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Star Wars: Conquest is an upcoming novel written by Josh Bender based on the first third of the RPG campaign Death Watch Revival. The author has not stated when the book is to be released.

Plot synopsis Edit

A Mandalorian by known only by the codename "Theta" has united the clans of Dxun in order to battle the New Republic. Shortly after taking invading the planet of Naboo, he learns of an experimental hyperdrive being built at Sluis Van. He sends his forces, known as the Death Watch, to the planet in order to steal the hyperdrive. However, his progress is impeded by a small group consisting of: Echon Tarkin, a former Imperial officer, Silas Skirata a Mandalorian, and Cloak and Dagger of the Wolf Star Coalition. The four band together to fight back the Death Watch, joining forces with Skoll and Redneb as well. However, their progress is impeded when the Imperial Remnant attacks Entrench Station and force it to crash onto the surface of Sluis Van. The six survive the attack and are able to fly to Naboo, where the hyperdrive had been taken to.

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The following appearances have been confirmed by the author as of December 2, 2008.

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I realize that the name Death Watch Revival is a sort of okay name for a RP Campaign, but not for a book. So I've changed the name to Rise of the Death Watch.
—Josh Bender, talking about the name change

Star Wars: Conquest was started sometime in 2005 under the name Death Watch Revival. The name was changed on January 21st, 2009 to Rise of the Death Watch. The author stated that the name wasn't good for a book.[3] However, after comments about the lack of originality to the name, the name was changed once more to Star Wars: Conquest' on March 14th, 2009 and announced on March 16th.[4]

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Conquest of the Death Watch
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