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The Sovereign's Council (called Her Majesty's Council during the reign of Rin Sakaros) was a formalization of the informal group of personal advisors and counsellors whom Queen Rin Sakaros had consulted during the early decades of her rule of the Golden Empire. It was constituted as part of the 65 Reforms.

Members of the Sovereign's Council (called Counsellors, although it was not a formal title attached to the individual) were appointed by the Sovereign and served for life unless they resigned or were removed by the Sovereign's command. Counsellors were drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and acted as the Sovereign's personal advisors, as opposed to the formal Ministry and department heads who made up the Grand Council of the Golden Empire, although some beings were on both bodies. The Sovereign could consult her Counsellors individually or as a Council depending on what she needed.

Discussions between the Sovereign and her Counsellors (individually or collectively) were privileged, and revealing the discussions of the Council to outsiders was a criminal offense. Counsellors were expected and encouraged to speak candidly, if respectfully. Many Counsellors were given the privilege of access to the Sovereign at any time.

In creating the Council, Rin ordered that it would act as a Regent's council in the event that the Sovereign, the Phoenix Prince, and all the Royal Executors happened to be absent from the Empire simultaneously.

Upon its formation in 151 ABY, the Sovereign's Council consisted of:

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