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"Snow-blind" was an episode where Delta Squad must go on a mission to rescue Clone troopers from the planet Hoth.

Short SummaryEdit

Delta Squad must go to the planet Hoth, where Captain Blaster and his men have gone missing.

Complete SummaryEdit

Boss enters the hangar of the Resolute to find Fixer, Scorch, and Sev talking to their advisor. Advisor tells them that a group of clone troopers has been out of contact on Hoth for some time.

Delta Squad then boards the gunship. The pilot welcomes them aboard and they take off. Boss checks his suit to make sure it's sealed so no snow gets in. The gunship lands on Hoth.

Battle of Ord Plutonia

One of Blaster's men fighting a Separatist.

Meanwhile Captain Blaster and his sergeant are fighting off waves of droids. One trooper gets shot twice in the neck and is killed.

Soon, Delta Squad finds them and assists them in finishing off the droids. An AAT tries to blast them, but one of Blaster's men mans an AT-AP and destroys the tank. The gunship hauls them to safety.


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