reilly: "But Admiral Vice, what should I do?"

Vice looked at his commander. He obediently nodded, and approached Chloe. He guided her to the council chambers. Vice headed back towards his estate.

Upon arrival, he called Kayla Skywalker, and Rex Tillman. When they arrived, they headed off to the Alpha & Omega. Their next stop was Korriban to see if they can find Abeloth there.

Rex Tillman: "You really wanting to take this risk again, Calvin? Last time we did this, lightsabers tore through your ship."

Calvin Vice: "But last time we didn't have the Alpha & Omega. This time, we're a force to reckon with.... Now, I'll tell you this, Rex. The whole crew of my ship are loyal to me. They do not serve Natasi Daala. These are either original crewmen for me during the Galactic Civil War, or clones of a mandalorian I admire strongly."

Tillman was a supporter of cloning, as he had proven in past conversations with Admiral Vice, so he seemed intrigued.

When they finally arrived at Korriban, Vice commanded a lifeform scan. They scanned only one lifeform. Vice knew him, Kayla, Rex, and his Knights could handle just one.

Calvin Vice: "We're just going to go down in my vessel, so stay up here in orbit, Captain Jackson."

The Captain nodded, and continued his work on star-cruiser.

Vice left to the surface with the Jedi, the Knights, and Rex. When they arrived, the got into a defensive formation, and marched into the temple. It seemed abandoned.

Vice could hear the screams of multiple Sith Lords of the past. He could even hear Abeloth's words clouding his mind. Although why, he did not know.

After hours of investigation, they encountered thousands of different dead corpses, and tombs. He even encountered still-in-tact structures that looked like they'd be a perfect base. Admiral Vice assumed that's what the Lost Tribe did.

Unknown: "You comes into my remote sanctuary?"

The guards activated their plasma blades, and the Jedi their lightsabers. Vice followed the crowd, and sparked his blade.

Unknown: "A Jedi... and her government gimps."

The being jumped down, what appeared to be his cane, thudded the ground. The sound echoed to what sounded like a few miles away. As the being got closer, the Knights were getting more defensive. When he got closer, you could see his wooden legs, and arm. His prosthetics appeared hand-crafted.

Calvin Vice: "Who are you?"

Unknown: "I go by many names, but you can call me... Ancient Artifact."

Episode 8: "Ancient Artifact"

While searching through the various temples of Korriban, Admiral Vice and his crew encountered an old man who calls himself, Ancient Artifact.

Rex Tillman: "Who are you, really? What kind of name is 'Ancient Artifact?'"

Ancient Artifact seemed bugged by the question. You couldn't tell under his hand-crafted mask, but his only flesh hand gripping the cane with the medal top, and wooden bottom gave the hint.

Ancient Artifact: "Interesting you say that, Agent.... Now, what is it that you're here for?"

Calvin Vice: "We're looking for Abeloth."

Ancient Artifact dropped his cane, and dropped to the floor, grabbing his chest.

Ancient Artifact: "Abeloth is a powerful being, but she scares me! Her emense strength have brought many to death. She is powerful, and I have limited fears. Abeloth is the most severe."

Ancient Artifact grabbed his cane, and pulled himself back up. He stared into Vice's eyes.

Calvin Vice: "What do you know about Abeloth, 'Ancient Artifact?'"

Ancient Artifact: "I will tell you everything I know, but only for your safety, Admiral."

Over the next couple of hours, Ancient Artifact spoke with Admiral Vice about Abeloth, the Lost Tribe, and the Sith as a whole.

When they finished, the group left Ancient Artifact with a large crate of food, and water supply, then left the planet of Korriban, and headed back to Courascant.

Rex Tillman: "Skywalker might want to know some of the stuff that that 'Ancient Artifact' guy shared."

Calvin Vice: "He will, but in the mean time, let's just worry about getting back to Courscant. Then I'll tell Skywalker."

Vice left the bridge, and entered his office. He began to observe the stars as he thought about Ancient Artifact, and Abeloth.

Episode 9: "Abeloth's End Pt. 1"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice was sitting in his office, reviewing the gaTOS policies. As far as he had reviewed, it was joke.

Vice, in his boredom, turned his television on, and began to listen.

GAINN Talk-Show Host: "Chief-of-State Natasi Daala disagrees with the Jedi's desision to chase after the dark-side entity, but the Grand Master ignored her statement made in a previous press-conference..."

The talk show host continued for a few minutes, ranting about Daala's disagreement with the Jedi. Finally, the man began to talk about something interesting.

GAINN Talk-Show Host: "Grand Master Luke Skywalker, and his son, Ben Skywalker, have begun their search across the galaxy for the entity. Reports will be coming in from the Jedi's senatorial representative in the next session of congress."

Vice switched the channel over to the business network. He began to listen to the GAIBN host about gaTOS information.

Over the next few hours, Vice sat in peace, planning, until Natasi Daala illegally entered his estate.

Natasi Daala: "You've got ties with the Jedi. You're a good friend of Skywalker. Tell me where he is, now!"

Calvin Vice: "I am very sorry to tell you this, your honor, but I am not aware of the location of the Skywalkers. As far as I am concerned, I'm not supposed to know. Reason I don't know, Daala, is just for the reason that you'd come into my estate, and interrogate me."

Natasi Daala: "I'm not convinced, Vice. Tell me–"

Calvin Vice: "Luke Skywalker is a smarter man than you give him credit for. He wouldn't tell me where he was going, so you wouldn't know. In fact, I didn't know he was going until I heard it on the news."

Daala was 50% convinced, and 50% not. She stormed out of the room, and Vice heard a large thud from the door when she slammed it as hard as she could.

After a couple of hours, Vice prepared for the senate meeting, and headed down to the hall, wearing his armored uniform. He had his elite guards with him. As he strolled down the corridors of the senate building, others looked at him nervously.

Vice stepped into his senate chair with Paige and her guards aboard. He released the seat from the pod, and floated out towards the middle. The holographic technology playing the video, detected the senate chair, and deactivated.

Calvin Vice: "People of the Galactic Alliance Senate, I come to you with valuable information about our Chief-of-State, Natasi Daala.... She busted into my home, violently searching for Luke and Ben Skywalker. She interrogated me, attempting to end my life.... Now answer me this: do you trust your Chief-of-State?"

Vice heard multiple people saying, 'Bull!' at the same time. He played a recording. People seemed intrigued.

Daala came from the ground. Many were expecting the Senate Speaker, but in her rage, Daala showed up.

Natasi Daala: "The safety of our everyday lives is important, Admiral Vice. I come looking for Skywalker so I can support him with military might."

Calvin Vice: "Last I checked, your honor, the Grand General and I are in charge of the military. We call the shots, especially in my ship. None of my crew members serve you, Daala. They refuse to follow you in your criminal-like ways."

Natasi Daala: "You, or your men are not worthy of the title of GA Navy Seal!"

Calvin Vice: "None of these people would vote me out of my place. Each and every one of them are aware of my military briliance. They know that I am the key to the door of victory in this conflict."

Natasi Daala: "With or without your support, Admiral, I will bring matters into my own hands! I will find Skywalker, and I will destroy the entity! Today, we have a problem. But tomorrow, we will be problem free!"

Many Senators clapped, but the ones with common sense did not. Daala was now becoming an Emperor Palpatine. It was only a matter of time.

Episode 10: "Abeloth's End Pt. 2"

Chief-of-State Natasi Daala walked herself down personally to her shuttle, leaving to the capital ship of the GA Navy, the Alpha & Omega.

Vice patched in fleet.

Calvin Vice: "Attention all GA ships. Do not let Natasi Daala into your vessel, I repeat, do not let Natasi Daala into your vessel!"

Vice chased Daala in his own ship. As she got closer to the ship, the guns were pointed towards her vessel. Vice passed right on, and into the ship. When inside, he approached the bridge, and contacted Daala.

Calvin Vice: "Chief-of-State Natasi Daala. You have no power over my fleet. I am a Galactic Alliance Grand Admiral, I serve my alliance, and the ideals of its constitution. You, however, have broken away from the ideals of the true alliance. You now are becoming more and more like Tarkin! This is not the Empire. I am not a mere servant. You are not welcome here."

He closed his transmission, and looked towards the bridge control center.

Calvin Vice: "Activate Gravity welds! Keep her from leaving. Oh yes, and begin a planetary blockade system. No man or woman may leave the planet."

Vice went to his office, and patched into the GAINN network.

Calvin Vice: "Hello, people of the Galactic Alliance. I bring another urgent message to you. Our Chief-of-State, Natasi Daala, has gone mad! She is now resisting the GA fleet, and attempting to hunt down and assassinate Grand Master Luke Skywalker of the Jedi Order. Our Chief-of-State, the one who swore on her inauguration that she would protect the rights of the GA Constituion, is now breaking every one of of those rules. I have given you the truth, do what you will with it."

Vice went to the bridge planning room, and called Rex Tillman and Kayla Skywalker to carefully come to the Alpha & Omega. He warned them of the blockade.

Calvin Vice: "Star Cruiser Kript, enforce your security to the highest level, and allow Daala to enter your ship. I will be sending some of my Knights to join you on the vessel. Don't let her on until they've arrived."

The Knights arrived, and Daala followed the bait. Minutes later, Vice got confirmation from the Admiral of the Kript. Kayla and Rex arrived. They went to bridge planning. He also had Captain Jackson, Paige, and Colonel Frasier of the GA military.

Calvin Vice: "Welcome everyone to the Alpha & Omega. I trust that your visit from your previous location was ok."

Each person nodded.

Colonel Frasier: "It would be nice, Admiral, if we didn't have to worry about planetary control."

Calvin Vice: "I understand completly, Colonel.... Now we need to review our plan to keep Daala in line for the next couple of days until Skywalker's return. Now, Kayla, do you know where Skywalker is?"

Kayla Skywalker: "Grandpa Luke is at these coordinates. I do not know the name of the planet though."

Kayla uploaded the planet, and Vice observed it for a couple of moments.

Calvin Vice: "It's Drommund Kaas. The capital of the old Sith Empire. We visited there once when we were searching for the Lost Tribe."

Kayla had the look on her face that said, 'Oh yeah.'

For the next few hours, the group planned their ideas, and were tasked with different things. Checking group control, the Kript, fleet systems, control system of Alpha & Omega, and a few other things.

Vice, looking out the window of the bridge, noticed the Kript moving out of place.

Calvin Vice: "Admiral, move back to your coordinates. We will fire upon you if we must."

Natasi Daala: "Good luck, Vice. I know where Skywalker is, and I've hacked into the system. Your gravity locks are useless! Goodbye!"

The ship went off into hyperspace. Vice smashed the allcall button.

Calvin Vice: "Warning! Daala has escaped in the Kript. All vessels stay in place while the Alpha & Omega goes to follow Daala."

The Alpha & Omega went into hyperspace. The flashing light that comes with entering hyperspace blinded Vice for a half second. When they arrived, Vice contacted Luke.

Luke Skywalker: "What is the fleet doing here, Admiral?"

Calvin Vice: "Natasi Daala is on to you. She is like a hawk. She stole one of my ships from the fleet, and is here to help you kill Abeloth."

Luke Skywalker: "I'm sorry, Admiral. But Abeloth's already dead."

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