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Space Station Escape is the seventh episode of season one of Star Wars: Commando. Delta Squad, Captain Lock, and Eeth Koth must fight on Juma-9 space station.

Holonet introEdit

Trapped! Delta Squad and Clone Captain Lock have been ambushed on Juma-9 space station! With no power, and only a handful of clones remaining, can the small group survive?

Brief SummaryEdit

Delta Squad goes to Juma-9 to help rebuild, but when it is attacked by Separatists, they must hold on until Obi-Wan Kenobi can arrive.

Episode SummaryEdit

Boss and Scorch snap to attention as Eeth Koth and Lock enter the hangar. Sev and Fixer are unloading supplies. Lock tells them that the station's oxygen is about to run out, and Boss offers to help any way he can.

In the command center, a clone trooper gets the comms back online, and Boss contacts Advisor, who tells them that General Kenobi is on his way. Suddenly, the power to the comlink goes out, as do the lights and artificial gravity. Boss goes to get Delta Squad.

Outside the hangar, Sev and Fixer tell Boss that the hangar force field malfunctioned, and the clones inside were sucked into space, but are still alive for the time being thanks to their self-sealing suits. However, Scorch is in the armory. As Delta Squad goes to get him, a boarding ship stabs into Juma-9, and battle droids attack.

In the command center, Captain Lock and Eeth Koth hold off the droids. They see the clones from the hangar floating in space, trying to get an airlock open. Lock sees Super battle droids enter the command center.

Boss and the others find Scorch, who has met up with a group of Lock's troopers. Together, they head for the command center.

Lock and Eeth Koth find themselves cornered, and Lock throws a grenade to seal out any more enemies. Then, Delta Squad enters, and the comlinks come back on. A clone from Kenobi's fleet tells them they've destroyed the jamming device, and are coming to help. The battle is soon won.


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