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Space was blanket and empty, yet the stars added a touch of elegance. Space always astounded Admiral Calvin Vice--he would spend his free-time staring outside the window of his office on the Alpha & Omega.

Receptionist: “Excuse me, Admiral Vice. Master Luke Skywalker is here to see you, sir.”

Calvin Vice: “Send him in.”

As the office doors made their traditional hiss, two Jedi entered the office.

Luke Skywalker: “Admiral Vice, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Skywalker offered Vice a handshake--Vice accepted.

Calvin Vice: “Who is this young woman? A new apprentice, perhaps?”

Luke Skywalker: “My granddaughter. I did, however, oversee her training while she was a Padawan.”

Vice let out a slight grunt as he motioned to return to his office chair. As he took his seat, the Jedi followed. He looked Luke Skywalker in the eye.

Calvin Vice: “What brings you here, Master Skywalker?”

Luke Skywalker: “A little birdie told me you’re bored of sitting in a ship--that you want to get out and do something.”

Calvin Vice (chuckling): “And who told you that?”

Luke Skywalker: “Alton Parker.”

Alton Parker--the young, questionably prestigious Grand Admiral, who had risen to power rather quickly, was forty years Calvin Vice’s junior. Vice had battle experience and tactical expertise that intergalactic military forces would beg to have at their fingertips; Parker had little-to-no experience. He was placed in his position upon the will of Jacen Solo (a.k.a. Darth Caedus) before the split of the Galactic Alliance.

Calvin Vice: “I wouldn’t value Alton Parker’s words if I were you, Master Skywalker. His IQ is equal to the amount of teeth in his mouth, which isn’t that many, considering his raising on Nar Shaddaa.”

Luke Skywalker: “You’ve vocalized your disposition multiple times, Admiral.”

The room remained quiet for several moments.

Kayla Skywalker (leaning forward): “Admiral, would you please listen to what we have to say?”

Calvin Vice released himself from his star-gazing to look at the young Jedi. He smiled.

Calvin Vice: “Alright. What is your field-job offer, Master Skywalker? Whether or not I follow through with it depends on how ludicrous it truly is.”

Luke Skywalker: “We need a group of three to enter into Darth Caedus’ flagship, the Anakin Solo, and steal their information. Once it’s taken, we need it’s destruction. On the vessel is the battle plans of the Galactic Alliance, and the schematics to the Anakin Solo. Since you know G.A. vessels better than anyone in the Alliance-in-Exile, we figured it’s best that you lead the mission.”

Calvin Vice: “What makes you think that our efforts to rebuild the Galactic Alliance won’t end in vain? I mean, look at what happened with the New Republic. We worked all too hard to create and mold a simple semblance of the Old Republic to watch it crumble between our fingertips because of one simple war.”

Luke Skywalker: “That’s where the concept of hope enters, Admiral.”

Calvin Vice (scoffing): “Hope is something you cannot always rely on, Master Skywalker. Hope is just something we put in front of our eyes to try to block off the sight that is reality. I prefer to be realistic.”

Luke Skywalker: “So what you’re saying is you’re fighting a war that you don’t believe in?”

Calvin Vice (smirking): “I know my statements make it seem like your accusation is true, but I suggest you not take my pessimism as a lack of confidence.”

Luke Skywalker: “Will you accept the mission?”

Calvin Vice: “For the sake of the Galactic Alliance--for the future of the galaxy--I will accept.”

Luke Skywalker: “We need to head the Supernova. You’ll be briefed there.”



The Supernova’s massive hangar was captivating to first-time visitors. The architecture was brilliantly designed to reflect the appearance of the Executor, Darth Vader’s personal Super-Star-Destroyer. When Admiral Vice joined the Galactic Alliance, he brought with him his Imperial Database the architectural schematics of the Executor.

As the private shuttle entered the hangar, Kayla Skywalker’s eyes glistened--she became subject to the utter awe and captivation of the Supernova.

Alton Parker: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Luke Skywalker and his beautiful granddaughter.”

The Grand Admiral paused as he noticed Calvin Vice emerge from the shuttle.

Alton Parker: “Yes, and Admiral Vice. It’s a pleasure to see you once again.”

Calvin Vice: “Don’t even try with the small talk, Parker. I don’t like you; you don’t like me. Nothing new.”

Luke Skywalker: “I don’t want to hear your arguments. Admiral Parker, where was the G.A. vessel parked?”

Alton Parker: “It’s in Hangar Three, Master Skywalker.”

The Jedi nodded in thanks. Admiral Vice and Kayla Skywalker followed him toward the hangar.

Kayla Skywalker: “You seem to have a strong hatred for the Grand Admiral, Admiral Vice.”

Calvin Vice (chuckling): “Excellent observation skills, young Jedi.”

Kayla Skywalker: “Why do you not like him? He seems to be a very personable guy.”

Calvin Vice: “He seems personable to you ‘cause he’s flirting with you. I can see it--his eyes start to sparkle like Kyber crystals.”

Kayla blushed.

Calvin Vice: “I don’t like him because I can’t find it in myself to respect him. He’s done nothing but degrade people of due respect in this Navy, as well as thrown my years of progress in this Alliance down the drain. You’ll soon learn that--once you’ve built something yourself from the ground up--how much you appreciate your own hard work.”

Luke Skywalker: “Ah, this is Hangar Three. The stolen vessel is right here.”

Admiral Vice looked at the vessel--it was a normal carrier ship used to transport Galactic Senators and officials.

Calvin Vice: “This thing doesn’t have any weapons. What the hell is this, Skywalker? You must be expecting this job to be 100% clear of danger.”

Luke Skywalker: “The odds have been weighed--I’m confident that you won’t have any space battles, if any battles at all.”

Calvin Vice: “You must’ve been under-the-influence when you weighed those odds. Everyone in the Anakin Solo knows what I look like. Disguise or no disguise, if they take a good enough look, they’ll know who I am."

Luke Skywalker: “You won’t have to worry about looking like Calvin Vice, Admiral. We’ve got our hands on a little something to help you with a disguise.”

Calvin Vice: “And what would that be?”

Master Skywalker pulled out a piece of technology from a box inside the vessel. He handed it to Admiral Vice.

Luke Skywalker: “You attach this device to the back of your neck, tap it a couple of times, and it’ll make you look like whoever you want to look like. We’ve already registered the people you’re meant to act as in the pieces--you’re ready to go.”

Admiral Vice’s face expressed his intrigue.

Calvin Vice: “Impressive. So what’s the assignment?”

The Jedi pulled out an artifact and held it in the air.

Luke Skywalker: “This artifact is what the agents we caught in this vessel were looking for. When you get to the Anakin Solo, you’re planned to give this artifact directly to Caedus himself. You’ll use those microchips, as well as wear these outfits. Admiral Vice, you’ll be acting as Admiral Paul Willow. Kayla, you’ve got Captain Kimberly Brown--the assistant to Admiral Willow. The third guy in your assignment is Agent Rex Tillman--he works for the Alliance-in-Exile. Agent Tillman will be impersonating General Richard Gangly.”

Calvin Vice: “I have a hard time trusting people of the A.I.E. Intelligence Bureau. How are you sure he won’t take advantage of this and not keep it a--”

Rex Tillman: “Because I’ve got a reputation that speaks for itself, much like you, Admiral Vice.”

Calvin gave a quick glance to the Agent, looked away, then returned for a drawn-out stare. Rex Tillman seemed familiar to the Admiral.

Calvin Vice: “I spoke at your class graduation. You were the valedictorian. I remember you.”

Rex Tillman: “Yes, sir. You were always a role model to me, and it was amazing to have finally met you. It’s another thing to be working with you; now that’s exciting.”

Luke Skywalker rose to his feet and approached the exit to the shuttle. He looked at Kayla for a moment, then to Admiral Vice.

Luke Skywalker (whispering): “Take care of Kayla for me, please, Admiral.”

Calvin Vice nodded.

Calvin Vice: “Will do, Master Skywalker. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Luke Skywalker: “May the Force be with you.”

Master Skywalker exited the shuttle, it’s doors closed, and it left into space. The crew got into their uniforms, then headed toward the cockpit.

Rex Tillman: “You both ready?”

Calvin Vice: “Reminds me of my days in the Imperial Navy.”

Rex Tillman: “And you, Kayla? You look a little nervous.”

Kayla Skywalker: “This is my first time doing anything like this. I’m--I’m just--just a little nervous. Shouldn’t I be?”

Calvin Vice: “Being nervous is the first step to this. But you know what the second step is?”

Kayla Skywalker shook her head.

Calvin Vice: “Overcoming that nervousness. Just know you’re doing this for the right reason, and you’ll relax.”



The shuttle was advancing toward the Anakin Solo. The large Star-Cruiser was hovering over the Galactic Alliance capital of Courascant.

Rex Tillman: "You two got your equipment on? We're almost there."

The telecommunications system began to blare. Suddenly, a voice came over the loud speaker.

Hangar Agent: "Shuttle JC-9a, please send your access codes to our database."

Agent Tillman shot the access codes to the Anakin Solo.

Hangar Agent: "You may proceed to Hangar 8. Chief-of-State Solo wishes you report straight to his office upon entrance."

The shuttle slowly entered the hangar. Admiral Vice looked outside the cockpit window--he recognized many people he knew from before the Alliance split in two.

The three activated their masks and emerged from the vessel. Calvin Vice attempted to ignore the people around them as they made an a-line for the elevator. Kayla and Rex followed along. The three entered the elevator quietly.

Admiral Vice began to sweat.

Kayla Skywalker: "Are you okay, Admiral?"

Calvin Vice: "I can only justify my sweat through two words: Darth Caedus."

The Jedi nodded her head, signifying she understood. As soon as the dialogue ended, the elevator doors split open. The trio entered slowly into the large office of Jacen Solo.

Darth Caedus: "I trust you returned with the artifact I requested, Admiral Willow?"

Calvin Vice: "Yes, sir. It's right here."

The Galactic Alliance Chief-of-State rose to his two feet and gradually walked toward Admiral Vice. The cacophony of his Corellian leather black boots clicking echoed through the room. They seemed to get louder as he got closer.

Darth Caedus examined the artifact sitting in Admiral Vice's hands. He handed it to the Sith while maintaining a straight face.

Darth Caedus: "Exquisite artifact; it's absolutely brilliant. Excellent, Admiral. I'll call you once I need you."

Calvin Vice turned around and walked back toward the elevator. Once everyone was in, they descended to the floor of the command deck.

Calvin Vice: "Now it's time for us to get the data. I'll clear up the bridge and get from it what I can; Agent Tillman, you'll go to the Caedus' private study and get what you can; Kayla, there is a private architectural study room in the East Wing that has the schematics to this ship--get those. I'll send each of you the access codes. When all is said and done, return to Hangar 8 so that we can depart.

The three parted ways...

As time went by, the three met back up in the eighth hangar. By this time, it was three times more full than before. Officers that Admiral Vice recognized were plentiful through the room. Several greeted him as Paul Willow, but he refrained from any conversation.

Entering the shuttle, they all took a large sigh of relief.

Rex Tillman: "Imagine if we'd been caught right then and there."

Calvin Vice: "And imagine if we'd decided to stick it out for a fight?"

The two men chuckled.

Kayla Skywalker: "That was actually kind of fun."

Calvin Vice: "Wait until you use that lightsaber of yours to defend your life--it'll lose all of it's thrill."

Agent Tillman changed clothes and returned to the cockpit. Calvin Vice did the same. Minutes went by without any conversation between the two.

Rex Tillman: "What's the next move, Admiral?"

Calvin Vice: "My suggestion: go to Naboo. I'll give you the exact coordinates to my estate there. We're going to take a different vessel back to the Supernova. I'll have this one sold for parts."

The Admiral gave Agent Tillman the coordinates; he punched them in, and they flew into hyperspace.



The blaring blue light of the large-scale hologram beat upon Admiral Vice's face. He stood at the hologram pouring over the Galactic Alliance battle plans.

Receptionist: "Master Skywalker is here, sir. Shall I send him in?"

Calvin Vice: "Go ahead."

Master Skywalker entered the office, slowly walking toward the Admiral. He crossed his arms and examined the plans.

Calvin Vice: "Has Caedus discovered our attack?"

Luke Skywalker: "Yes, and we need you to take the next step."

Calvin smiled and shook his head.

Calvin Vice: "Am I the Alliance-in-Exile's crutch now? What do they need me to do?"

Luke Skywalker: "There is a shipyard on Corellia that the G.A. operates, and we need it destroyed. I want you to take a squad and plant detonators throughout each of the vessels. We also need you to wipe their database clean so that they can't produce any more of their star cruisers."

Calvin Vice: "You make it sound so easy. Where is the squad?"

Luke Skywalker: "I have them in the Supernova, and I can have them sent here if you accept the mission."

Admiral Vice took a deep breath.

Calvin Vice: "What's the plan you've drawn out?"

Luke Skywalker: "We've taken thirteen identification cards--one goes to you, and the other twelve go to the squad members. You'll infiltrate as those particular individuals and work the third shift. Intel has managed to discover that there is a careless supervisor on that shift. We'll be sending some explosives in a ship to you once you've confirmed you've occupied the command tower."

Calvin Vice: "Now what do you mean by a 'careless' supervisor?"

Luke Skywalker: "He sleeps all the time, so he doesn't notice much. That's where you can approve the landing of the explosives in the shuttle--from the command tower."

Calvin Vice: "How long do you suppose this mission will last?"

Luke Skywalker: "My guess it'll take twenty or so hours."

Calvin Vice: "In order to reduce time for this mission, go ahead and smuggle a couple dozen more people in through that explosives shuttle. It'll cut the time in half."

Luke Skywalker: "I'll take that as you're in?"

The Admiral nodded.

Luke Skywalker: "I'll have that squad sent over here now so that you can depart."

Calvin Vice and Master Skywalker left for the hangar...

The Corellian shipyard was producing a dozen star cruisers at a time--the yard was massive. Admiral Vice was astonished by the violent ambition of Darth Caedus and the Galactic Alliance. A fleet amassed that size would be a substantial threat against the Alliance-in-Exile.

Shipyard Supervisor: "So y'all are the new folks working here?"

Calvin Vice: "Yes, sir."

Shipyard Supervisor: "Y'all know how this job works?"

The squad nodded and acknowledged the supervisor.

Shipyard Supervisor: "Chief-of-State Solo is smart in requiring a little bit of knowledge before entering this field. If he wants a large armada, he's got to know how to do it right--and he does. If y'all need me, I'll be in the command tower."

The supervisor marched up toward the command tower. Admiral Vice huddled with the squad.

Calvin Vice: "Alright, everyone. Our goal is simple. Before we make any steps to plant the devices, we've got to wait for the supervisor to fall asleep. Once he has, I'll notify Master Skywalker that it's clear to send the explosives and the backup. It'll be twelve per cruiser to plant the devices. Is that clear?"

They all acknowledged him silently.

Admiral Vice surveyed the facility over the next hour. He called into the command tower to speak to the supervisor--no response. He returned to the hub to enter the command station.

Inside, the supervisor lay slumped in his chair--he was sleeping soundly.




Admiral Calvin Vice stared out the window of the bridge on the Supernova, awaiting the members of the AIE Senate to arrive. Grand Admiral Alton Parker stood next to him. After a long time of silence, Parker finally broke it.

Grand Admiral Alton Parker: "You do realize that you aren't going to win this, don't you?"

Admiral Calvin Vice: "The only reason you got into the office you're in now, Admiral, is because Caedus placed you there in an attempt to weaken the Navy. He knows how weak of a leader you are, and so he chose you."

Parker seemed disappointed, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Suddenly, the AIE Senate entered the bridge with Luke Skywalker. Parker motioned first to help them find the conference room. One woman approached Admiral Vice, it was his long time lover.

Senator Paige Lille: "Calvin Vice. What's it been, say, 10 years?"

Admiral Calvin Vice: "I'd say that's a pretty accurate guess, Mrs. Vice."

Senator Paige Lille: "Quiet down, Calvin! They might hear you."

Grand Master Luke Skywalker: "Can you please come along. We're waiting."

Admiral Vice followed Skywalker to the conference room. Paige following behind him. They entered the conference room, and each took a seat.

AIE Senate Chairman: "Alright! First, we're going to vote our new Navy Rep. in today, then we'll begin talking about our next move against Caedus. Remember, Admiral's, that the loser is required to leave this conference room. Admiral Parker, you'll go to Tattoine, and receive a new star-cruiser. Admiral Vice, you'll return back to the Alpha & Omega... Now, if you'd like Admiral Parker to continue, raise your hand... If you'd like Admiral Vice to take Admiral Parker's place, raise your hand."

The majority had raised their hand for Admiral Vice. Vice was pleased of his victory, but concerned about what would happen to Parker. He felt sympathy for Parker for the first time, as he walked out the doors of the conference room of the Supernova.

AIE Senate Chairman: "Grand Admiral Calvin Vice, you will be receiving the Supernova in your name–"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Actually, I'd like to keep the Alpha & Omega as my starship, and offer the Supernova as a base. We can land it on a property I own in a Naboo field. It's far off from any civilization, so we won't have to worry about any of that kind of stuff."

The Senate Chairman seemed intrigued by the idea. He then sat back up as he was when he first sat down.

AIE Senate Chairman: "All in favor of the Supernova becoming our new base on the planet of Naboo, raise your hand."

Each person raised their hand, and the Senate Chairman put it into order. About 20 minutes later, the Senate Chairman had everyone come back inside, and begin to vote on their next move.

AIE Senate Chairman: "The table is open up for any ideas on our next move!"

AIE Senator: "I think we should take a full fledged attack on the Anakin Solo. Thanks to Admiral Vice's strike team, we have the schematics."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "That won't work, Senator. Our forces aren't big enough. Caedus took over 75% of the Navy when we split... Wait, that gave me an idea. We don't have a big enough force, but we can have multiple forces around the Galaxy unite against Caedus. How about we go to unknown regions, and get some support there."

Every person seemed intrigued by the idea, but they were each afraid of the consequences that would come with acidentally meeting the Yuuzhan-Vong once again.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "You're just afraid of encountering the Yuuzhan-Vong, Senators. Can't we lose our fear, and just take a chance? Would you rather live in fear, and go under the tyranny of a corrupted GA, or take a chance, and destroy Caedus' GA, and restore it to it's former glory?"

AIE Senate Chairman: "Alright! I agree. All in favor, raise your hands."

Most of the Senators raised their hands. Vice expected Paige's hand to rise, and so it did. The old kindling spirit that Vice had met in the Imperial Academy all those years ago, still burned inside of her.

AIE Senate Chairman: "Case dismissed!"


Kayla Skwalker was sitting in Grand Admiral Vice's office. The Grand Admiral, and Senator Paige Lille were there together. Kayla detected love.

Kayla Skywalker: "I feel a little love in here."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Kayla Skywalker. You sure are a curious girl."

Kayla was wanting to ask Vice a little bit about himself, but she wasn't sure if she should. She decided to do it anyway.

Kayla Skywalker: "Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, Admiral."

Admiral Vice pointed towards his library.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "That second white bookcase starting at the left, there's about 40 books in there titled, 'The Life of Calvin Vice', it's my own personal journal of every single day of my life, starting at the age of 10, until about a year ago. I'm still writing book 41, though."

Kayla grabbed each book until she found the book that started his career in the Empire. It was book 16.

"M7-D11-3 BBY: Today, I'm joining the Imperial Academy with Paige, and Kyle. Our parents tell us that labor for the Empire will only end in a wish to rebel, but my loyalty to the Empire has brought me great joy, pride, and wealth. Serving the Empire will be something that I enjoy, and someday, I'll climb that rank latter faster than anyone ever could. Long live Emperor Palpatine."

Kayla returned to the bookcase and grabbed books 17-27. She started at page 1 in book 17.

"M7-D11-2 BBY: Celebrating my birthday was something that I wished I could've done today, but service to the Empire takes my time away. I'm still loyal, but I've requested a break. I'm about the become an Officer, and I'm still not getting a break. Well, I'll be an officer by next year, guaranteed! I maybe even will be able to crush some of the rebels that have began their work around the Empire."

Kayla went to about the middle of the book.

"M12-D3-2 BBY: It's been a week since I was promoted to First Lieutenant. I've enjoyed my role, and I'm even on the command crew of a star-destroyer. After being promoted to an officer a couple months ago, I lost track of Paige, and Kyle. As far as I know, they're still working with the Commandant. I'll wish them luck as I work on my new trail to power."

Kayla went to the end of the book, the very last page.

"M7-D10-1 BBY: I've heard rumors of Paige's location, but I'm not sure if she's there or not. I don't want to go looking, because I'll get killed by the Admiral. I'll just wish for luck. Tomorrow's my birthday, and as a Major, I'd expect that I wil get a break. If not, I'll just hope."

Kayla closed the book, and grabbed book 23. The year of the Empire's end. She searched through the pages in search for the exact date. The page was missing.

Kayla Skywalker: "Admiral, there's no page for the date of the Battle of Endor."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I didn't write that day. I was too busy trying to win the war."

Kayla opened flipped to the next day.

"M8-D27-3 ABY: I managed to escape with my crew after the rather heated Battle of Endor. Emperor Palpatine is dead, and so are the rest of the Empire, but the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn has not been confirmed. Last thing I heard about him was that he was dispatched to the unknown regions, but that was it. Now I'm thinking I'll try to find Paige. Last thing I heard was about 4 years ago. I'll start there, and maybe I'll return to Naboo, and speak with her parents."

"M8-D30-3 ABY: I went to Paige's parents house today, and they told me that she owned a field out in the Lake Country. I'm going there tomorrow to try to find her. Maybe I'll take a visit to my parents estate."

"M9-D5-3 ABY: I've reunited with Paige, and now we're both going to live a private life together on Naboo."

Kayla continued reading for hours. Finding information about Admiral Vice that she thought he'd never have done. His loyalty to the Empire, his service to Grand Admiral Thrawn, and his 3 kids. Marcus Vice, Jeremy Vice, and Nicole Vice.


Grand Admiral Calvin Vice called Rex Tillman, and AIE Agent he worked with to infiltrate the Anakin Solo.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Rex. I'm needing some support. The AIE Senate has assigned me to go to the unknown regions to get some support from outside forces. You in?"

Rex Tillman: "Am I in? Of course, man. Let's go. Get Kayla, and I'll meet you on Naboo at the base."

Over the next couple hours, Admiral Vice and Kayla Skywalker met with Rex Tillman, and they headed on their way to the unknown regions.

Rex Tillman: "Who are we going to try first?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "How about we try the Chiss?"

Rex Tillman: "The Chiss? Are you insane? Those people will tear us apart piece by piece. They hate humans."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I was a personal friend to Grand Admiral Thrawn, I can use our friendship to get us some support. And maybe even some pursuasion. I could say that Caedus plans to destroy the Chiss just to conquer the galaxy."

Rex Tillman: "Alright! Chiss Ascendancy, here we come."

Later that day, the group arrived at the base of the Chiss Ascendancy. The Chiss were defensive.

Grand Admiral Vice spoke in the Chiss language, saying 'This is Calvin Vice. I am a personal friend of Grand Admiral Thrawn. I am a human, but I come in peace.'

The Chiss allowed them to land, and Admiral Vice went into the Chiss' conference room. Tillman and Kayla left waiting by the ships.

Chiss Leader [Chiss Language]: "Who are you? Where is Mith'raw'nurudo?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice [Chiss Language]: "As I stated previously, I am Calvin Vice. I am a former Imperial Officer who served under Grand Admiral Thrawn. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that Thrawn was killed by his own personal body guard."

Chiss Leader [Chiss Language]: "Ruhk? Yes, well, he must've learned the truth. We still have the various Noghri guards around our facilities, but they are too weak to stand up for themselves. They do have their uses though... So what is it that you've come here for?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice [Chiss Language]: "Well, there's a Sith Lord going around, conquering various world's in our known galaxy, and he's planning to destroy the Chiss and enslave them. We need your help to stop him."

Chiss Leader [Chiss Language]: "Alright! We will join you."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice [Chiss Language]: "Fantastic! Here's our base coordinates. We will contact you when you need to come."

Admiral Vice left the conference room, and the three left back to Naboo to prepare for their assault on Darth Caedus.


Grand Admiral Calvin Vice sat in his desk, observing his fleet. Luke Skywalker entered the room with Kayla Skywalker, and Jaina Solo.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Ms. Solo."

Jaina Solo: "I can say the same, Admiral. Your reputation impresses me!"

Grand Master Luke Skywalker: "Get to the point, Jaina."

Jaina Solo: "Alright! Well, we're about to begin the assault on the Anakin Solo. We would like if you would join us in the battle."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I will prepare my fleet, Ms. Solo. I will also contact the Chiss to prepare their fleet, and join with ours."

Admiral Vice motioned for his Knights to go warn the others to get prepared for war.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice [Chiss Language]: "Prepare your fleets for battle. We are about to begin our assault on the Anakin Solo. Sending the coordinates of our fleet now."

Chiss Leader [Chiss Language]: "With pleasure, Admiral Vice. Let's destroy this pathetic Sith Lord."

The Knights then returned in greater numbers, and in their war attire. The Jedi seemed surprised.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Surprised? You shouldn't be, though. These are my personal bodyguards. My Knights. And they will be supporting us in this campaign against the GA... Now, let's begin!"

The group headed down the corridor towards the hangar. When they arrived, a group of AIE Agents, led by Rex Tillman, were there.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Rex? What are you doing here, man?"

Rex Tillman: "Finishing what I started, now let's go!"

The group entered the AIE shuttle, and they headed towards the Anakin Solo. When they arrived, Rex activated his anti-detection software to prevent the Anakin Solo's hangar team from detecting them.

They entered the hangar, confusing many of the guards outside.

Admiral Vice put on his old Imperial war vest and helmet, and applied his insignia to the vest. The white and black uniform, with the grey vest and helmet was an interesting combination, but it worked.

Vice activated his Plasma Sword, which led the other Knights to activate theirs, the Jedi to activate their lightsabers, and the AIE Agents to grab their blasters.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "This performance is about to begin! Now, open curtain!"

The shuttle's door opened with smoke rising as the door opened. Blaster fire came from the smoke killing every soldier in the hangar.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Knights, create a Flying Wedge formation, and progress to the hangar command deck."

The Knights made their formation, and the group headed inside the wedge. They headed towards the deck. When they arrived, Rex Tillman locked the door, and they began to plan.

Jaina Solo: "I'm heading towards Caedus to face him... alone."

Grand Master Luke Skywalker: "Let us help you, Jaina. You need some help! With all that Sith training, Caedus will be too powerful for you to face alone."

Jaina Solo: "No, Uncle Luke! I know my brother better than anyone. I'm facing him alone."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Let the girl go, Skywalker. We've got a war to win here, let's not waste time arguing!"

Skywalker reluctantly let Jaina go by herself. She smiled at Admiral Vice, and left the room, heading to kill Caedus.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Now, our plan. We're going to progress towards the bridge, and place multiple detonators there. After that, I'll signal the fleet to come to us. We'll then head to Jaina, and support her in any way we can."

Grand Master Luke Skywalker: "Jaina said no support, Admiral."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "She may be leading this assault, Master Skywalker, but I'm the backbone. Without me, you won't win this. So, we're going to do it my way."

Everyone nodded, and they headed towards the bridge.

On the way there, the group encountered multiple soldiers. Vice didn't think that Caedus had this much support, but Vice remained prepared. It reminded him of his first time on the field, his first major battle. The Battle of Atollon was something that Vice would never forget. The young, charming, charismatic Captain led his small ship under the influence of Grand Admiral Thrawn. The war didn't turn out so well, but Vice somehow survived.

Finally arriving at the bridge, Vice's Knights wiped out the bridge control team, and began to place detonators, the AIE Agents did as well. When they finished, Admiral Vice contacted the Captain of the Alpha & Omega, Tyrone Jackson.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Captain Jackson, move the fleet towards Courascant, and begin to attack all the other ships. Don't attack the Anakin Solo though."

Captain Tyrone Jackson: "As you wish, Grand Admiral. We will be there shortly."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Oh yes, and send a heavily armed shuttle to pick up the Jedi. They will be your commanders. You will obey them, understood?"

Captain Tyrone Jackson: "Yes sir!"

Admiral Vice looked over at the security cameras in an attempt to find Jaina. He found her in Caedus' massive study hall.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Alright, men. Let's head towards Jaina's location. According to the security cameras, Jaina's in Caedus' study hall. Let's go!"


Grand Admiral Calvin Vice was running down towards the hangar to drop off the two Jedi before heading towards Jaina.

Kayla Skywalker: "Admiral, Caedus' study hall is down that direction. We're headed towards the hangar bay."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I know! I'm dropping you and your grandfather off here to help the fleet. You two are commanding it!"

Grand Master Luke Skywalker: "I never agreed to this, Admiral. I'm heading towards the study hall."

Suddenly, Vice's Knights stopped, and ran to block off the Jedi. They closed their blades, and aimed their rifles to the Jedi's head.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "You will do as I command, Master Jedi! I am leading this campaign, and you should find it a privilege to be able to command my fleet! In fact, I recall that you're Jedi Coalition is merely a break-off of the GA as well. You should find joy in having some bit of authority anymore in the AIE."

Skywalker reluctantly obeyed, and they continued on to the hangar. At their arrival, a group of heavily armed soldiers of the AIE were awaiting the arrival of the Jedi. The two entered the ship, and they lifted off towards the Alpha & Omega.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Let's head towards the study hall. There isn't much time! Let's go!"

Vice, Rex Tillman, his Knights, and the other AIE Agents were running down the massive corridor leading to the elevator that went to the study hall. Vice noticed a woman in the distance holding a sparked, red lightsaber.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Tahiri Veila?"

Rex Tillman: "Who's Tahiri Veila?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "It's Caedus' Apprentice. I'll fight her alone. You guys head back to the hangar, and I'll contact Captain Jackson to get you all a vessel. Go!... Captain Jackson, I need another vessel to the Anakin Solo. Heavily guarded. Don't ask, just send it!"

Admiral Vice grabbed his Plasma Sword, and ignited the blade. Veila staring into Vice's eyes, not taking a single moment to blink.

Tahiri Veila: "I've been expecting you, Grand Admiral Calvin Vice."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "You've been expecting me? Well then, come and get me!"

Veila force dashed towards Vice. Vice swung his body to the left, making Veila stumble. Admiral Vice use his wrist tool and grabbed Veila with his plasma whip. He pulled her towards him, and pulled his wrist around his neck. She elbowed him in his side, leaving Vice in pain for a few seconds. He recovered quickly, and slid on the group, kicking Veila to the ground.

She dove first with her lightsaber, and Vice grabbed her wrist. He then swung her over his head, slamming her to the ground. He took his Plasma Sword, and slashed Veila in the back. Leaving her dead on the floor.

Admiral Vice progressed towards the elevator, leading up to it. From behind him, Leia Organa Solo, and Han Solo approached.

Han Solo: "Who are you?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I'm the Grand Admiral of the AIE Navy, Captain Solo."

Leia Organa Solo: "What are you doing here, Admiral?"

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I helped Jaina Solo lead the strike team into the facility. I was just with Master Skywalker earlier. If you haven't already figured it out yet, he's in my star-cruiser... What are you guys doing here?"

Han Solo: "Caedus is dead! We're here to get Jaina, and help her."

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Alright, then! Let's go help Jaina."

Arriving at the study hall, Admiral Vice saw the corpse of Darth Caedus lying on the floor. Jaina was sitting by it. She was crying.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "I've got to get this place exploded real quick, else we're going to lose this battle! Let's go!"

Jaina got up, and she came up to Admiral Vice, and hugged him.

Jaina Solo: "Thank you, Admiral!"

Admiral Vice patted her on the back, and he went through the elevator. When they arrived on the Alpha & Omega, Admiral Vice contacted the other ships.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Evacuate the system, I'm about to blow up the Anakin Solo."

The various ships took their jump into hyperspace, and the Alpha & Omega stayed behind, and watched the "fireworks."

The Anakin Solo blew up, and the various parts of the ship hit the others, blowing up the other ships.

Rex Tillman patched into every communication system across the Galaxy, allowing Admiral Vice to get his message through.

Grand Admiral Calvin Vice: "Greetings citizens of the Galaxy! I come to you with fantastic news. The Chief-of-State, Jacen Solo, who was really the Sith Lord, Darth Caedus, has been assassinated. His corrupted rein over the Galactic Alliance ends today! The Alliance-in-Exile, and the Jedi Coalition will finally reunite with the remnant of the onc- great GA. Today a new era of peace will be born! Galactic tyranny ends today! In the name of the Galactic Alliance, I, Grand Admiral Calvin Vice, invite you to live the peaceful life you once lived! Peace will finally rein! Grand Admiral Vice, out!"

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