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Star Wars: Ebon Hawk is a Fan Fiction novel taking place 10 years after Knights of the old Reublic II: The Sith Lords, By Josh Davis The Creator of other Fan Novels.


Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away.....

The sith triumvirate has fallen a whole Ten Years Ago,

This ushered in a new decade of peace Canderous

The mandalorian legion in a restoration effort

Atton Rand Disappeared and Mira now leads

the exchange in the y'toub system. Peace was achieved

But will all remain the same with the jedi still being as scarce,

jedi master Logan Qel Droma was just sent on a patrol mission

to investigate rumors of a sith gathering on the planet Silir III....

Logan was Flying in his G wing shuttle and sees a floating wreck of a republic Hammerhead, He sent out a message and said" Chancellor Onasi, this is logan i just found a wreckage of the Isengard it's Saal system in orbit Silir III it has a minimal atmosphere i am going to investigate, Okay T3 Send that Transmission to The nearby Hammerhead with a Request to forward to the Chancellor on Coruscant, alright take us in". they landed in an open area with in the ship's center.

He scanned the air somehow breathable so he gets out of his fighter he looks around and sees battered interior of the hammerhead style Ship, he looked through the black box saw notes saying they scanned the planet bellow and picked up a sith base and a Sith academy where they train dark jedi, they pulled reports of the sith working on a biological weapon. He got to the bridge he said" ok T3 we need to wipe the all ships computer's I already wiped and backed up the black box, there was no survivors he sees a lightsaber he was trying to call upon the force to find out whose saber it was to no success. T3-M4 and Logan Finally Got to the Crew quarters they began setting charges to blow up the ship so the sith couldn't get the information on the ship, They saw the Door to the hangar bay and he was about to seal the door magnetically T3 started Freaking beeping and moving around and he said" what do you mean something is in there?".

They walked and there it sat the rumored to be lost the ship of the ebon hawk, T3 was surprised he rushed to the ship and went inside and he said" Wait T3!". He followed the little astro droid into the ancient republic freighter, Logan looked around and was amazed T3 beeped and logan said" what do you mean take this this ship?, that's like grave Robbing". He sits in the pilots chair he said" This chair is very comfortable, who ever owned this was definitely rich, i don't even know if it works". Logan pushed a button and the ship wouldn't turn T3 shocked the ignition plug and it sprung to life, He said" you did it T3 power up the engines and seal all loading ramp lift up the docking flaps the ancient ship climbed into air the and took off.

Chapter 1: Space Above Silir III

Logan and T3 piloted the Ebon Hawk through the system, He said" T3 there are Sith Fighters on our tail, cut the turbo lasers and put auto targeting on them when i prep the jump to lightspeed, check to make sure we are not being Tracked. he Programmed the coordinates the T3 using the turbo lasers were taking down sith fighters, Logan switched on the targeting computer and started using the other turbo laser he said" T3 plug into the navicomputer the coordinates so we can me the jump to Lightspeed". T3 Plugged into the navicomputer, and chimed the coordinates in, Logan Received the coordinates the hyperdrive hummed and Logan Ran back and kicked it and Finally it caught and went into lightspeed.

Logan piloted the hawk through hyperspace,the Ebon hawk pulled out of hyperspace and there it was the Grand planet of coruscant, He open communication channel and said" this is Jedi Master Logan Qel Droma, are you receiving me, i know this is an older code but this is a salvage of an old republic Freighter", The Flight marshall said" the code checks out proceed to the jedi temple hangar bay". Logan Walked into the council chamber and gave the result on the sith on the planet Silir 3 and he told T3 to plug in the data he said" these are the coordinates and we have no idea who the leader of this new faction of the sith is".

Master Vandar said" Master Qel Droma, we must gather a large briefing with the senate and the jedi council and explain that they attacked the isengard, it must be treated as an act of war you and astromech droid have enough information to prove to the senate that war is the only option. Logan went forward before the senate and explained that the sith threat has returned T3 project the data they found on the isengard, He said" so Senators, me and T3 will go and counteract this sith act in the outer rim, our records indicate that the sith might target telos next that is where the isengard was on route to when the sith attacked them", Chancellor carth onasi said" Our techs are preparing the ebon hawk as we speak giving it a new hyperdrive and T3 is with them backing up the navi computer, I will send the fleet to protect telos.

Chapter 2: Kashyykk

Logan was standing before the council and said" you wanted to see masters?", Master D'arla lestin said " we found the name of the new Dark lord that is spear heading the Sith he is my brother formerly known as Kanton Lestin but now goes by Darth Demercer our father Zhar feared him falling to the Dark side, We wanted to tell you in light of eveything you have accomplished over the last couple years we are granting you a seat on the council". Logan looked shocked and then said" thank you masters, i am out bound for Kashyykk that where search will begin for more sith activity, Master A'len wa said" while you there look up the wookiee chieftain's most trusted shaman jolee bindo he is a former member of this council he can help your efforts in the search.

Logan began preparing the ebon hawk for take off when he was greeted by the chancellor, he said" Hey, Master jedi, that ship you aquired i used to serve on it with a friend of mine i'm glad you found, if she picked you then i am sure you are capable of great things oh and before i forget take this comlink in case you need some military support i'm not gonna let the republic's tie to the jedi fall just because the two are investigating different systems", Logan said" thank you chancellor onasi i appreciate it, don't worry your son dustil ain't the sith lord the council told me th identity of the dark lord.

a look of relief came over the look of carth along with thanking smile to Logan, T3 went into the Ebon Hawk and Carth left the hangar and Logan went into the Ship. Logan Sat down and said" T3, prep for take off put the ramp up and engage the engines. Meanwhile on the sith ship inquirer the dark lord stood at the helm and said" Captain prepare to attack telos but wait till night hits the planet, we must catch their fleet off guard Revan's old ship will lead us to finishing our Reconstruction of our new Star Forge II thanks to old Sith databases we were able to get this far but we cannot leave it like this".

The Ebon hawk arrived at Kashyykk and they were greeted by the wookiee greeter, Fenlorr greeting them with wookiee dialect, Logan Greetedd back in wookiee speak the wookiee was shocked that he was fluent and they walked to the Grand wookiee Government building.

Chapter 3: Wookiee Chieftain Zaalbar

Logan and T3 went before the chieftain who immediately recognized T3,Zaalbar continued by Greeting the Droid and The jedi master in his native tongue, The Jedi master Queried the wookiee Chieftain about any sith activity in the system Zaalbar mentioned that the sith were based in the lower Shadow lands, Zaalbar would then offer the jedi master and a droid an escort in the form of the Chieftain's most trusted shaman Jolee Bindo.

Jolee Lead the Group through the shadow lands and explain that the sith occupied the shadowlands a couple months ago, Logan Asked if anyone was helping the sith. Jolee informed Logan that a Group of wookiee seperatists allied themselves with the sith, Logan asked Jolee about his relationship with the jedi. Jolee kept quiet and then finally said" i haven't talked to the council since Revan and him saved the republic.

Logan and jolee raised their lightsabers and discussed their plans of attack, Jolee and Logan planned on assaulting them from the far perimeter of their camp. Jolee saw a bunch of troops Standing by their appropriate troop transports, Logan nodded at jolee and they both jumped out and starting slicing Jolee's silver blade was taking out troops by the hundreds, Logans Green blade was deflecting blaster bolts and they cleared out the landing pad. Logan said" T3, send a transmission to the republic tell the wookiees need support...". A Dark jedi comes out he says " Lord Demercer thought you would come here i'm his apprentice Darth Exitium, You might as well surrender the droid and your ship my master has plans",Logan said" not a chance". Logan and Jolee pulled out their lightsabers, Darth Exitium pulled his saber that was red as a lagreks eye. The Three blades started clashing, Logan swung nearly hitting Eixitium's left shoulder but it was caught by by his red blade. The Three were locked up, suddenly exitium hit jolee with lightning he grabbed jolee's saber and deflected then out of nowhere a wookiee came running into him with force enhanced stamina sending him into a tree jolee grabbed his lightsaber and then he stabbed Exitium and cut his head off and then suddenly the wookiee tore jolee arms off and Rammed him full force sending sailing through the air.

Jolee's body landed next to him and he looked upset, he picked up jolee's saber and walked away, The wookiee picked exitium's blade and Got into a shuttle, T3 caught up with logan and was sad that jolee Died at the battle. Zaalbar's healer told Logan he had a fractured Rib, Two wookiee's Carried in jolee's body Zaalbar was sad, Logan told Zaalbar a wookiee Killed Jolee and the wookiee was strong with the force, Logan Assure Zaalbar that sith will be handled by a fleet that will be arriving. They placed jolee on a Stack of wood and lit his remains on fire Logan looked an said" good bye old friend and went into the ebon hawk.

Chapter 4: Aboard The Ebon Hawk

He Sat in a Chair and Briefed the council on kashykk while they were in session he said" we encountered the dark lord's apprentice we had the upper hand and was ready to subdue him when we, Got over whelmed by a force sensitive wookiee that rammed me into a tree and Jolee bindo Killed the apprentice but was killed by the wookiee i mentioned". Master D'arla said" Jolee Saved the republic alongside Revan, the council is saddened by his lost , But we have news for you we are giving you a padawan learner the guys name is Adrian Marek, So come back here to meet we look forward to seeing you.

Logan walked to the Cockpit and said" T3 prep for the jump to lightspeed we are heading to coruscant we are going to pick up my new padawan T3", Logan landed the Ebon hawk in the council hangar bay.he was Greeted by Master D'arla and Adrian with bags, Logan got and said" hello There, you must be adrian i assumed master D'arla told you about me and how to address me" Adrian Said" Yes master" , D'arla said" take this crystal this is the color he picked, Teach the best you can" Logan Took the yellow saber.

They sat on the ebon hawk starboard dormitories and Logan said" my young padawan i see you picked yellow by picking this color you have picked the path of the sentinel, your job is to uphold peace and knowledge in the galaxy use the force to bring the crystal into place and now follow it up by the casings and inner workings of your lightsaber. the lightsaber was complete by completing this padawan adrian you are beginning your steps into the jedi order, this is not a weapon but a tool of the jedi to cleanse the galaxy of evil you are the light in a dark galaxy you are jedi, now go to bed or eat something then go to bed we will take off in the morning", Adrian Replied "Yes Master".

Chapter 5: Alderaan

The Ebon hawk was on route to alderaan Logan looked at adrian and said" padawan there is a beacon of knowledge, where we are going, remember the dark side is a quick path to destruction". The Ebon hawk arrives at alderaan, a member of the royal guard said" you are entering the Monarchy of the Imperius, what is your business?". Logan says"hold on", turn to his padawan and says"the imperius is a breakdown of sith we have got to be careful, incognito", he tells the Royal guard it was purely for trade interests". They get clearance to land, they make their way to the historic district hangar bay with no resistance.

Logan Tells T3 to stay with the ship in case things get dicey, Logan turns to his padawan and tells him there meeting with an old master who can help them and teach him alot. Logan and adrian get to a droid shop and see an old man working the counter, Logan approaches and says" we are looking for master atton rand". the old man smiled and said" i have been looking for him to, thats a nice ship you've got i used to pilot it, oh and if that statement didn't make it obvious atton is me". Logan adrian and atton walked back to the back room of his droid shop, Atton began telling old stories about the hawk and their adventures and then he explained how imperius took over alderaan and even began helping logan teach adrian more trickier methods in the force.

Atton told them where a resistance movement has been working and said they should meet up with them and take back the capital, Atton Gives them cooridnates they could take the hawk to. Atton sees T3 smiles and says" hey there old friend i missed you and the hawk", Atton sits in the starboard dormitory, he takes out parts and tells logan not mind him that he is working on a special project.

Chapter 6: Meeting the resistance crew

Logan and Adrian got into the fort T3 immediately plugged into the mainframe and atton stayed in the ebon hawk, Bao dur stood over the holo table looking over numbers and figures. Bao dur said" it's good to have jedi support this imperius movement is terrible they usurped it from our last monarchy, this sith regime is hiding behind lies, low taxes and cut throat restrictions. Logan said" when we assault this regime, keep in mind this breakdown of the sith has alot of force users and the head of this empire is right contact with darth demercer so we need to set up a blockade.

Logan looked over fighters and troops, told them that is the moment that they need to kick off the imperius off the planet, Bao dur took the floor and told the first fighter battalion to assault the Ship over the capital building and then attack the dreadnaught's fleet so they could set up the blockade and then he told the ground troops to assault the military base that is in alderaan's southern city.

Logan and the ground troops marched on to the southern city base and atton took the ebon hawk to lead the fighter battalion, Logan took out his lightsaber and said Charge!. Logan and his padawan began slicing through troops and through the troops they saw the leader of the imperius regime. A fallen jedi master Alec Grey, Logan said" we can take him", Logan and Adrian Ran toward him Darth Bellum swung his saber and the two jedi caught the lightsabers. Lightsabers hit at the sith lord, Darth Bellum smiled and picked adrian up and threw him at an outgoing ship. Adrian got up and cleared his mind and threw the debris at the sith lord, Followed up on that with Electric judgement and the sith lord blacked out. Logan and Adrian arrested the sith lord on contempt, as a war prisoner.

Chapter 7: Losing Alderaan

Atton was sitting in the Resistance base, the sith lord was standing there looking at him, Atton got up and said" they should of finished you, your an affliction on this galaxy they won't rid it you took everything from me!, mira is gone cause of", the sith lord used the force to lift up the cage and atton called for his Lightsaber and said" Alec grey your mine sith". the sith lord rushed toward atton swung his lightsaber atton caught swung back aggressively, he clear his mind and swung back diligently. Atton rapidly swung his lightsaber darth bellum hardly able to keep up, the sith lord delivered a lunge atton repeled it and followed it up with a force push.

Atton force jump and was gone land on the sith, then the Darth bellum used force push repelling atton straight up, Darth bellum said" i only killed mira cause i know you couldn't do anything to save her", Atton swung at the sith lord and atton guarded and said" couldn't you are wrong i will make you pay, I loved her and that is why i am no jedi i see grey...". Darth Demercer walked up and said" Grey is a lie there is no middle" atton turned around surprised that darth demercer was on planet he electrocuted atton and cut the hand with the lightsaber off.

Logan, adrian and the resistance had the imperius on the run, then a Interdictor class ship was in orbit and behind it was a large space station it was pulling out fighter after fighter and Droid after, Troop transports came out it as well. Logan saw Demercer Bellum atton and the wookiee and Atton Said" What are you doing with the star forge!, Darth bellum laughed and said" this is more powerful this is the star forge your right but its the star forge II it has abilities that has abilities beyond comprehension. Demercer was about to execute atton but Logan Stopped the slash and Said" your quarrel is with me", he said" you dare not face me with star forge in orbit. Darth Demercer Shot Force lightning at logan and Logan Deflected with Force push, Darth Bellum tried Charging Logan when his back was turned Logan sensed him, With precision he jumped and hacked off bellum's head with swipe of his lightsaber and landed. Adrian and atton with one arm took on darth melinius the wookiee apprentice.

Logan Swung his blade rapidly, Darth Demercer matching blow for blow, and the The Ebon hawk Flew over head and the with amazing vertical Back flips atton and logan Landed on the Ebon hawk's Ramp. Adrian attempted leaping but the wookiee had by the heel, and demercer Grabbed his lightsaber and knocked him out took adrian into his shuttle. Logan was shocked to see his padawan abducted by the sith, Atton told him adrian was strong and wouldn't fall.

Chapter 8: Aaris III

Logan's focus was getting back his padawan, atton had replaced his hand with a robotic hand, Logan Got intel from the republic, reporting that the Imperius has a base on industrial planet aaris III. Atton turned to logan and said" hey careful we should call a fleet to aid us we got you me and an astromech droid", Logan wasn't sure his mind was very clouded wondering what that damn dark lord was doing with his padawan, he kneww he had to clear his mind. he patched a signal to admiral cede to have the fleet begin assault on the imperius fleet over aaris III while logan leads a jedi strike team on the ground.

he set the Ebon hawk's cooridnates for aaris III, atton looked at him he said" you just got to remember the jedi code, there is no emotion there is peace there is no ignorance there is serenity". Logan smiled at atton have the intention of thanking him for his wisdom, Logan went back to his quarters to meditate while they travel through hyperspace. Atton asked T3" so you led him to the ship?, this ship has been lost since the exile left to find revan", T3 beeped sympathetically begging atton to understand, Atton Replied that he understood but there agreement was to leave the ship be.

They arrived at aaris III the Republic fleet have been there for about an hour fighting the sith fleet the ebon hawk landed in the hangar bay of the republic ship cobra, there was a team of jedi waiting in the hangar bay and logan Commanded" wait in the ebon hawk im gonna go talk to the admiral". Logan walked to the bridge and he said" Admiral i will let you know when it's clear to send troops down we need to clear the planet of anti ship batteries before your troop transports land. He walked to the Ebon hawk and said" Alright guys we need to be clear disable the anti ship batteries and take any Dark jedi down their, Atton be sure to Avoid the Batteries".

The Ebon hawk got down to the surface weaving and dodging blast from those heavy cannons, and they landed the hawk The hawk in the Republic embassy.Logan atton T3 and the Jedi Ran out of the Ebon hawk, he said" Atton you and T3 and Two jedi take east side of the city and me and the rest of the Jedi will take the west side",

Chapter 9: East side

Atton was Running slicing through troops with his lightsaber, he comes to the final one and he sees it guarded by the wookiee Darth Melinius, He looks at the men and says" this wookiee is no joke, he is very aggressive and strong in the force T3 we will draw him away while you disable the mainframe for the cannons".Atton Drew his lightsaber the jedi behind him did as well, The wookiee drew a lightsaber and swung his blade aggressively atton, he caught the hit with his blade Atton swung back almost hitting the wookiee's head but the blade barely caught it. The other Jedi tried getting invovled but Darth Mellinius used force push and pushed them into the Generator exploding the generator before T3 got there, the Jedi were unconscious T3 Sent a Code for the medic.

The wookiee slashed atton, atton countered with his own slice they were dueling through the industrial city of the planet, Atton sliced at the wookiee but he missed and hit a steam vent the steam got in the wookiee's eyes, Atton took advantage of the steam, Stabbed the wookiee in the leg and kicked the wookiee of the tall building hitting a ship on the way down. Atton Force jumped down the building and landed the wookiee looked un-phased by the drop atton was very shocked.

Atton swung his blade the hit was caught by Darth melinius, Atton Kicked the wookiee swung up ward, the wookiee dodged then used his claws to strike atton in the face he then hacked off atton arm and stabbed him then on of the jedi came from behind and stabbed the wookiee the medics found atton and took him to the embassy.

Chapter 10: West side

Logan was walking with the strike team, They came upon the Generator Logan Commanded that one of the remaining 3 jedi work on the generator, Logan and the remaining jedi were defending their position against three waves of troops. Republic Transports began landing, the generator had been disabled Logan and the jedi began heading to the Imperius building. Logan and company finally got to the building T3 caught up to them, T3 Sliced the door opening the door to the base, Logan saw a native commander TI-O29 the commander pointed the sword at logan and one of the jedi knights looked at him and said" go on we've got these guys go disable the power to this base.

Logan got to the top floor to find a masked sith with a double bladed lightsaber, the figure spoke in a very deep voice saying" I am Darth ignis the new leader of the imperius my master Darth Demercer put me in charge of the imperius faction, but now jedi draw your saber wouldn't want this to be to easy". Logan Swung at the Sith lord with incredible speed of shien lightsaber form, Logan Swung Aggressively fully using a different combat form to throw his opponent as the niman form is way different then the shien form.

Logan sliced upward the sith tried to block the attack but his double ended saber got cut in half, he threw the other half aside and began just using the single blade. Darth ignis swung his blade horizontally hitting logan's saber out of his hand and destroying it, the sith lord began swinging at a unarmed Logan, he began dodging and ducking and then he force pushed him into to the wall. Logan Reached for the other half of the double ended saber, Darth ignis got back up and swung his blade at Logan Defended against Darth ignis the two were locked up in a blade struggle logan swung upward again and hit off the mask , it revealed to be Adrian. Logan was shocked and off the surprise logan used force lightning on logan and he went flying out the window of the top floor of the base. Logan looked up at the base and the Star forge II came into orbit of the planet, he now truly knows he failed, he went into the ebon hawk.

Chapter 11: Tython

Logan sat down looked up at the control tower where he faced his padawan and thought about what just happened, His pupil fell to the dark side and nearly killed him he and he threw on a black flight suit and sat around the holo table in the center of the ebon hawk with the other jedi that were in his strike team they failed he thought, The republic somehow took back the planet but they failed he thought loudly. The other jedi looked at him and said" listen you are a good jedi master your seat on the council proves it, you could very well lead your own academy". he threw his tunic away it was beaten up ripped and had a little blood on it.

They arrived on Coruscant the Ebon hawk landed, He said" Greetings masters i am humbled in telling you that the republic somehow got Aaris III back from the sith, me and my strike team came to the challenge of the now deceased darth melinius and the still living Darth Ignis he is my fallen padawan the sith captured durning our tour of the outer rim sieges and we had a casualty of Grey Jedi Atton Rand and Jolee bindo. The mission may have been a success but i see failure in losing companions and losing my padawan to the dark side".

Master Gerlin Faa Looked him and said" in all you infinite wisdom master Qel- Droma don't be so hard on yourself you must look to the Force for inner peace you must solve this conflict", Master D'arla said" we here on manaan are suffering casualties the fleet that was at Aaris III just arrived and are helping us recover lost ground". Master Irene Fisto said" I am leading a Campaign on kamino to Bring down an Imperius information hub network of spies around their". Logan inserted himself and said" if i may i am seeking a brief Exile to our old homeworld of Tython to Clear my head", D'arla and the others were shocked but had no problem Granting this leave. he and T3 entered the ebon hawk he said" buddy well are you ready?", T3 Chimed happily and the Ebon hawk took off from the hangar bay of the jedi Temple course to Tython.


Logan stood in a ancient temple that was years before, he began assembling a new light saber and he looked at the Ebon hawk his ship, he knew everyone who owned this ship was destined for greatness but what about him he failed, his order his padawan and his legendary ship. as he picked a focusing crystal he thought no!, he put the arctic blue crystal in position, He finished putting his saber together.

he looked out at the sunset and thought about the impact he could have, and smiled he knew exactly where he was going T3 Came up to him and looked up at Logan wondering what the next move was. Logan pointed out to the planet and said" we got to make an impact buddy".

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