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Sori (Sahharra)







Height of average adult

Average 1.8 meters

Skin color


Hair color

Black, brown, blond, red, etc.

Eye color

Brown, green, blue, white, purple, etc.


Blue skin with human-type eyes

Average lifespan

up to 120 standard years



We are a simple species. All we want is a solid roof, food on the table, and a safe place to raise a family. Try and take that away, and you will have a serious problem.
—Unknown Sorian Archivist

The Sorians, also known as the Sahharrans, are a mysterious species hailing from the planet Sori(Sahharra) in the Middle Rim. Blue-skinned, able to shapeshift, extremely technologically proficent, and with enhanced physical abilities, the Sorians were definitely not your average humanoids.

Biology and Appearance ==

You have blue skin but are not Chiss. You're immune system is tough but you are not Hutt. You can shapeshift but are not Clawdite. I say then, what are you?
—Jedi Master Satele Shan, upon seeing Sorians for the first time

Sorians biology is some of the most complicated in the galaxy. Many xenobiologists have studied the species, but due to the Sorians tendency to be secluded, their finds have been restricted to what is obvious about them. All Sorians have blue skin, although the shade varies from person to person. Their immune system is extremely powerful, able to resist most diseases and poisons and regrow lost limbs. All Sorians have the ability to shapeshift, although it is not known how they do it. It is known that the ability seems to be a combination of the abilities of Clawdites and Shi'ido, in that they can change into anything they desire, but there is no pain or discomfort only if they remain in a roughly humanoid shape. Sorian children use this ability to play games with one another, while adults use it to disguise their true Sorian identities while socializing with other species. Sorians are generally tall and lithe, with 1.8 meters being the average height. They have mostly human facial features, with the small difference of sometimes having white or purple eyes. They also possess the same general hair colors as humans.

Society and Culture Edit

Sorians as a rule are secluded, with few non-military Sorians leaving the planet. For most of galactic history the Sorians were unknown to the rest of the galaxy, and this has increased their policy of isolation and seclusion. Sorian lives are generally regulated, with both children and adults having a set schedule for education, work, and play. The Sorian government is very involved in the lives of every day citizens, making sure that every family can sustain itself. Each Sorian family is guaranteed a one story house, although most can afford better. Each family is required to pay taxes and to have at least one income, those that don't have a sufficient income or do not have one at all are given priority in job queues and a very small amount of financial assistance. To ensure that the financial assistance is not misused, the purchases and job status of each family in the situation of needing it is monitored until they have a sufficient income.

History Edit

I do not care about your Republic. I do not care about your politics. All I care about is my duty to protect my people.
—Sorian president to Senator Padme Amidala, following the latter's request for the Sorians to join the Galactic Republic

Origins Edit

Day 56: Subjects 0001, male, and 0002, female, completed. Postive: Shapeshifting achieved. Immune system achieved. Intellect achieved. Negative: Skin possesses blue hue. Prone to seclusive habits. Experiement Status: Failure. Advise stasis storage.
—Rakatan scientists log

According to ancient Sorian records, so old they were kept in written form, they came to Sori several hundred years before their discovery by the Rakatans. Any information beyond that was unknown until a small band of Sorian explorers discovered a Rakatan library deep in the mountains of Ando Prime. The library revealed that upon their entrance into the galaxy, a rogue group of Rakatans was exiled from the main force for carrying out biological experiments on Rakatan slaves. The group established a secret headquarters on Ando Prime and continued their experiments to create the perfect race. Rather than risk themselves or the few Rakata technicians they had brought along on possibly fatal experiments, the Rakata used a lesser species for the initial tests. This species is now believed to be the ancestor of the human race. According to the records, the Rakatans tried to use the DNA of other species and creatures to enhance their subjects natural abilities. However, their subjects ended up receiving not only the inward aspects of their source, but also the outward such as fur, horns, and thin bones. The Sorians themselves were the more radical of the experiments, with the Rakatans using several types of DNA (Believed to be Cathar, Hutt, Chiss, and Shi'ido) to provide the initial subjects with a powerful immune system (including the ability to regrow lost limbs), excellent agility, highly advanced intellect, and shapeshifting ability. The negative result was blue skin, not appealing to the Rakatan scientists. Other results of the experiments were the Masarian and Taurian species, both with enhanced abilities but also negative physical side effects. At some point the experiments were discovered by the Rakatan leadership. Rather than allow their discoveries to fall into the hands of those who had exiled them, the Rakatans loaded the three species into stasis pods containing one male and one female subject and launched them into space. The pods, equipped only with a small sublight engine, drifted for many years before finally crash landing on three planets in what came to be known as the Sorian system. The subjects bred, eventually creating thriving civilizations.

First ContactEdit

The Sorian's first contact with the rest of this galaxy was when the Rakatans were at the height of their dominance. At the time they lived in a primitive clan based society, and were therefore quickly conquered when a Rakatan exploration party found their world.

Rule by the RakatansEdit

At first, the Sorians accepted Rakatan rule. The Rakatans had much amazing technology, and there were plenty of opputunities for the Sorians to learn about it. However, it was discovered that it was all a sham. Once more Rakatan citizens arrived, the Sorians became unpaid and unrespected slaves. They stayed this way for a decade, until finally they decided to rebel. However, the rebellion was ill-prepared and ill-timed, and soon failed. The three hundred worst instigators were split up into groups of one hundred and sent to the three outer Sorian planets of Ecta, Meson, and Canasa to die. However, these groups survived and became the Ectan, Canasan, and Mesonian clans.


The remaining Sorians were shocked by the treatment of the three hundred, and approximately three years of careful training and planning later, they rebelled again and defeated the Rakatans.

The Great Galactic WarEdit

Approximately one year before the Sacking of Coruscant, a Republic supply convoy en route to the the Core was ambushed by Sith raiders. Heavily damaged, a single transport was able to escape via a microjump to an unknown system. This system turned out to be the Sorian system. After being nearly shot down by orbital defenses, they arranged a meeting between memebers of the Jedi Council and the Sorian senate. The Republic emissaries managed to negotiate a treaty with the Sorians. In exchange for their location remaining a secret, the Sorians would assist in the war. They came in full on, and contributed to many Republic victories. However, even the Sorians could not stop the Sacking. They did what they could, but it happened. They wanted to continue fighting, but the Republic was done, and with the Treaty of Coruscant confirmed and signed, the Sorians obligation was over. However, they continued fighting their own war against the Sith, which did not end until the Battle of Ruusan.

The Clone WarsEdit

The Sorians came into the Clone Wars in almost the same situation as the previous war. They fought just as hard against the CIS as they did against the Sith and once again contributed to many Republic victories. Chancellor Palpatine planned on turning them against the Jedi, but unfortunately the Sorian Order, 66 meant that the Republic was betraying the Sorians, not the Jedi. The truth about the Chancellors plan was not revelaed until much later, but the Sorians still contributed to the rescue of nearly a dozen Jedi.

Famous Sorians(Sahharrans) Edit

Ondre Bersson Anin Merse Arin Merse Trilan Bersson