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Jedi Council, I am in lament. I mourn the illusion that I had of the Jedi when I was a kid on Empress Teta. Defenders of peace. Protectors of the galaxy.―Geist Weiss[src]

Star Wars: Ghosts of the Past is a Star Wars fan fiction story currently in development by Dmitri Valentine, a member of TheStarWarsRP.Com who is known as Weiss on the site. The story is set to take place prior to Star Wars Legacies and will focus on the past of Geist Weiss and his journey from the death of his father to the Sith Insurrection, though Valentine is considering adding in Project Saligia or have that be a part of a possible sequel to Star Wars: Ghosts of the Past. The author has considered that if the book becomes too long, he may divide it into smaller parts.

On March 7, 2013, Valentine decided to cancel the project in favor of Star Wars Legacies: Home, which focuses on Geist Weiss' childhood, along with introducing two important characters in his life: Meister Weiss and Sophia.

Author's summary

During the Third Galactic Civil War, there existed a man who hid in the shadows, a propagandist for the New Sith Imperium. His name was Geist Weiss and orchestrated the near-extinction of the Imperial Knights and sparked tensions between the Mandalorians and Galactic Alliance. Known as a master illusionist and alchemist, he is famous for slaying three Sith Lords: Darth Kayos, Darth Oseth, and Darth Azrael. However, Geist Weiss was not always tainted by the Dark Side. His origins lay with that of a noble-blooded boy from Empress Teta...

Plot summary

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Behind the scenes

Star Wars: Ghosts of the Past is a novel that will be written by Dmitri Valentine, known as "Weiss" on The book will focus on the origins of his main character for Star Wars Legacies, Geist Weiss. The title is a homage to the German translation of "geist weiss" (white ghost) and reference to Albedo Apeiron, a Force Ghost Geist Weiss will encounter multiple times throughout his adventures.

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