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Through hope we gain courage, through courage we gain strength, through strength we gain victory.
—Sorian Protector Code

The Sorian Protectors were a group of Sorian Force-users established soon after the Rakatan's conquest of the galaxy as a defense against Force-wielding organizations and individuals. Initially armed with Force-enhanced swords, Sorian Protectors filled a similar niche as the Jedi, and worked closely with them during the Great Galactic War, Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, and the Yuzhan-Vong War.



The Sorian Protectors were established after the Rakatan's invasion of the galaxy, when the Sorians were introduced to the Force. It turned out that Sori was a planet like Tyhon or Dathomir; it was filled with the Force. The Sorians set up rudimentary testing facilities, and it turned out that nearly a third of the population was sensitive to the Force. Remembering that the Rakatan's sensitivity to the Force was one of the reasons they conquered Sori so easily, the Sorians decided to establish a group of Force-users as a future defense. They initially used Force-enhanced swords forged out of brialk, a very rare metal found in the very peaks of the Sorian mountains, but a few millenia after their creation they were discovered by the Jedi, who revealed to them the secret of the lightsaber.

Great Galactic War

They fought like demons. Leaping and dodging, slashing and deflecting, holding nothing back but still never tiring. Their Force connection was astounding.
—Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan

Prior to the Great Galactic War, the Sorian Protectors were more of a regular police force than the specialized Force-wielding warriors they were supposed to be. However, that all changed when a Republic convoy fleeing a Sith ambush micro-jumped into the Sorian system. After nearly being shot down, the Jedi ambassadors traveling with the convoy convinced the Sorian president to provide assistance. While there, the Jedi recognized a huge crystal that had been given to the Protectors by the Jedi who first found them as a token of goodwill. They requested that the Protectors join them on the front lines, and a few did, although most stuck to their original task of defending Sori.

The Cold War

Along with the rest of Sori, the Protectors were very unhappy to return to their homes after the Sacking of Coruscant, the war practically lost. Against the Sorian's better judgement, the Republic had refrained from supplying Coruscant with adequate defensive measures. However, even though the Republic was more than ready to throw up the sponge, the Sorians spent the next few months after the Sacking of Coruscant showing the Sith they would not give up so easily. For one, they refused to relinquish the territory they had captured, Sith or otherwise. Instead, they set up colonies dedicated to refuge housing. When the Sith Empire complained, the Sorians reminded them that they were not part of the Republic. They explained that since they were not a full member of the Republic, but simply an ally, they had full right to continue the war even if the Republic didn't want to. They backed up these arguments with the full might of the Sorian military, including the Sorian Protectors. The Sith, who had already seen too much of the highly-trained, well-equipped, and solidly-backed Sorian Protectors, who had proved themselves an equal to both the Jedi and Sith, did not want to face them again over non-essential territory, so they agreed to let it slide.

The Clone Wars

I thought we were doomed. A half-dozen commando droids and a giant lightsaber-spinning maniac can do that to you. But then out of the gloom leaped a Protector warrior. One lightsaber to four he beat back that crazy cyborg and sliced the commando droids into mulch.
—Unknown clone trooper

The Sorian Protectors did not fight very much during the Clone Wars. Unlike the Jedi, the Protectors were not the primary field officers for the Sorian military. Instead, they fell back into their initial role of guardians and peacekeepers. A few Protectors were attached to units that fought in areas under high risk from elite Separatist commanders such as General Grievous and Assaji Ventress, but other than that they rarely served in the field.

The Galactic Civil War

The Galactic Civil War was one of the worst wars in Sorian history. For the first time since the Great Galactic War the Sorian Army was facing a smart, well-equipped army just as good as its self. However, since the Empire dd not use many melee troops, the Sorian Protectors did not serve much beyond what they did during the Clone Wars.

The Yuzhan-Vong War

These heretics face our warriors with unshakable courage. They are like demons, fearing not even the strongest adversary.
—Tsahvong Lah

The Yuzhan-Vong War was the first time since the Great Galactic War that the Sorian Protectors served an active role in the field. They became a secret weapon against the amphistaff-wielding aliens. Sorian Protectors were equipped with Kevala battle armor that went far beyond the gauntlets, greaves, and chest plate they usually wore. Since amphistaffs couldn't penetrate Kevala, and lightsabers couldn't penetrate vondunn crab armor, so they were evenly matched. However, the Sorian Protectors adapted faster than their Yuzhan-Vong adversaries, and thus the Sorians had a tactical edge over the Vong

Recruitment and Training


Protectors, like Jedi, are recruited as young as possible. However, unlike in the Jedi, a Force-sensitive child is not obligated to join the Protectors. It is completely up to the parents if they want to allow their child to be trained. Oftentimes they will decline to give their child to the life of a Protector, but will allow the Protectors to give them a basic training so they can understand and control their abilities. Another major difference between the Protectors and the Jedi is that the Protectors allow their members to have families and to know who their parents were. The reason for this is that the Protectors believe that embracing attachment gives the Protector something to fight for on a personal level.


The Protectors use a very unique ranking system that depends not only on the Protectors age and skill, but also on what job they preform in the Protectors.


This is the rank all Protectors start out with. It tells every other Sorian that they have enhanced Force abilities beyond that of regular citizens and are receiving training to hone them. Adepts are usually between the ages of five and ten.


Upon reaching age ten, Adepts are asked to select their path. The two paths are Bladesman (or woman) and Mystic. Bladesmen and women are masters of lightsaber combat, similar to Jedi Guardians, while Mystics fight using words and the Force, like Jedi Consulars. After selecting their path, the Adept receives the title of Adherent.

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