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Who am I? Where do I come from? I don't know! But I do know that I fight for good. I use my power for good only, because I know that good will always triumph in the end.

Snie was a Male Quarian Gray Jedi who fought, and eventually died, for the Urum Republic. He was born in 4 ABY on Quary but was kidnapped in 5 ABY by a group of smugglers. He was raised on Tatooine but, in 12 ABY, he ran away. He got into a smuggling ship and fell asleep. When he woke up, he was on a different planet. Two years later a Jedi found him, and trained him to become a Jedi because of his high midi-chlorian count. He completed his training in 21 ABY at the beginning of the Urunian War. He won a few major victories in the war such as the Battle for High Mountain and the Battle over Faary. In 195 ABY, he took Cohu as his apprentice and trained him. Snie died in 201 ABY when he gave his life to save Cohu.


Snie was born in a normal Quarian family in 4 ABY but a group of smugglers attacked their village in 5 ABY and kidnapped Snie. They sold him on the slave market of Tatooine to a family. The family who bought him took great care of him and even sent him to school. But he was bullied a lot because they didn't know his species. This was one of the many reasons why he ran away in 12 ABY. After walking for one month, he arrived in Mos Eisley. The only thing he could think of was getting off the planet and he heard someone saying a spaceship was about to be take off. He went there the moment he heard it, sneaked on board, and fell asleep. After a long sleep he woke up and realized he was on another planet. He then lived as a thief on the streets for two years.


In 14 ABY, a Jedi found him and took him to the Jedi Temple on Urum where he was to be trained, but the Jedi Council rejected him because of his age. But the Jedi did not give up on Snie and trained him himself.

mission to Graa

Although Snie wasn't recognized as a true padawan, by the Jedi Order, they gave Snie and his Master a very dangerous mission to spy on Graa. On this mission they had to find out if Graa possessed any extremely powerful weapons. so, Snie and his master went to their starship and flew to Graa. On the way Snie felt as if something was about to happen which would determine his fate.

By the time they arrived a giant electrical storm had formed and was coming their way. Snie's master was just time to change the course of the storm, what he did not know was that he turned it towards a farm. Snie was told to go and see if anything happened to the people while he would go on with the mission. so, Snie went to the farm and saw the bodies of two Groshaa which laid in front of a cave, Snie went inside to look what was in it and found a baby which wasn't older then a few months. He picked it up and took it to their starship where his master was already waiting for him. He told his master what he had seen and his master said:

It wasn't a weapon the force had send us to find, but this boy.
—Snie's master

On their way back Snie felt something strange and powerful about this boy. Snie held the baby in his arms and found a chain around his neck with the name "Uzraah Misary" on it, so he assumed that was the boys name. At the landing site on Urum, the whole Jedi counsel welcomed them. Snie did not wait and asked the Grand Jedi Master if the counsel could have a meeting at once. The Grand Master acknowledged his question, even though Snie wasn't recognized as a true padawan, and the counsel was brought together in the meeting room. Snie measured Uzraahs midi-chlorian count, it was at an above-average rate. So the counsel discussed about Uzraah taken as a Youngling in the Jedi order. They all felt the strange and powerful presence of Uzraah, so they quickly approved. Uzraah was taken in the Jedi order. Snie was very happy about this because he wasn't a true padawan, and he didn't want that fate for the boy.

Later in his training his master learned him a forbidden force-power, Force stonestorm. After the Force Wars on Quary all Jedi swore to never use this power again but one Jedi disobeyed this and taught it to his apprentice which taught it to his and so on. Snie never used this power but remembered it. After five years of training, the Jedi Council accepted him as an official Padawan. In 21 ABY, Snie bacame a Jedi Knight.

First Urunian war

Invasion of Urum

In 21 ABY, Urum was discovered by the Galactic Empire and launched a full scale invasion on Urum. The people of Urum, who lived in peace for over ten thousand years, were unprepared for the invasion. Only a small army fought the empire, but it was quickly destroyed and forced to fall back to the asteroid field. Many jedi fought in the ground-battle but many died due to the strong fighters of the Empire. After loosing half of the Jedi they evacuated the Jedi temple and fled to Asto

First battle of Urum

After a year of preparation, the Rebels were ready for an attack. The Rebels grew out to about twenty thousand men with about five hundred fighters and three capital ships. In 22 ABY, the Rebels went to Urum to liberate it from the empire. Once on the planet, the fight began. The Rebellion was overwhelmed, but stood firm and reconquered the capital. The fight began again, and they lost it to the empire again. Many soldiers were killed trying to escape the city, and many others were captured and locked away. After two weeks of fighting, the Rebels had to leave the planet again.

Training Uzraah

In 24 ABY, Uzraah was ready to be trained, so snie told the counsel he would be proud to train Uzraah, and after voting if Snie was ready to train someone, it was approved. from that moment on Uzraah was Snie's apprentice.

Alliance with the Shadow Knights of Quary

After the first two battles for Urum, the Rebellion found out they had to make powerful alliances. They sent out several squads to find the Shadow Knights of Quary. Snie and Uzraah were sent to High Mountain on Quary with their squad. The moment they arrived he and Uzraah felt a disturbance in the force, but they did not know where it was coming from. A few moments later they felt it again, but it was much stronger. Then he heard a shot was fired, and one of his men dropped dead on the ground. Then a wall of laser came towards them. Snie and his men took cover behind big rocks and started shooting back. Snie tryed to deflect some of the lasers back with his lightsaber, but soon found out it was useless. In a desperate attempt to kill the attackers, he got out of cover and got shot in the leg. Shortly after the shot, Snie fainted and woke up after an hour in a lair. He asked the man who was taking care of him where he was, and the man said that he was in the lair of the Shadow Knights of Quary. At first Snie was a bit scared, but when Uzraah and some of their men came to join him he relaxed. They told him the Shadow Knights would be honored to fight alongside the Rebellion. After a week recovering from the battle, they returned to the Rebellion with the Shadow Knights, and were honored greatly by the leaders for their victory.

Battle over Faary

In 25 ABY, the Rebel Fleet prepared for an invasion on Urum when suddenly, an Imperial Fleet came out of hyperspace and began attacking the Rebel Fleet. Snie and the Shadow Knights were sent to destroy the capital ship. They landed on board and started killing the Imperials. When the hangar was clear of hostiles, reinforcements joined the battle. Snie went to the bridge with two of the Knights, but were ambushed. They killed the guards and entered the bridge. They were nearly overwhelmed, but were able to kill them all. But there were mines on the bridge, and they exploded. The bridge was severly damaged and collapsed, but Snie used the Force to keep it together for the Knights to escape. When they escaped, Snie passed out and was saved by them.

Fifth Battle of Urum

In 28 ABY, the Rebel Fleet attempted to retake Urum. They sent a large fleet to Urum and began the planetary wide invasion. Snie was to enter the capital and disable the energy shields protecting the city. Snie got into the city before the attack began. But when he was looking for the shield generator, he was ambushed. Snie and his men jumped behind cover, but some were gunned down. The small group fought proudly and killed all the ambushers. Snie left the men, saying it was too dangerous and went on by himself. After a half an hour, Snie had gotten to the shield generator. He was then shot in the back. One of his men, who secretly followed him, killed the shooter and helped Snie. They then put the charges on the generator and destroyed it. The city got filled with Urum troopers and the city was retaken.

The fight outside the city still went on. Snie and the Shadow Knights were given a special assignment, to sneak behind enemy lines and destroy them. Once behind enemy lines, the group split up. Once in position, the fight began. Imperial troopers flew through the air, explosions from spaceships and screams of the people who were killed were heard. At the moment the fight began, the Urum troops began marching towards enemy lines. The Imperial troopers, did not to give up and fought back as bravely as they could, but were wiped out.

Snie's men got Medals of Honor from their bravery shown in the city. In 29 ABY, the Urum system was back to normal, except for the fact that the Urum system was no longer unknown and that humans came to live there. The city of Urum was rebuilt and a new city was built due to the few buildings they had left. The Jedi Temple was rebuilt on Urum, and Snie helped the Shadow Knights build a temple of their own, which was completed in 30 ABY.

Uzraahs fall to the dark side

In 46 ABY, after just becoming Grand master, while Snie was meditating, he felt a disturbance in the force. It was just like Uzraah was going to do a really bad thing, so Snie went to the place from where he felt Uzraah was. At the scene he saw him choking a girl, Snie had no other choice than to push Uzraah against a wall. Snie ran to the girl but found out she was already dead. Because it was Uzraahs second fault, Snie had to exile him. Uzraah became so angry that he attacked Snie, who tried to evade Uzraahs lightwhip which succeeded with ease, but Snie knew the only way of stopping him was threw killing him. With pain in his eyes he charged at Uzraah, who jumped in the air trying to attack Snie from behind, but luckily for Snie, Uzraah was pushed trough the wall by the members of the Jedi counsel.

After almost being killed by his former apprentice, Snie looked in the eyes of Uzraah for a last time seeing the color of his eyes changing to yellow. Snie's hart was torn by this. Snie did not train a padawan for a long time because it took him a long time to really forgive himself.

The Qorox war


In 51 ABY, the Qorox war broke out. An army from the Graa system wanted to conquer the entire Qorox sector. Snie, who was very curious about who the leader was, went to the Graa system to find out,in 60 ABY. He and 3 Shadow knights went there, but when they reached Graa they were shot out of the air. All men survived the crash landing except for the pilot. A very short time after the crash landing-crafts landed. all soldiers went into defensive position to protect Snie.

There is no need protecting me. You would rather protect yourselves.
—Snie to his squad

A tall dark figure came out out one of the crafts, protected by a lot of soldiers. The man was followed by a much younger looking person. The youngest of the two pulled his lightsaber but the older one gave him a sign to stand down. The man walked forward towards Snie, who gave a sign to stay behind him. Snie walked towards the man. The man stopped walking and said:

Dark figure: “So you must be the famous master Snie.
Snie: “Yes, that is me. But, who might you be then?
Dark figure: “I am the one person you do not want to know.

— Dark figure to Snie

At that moment Snie felt a strong presence of the Dark side of the Force. Snie did not wast a moment and did what the force asked him to do, Force lightning. The man was hit but he survived the shock. A few of his men who were hit were killed by the power. The man, who was only 20 meters away ran towards Snie but Snie was just in time to push the man and gather some time. Snie ordered his squad to attack and create some chaos. Snie then totally focused on the man and slowly walked towards him, he pulled his lightsaber, activated it, killed a enemy soldier and then threw his lightsaber to the man. The man was just in time to evade the saber. Snie then ran towards him, he jumped in the air, he caught his lightsaber again and smashed it in the ground. The shockwave was very large. Luckily the man jumped and they were far away from the main battle. The man used force millstorm but Snie was just in time to protect himself from it, but not from force lightning from the man. The Younger person now also joined the fight trowing Snie into the air. After crashing into the ground Snie was totally broken, but he did not show it.

You will fall, but I will rise!
—The dark figure

The dark figure charged Snie but fell. Snie then jumped on top of him and slashed "The dark figures" head off. The younger figure then fled away towards a farm.

An old memory

Snie followed the figure to the farm which seemed familiar to him. The figure fled into a cave and Snie followed him there. Then he suddenly remembered, this was the cave where he found uzraah. Overpowered by his emotions and guilt he killed the figure in blind anger. He stayed in the cave to live in exile for his deeds. his men fled from the planet and went back to urum.

Dual with an old friend

In 62 ABY, Snie felt a presence he had not felt in a very long time. Snie went meditating to lead his old apprentice to him. After just half an hour he felt his apprentice very close by. Then he saw his apprentice once again and they began talking to each other about the war. Then Snie asked if he knew who the emperor was, then Uzraah said:

You silly old man, that would be me of course!
—Uzraah, telling Snie he is the Emperor.

Snie was very surprised and for one moment fell of his rock he sat on. While Snie stood up, Uzraah laughed at him. Then Snie drew his lightsaber and charged it, saying:

Here I challenge you, Emperor.

Uzraah did not seem impressed, and attacked at once. Snie turned around and hit Uzraah with his elbow in the back. Uzraah fell on the ground, and pressed a red button. Snie ran outside, and found himself in a very difficult situation, for he was surrounded by a giant army of Groshaa and even Quarians. Snie did not know what to do for a second, but then suddenly he knew. He launched his forbidden power Force stonestorm, phase 1. Stones surrounded Snie and killed some of the soldiers standing close to him. Snie jumped from stone to stone, and he fled away, without too much trouble. Before Uzraah could find him, Snie was already in his starship, on his was to Octroy.

destuction of Octroy

Snie stayed on Octroy till 84 ABY. In 84 ABY, the entire remaining army of the Octroy system fled to Octroy were they forced everyone to fight against the Empire of the Rising Dawn, but Snie who did not want to fight was to be excecuted. Snie was not going to let this happen, so he Launched a stonestorm killing a lot of people. Then he thought how far he could push his power. So, he made it to the second phase destroying the city they were in, then he made it a phase 3 storm. The storm was now covering 50 square kilometers, then he added lightning, making it a phase 4. The storm now covered almost the entire planet and it became unstoppable. Snie knew this and jumped in the first starship he saw. He flew towards the storm, he started shooting at the stones to make a way through the storm. Snie, who was a great pilot, flew through the cloud with relative ease.

Once out of the storm, Snie was surounded by many cruisers from the empire. Snie managed to evade all lasers but one. He had to land in a cruiser to survive. Once in a hangar, he heared a noise like an alarm sound. thirty seconds later many soldiers entered the hangar surrounding Snie, he then jumped in the air and smashed his lightsaber in the ground. The shockwave pushed many soldiers into space. Snie then threw the men one by one into space, after throwing the last person into space he again saw his old apprentice. He charged at once, Uzraah then jumped towards him. Snie then slid on the ground, evading Uzraah. Now, they were fighting and blocking every attack. Uzraah had enough of it and used force choke on Snie, and then slashed Snie's hand off. Snie could not do anything, and was almost being chocked to death, he had just enough time to break free of the grip and to push Uzraah into a wall. The wall did not break, and Uzraah broke his arm. Uzraah now really had enough of it, and made the whole ship collapse. Then, both made a hole in the metal and jumped out of the ship. Snie had enough time to flee towards Urum, and Uzraah was picked up by one of his cruisers.

Back on Urum

Torn by feelings of guilt he went back to Urum, to tell what he had seen. On Urum ten Jedi awaited his arrival. He was arrested right away and brought before the Jedi council to explain himself. The council wasn't happy about his return, and made this clear by punishing Snie for his deeds. Snie, who did not want punishment, Said:

To punish oneself is the greatest punishment. I punished myself by living in exile for 24 years.
—Snie to the council

Because of these words Snie was excepted back into the Jedi order, he was not allowed to have a padawan for some time but he did not mind. Now the time had come to tell the council about the war that was raging. The council did not seem impressed by this, but when Snie them told the number of ships he saw, they were shocked. They gave Snie their approval to build an army for the Republic, and so he did. for 16 years he did this, but then someone else took over the job. so Snie could fully concentrate on training his lightsaberTechnics and his force powers.

After the fight

After the battle over Nuar and the escape of Uzraah, In which Snie didn't fight, Snie had to oversee the build all the new defense turrets, to protect the planet from any attack. The build went quickly and in 10 years the entire planet was totally defended. But the shipyard still wasn't totally repaired, so Snie went to help with the built and the shipyard was totally repaired in 150 ABY, and it was totally ready to fully produce capital ships.

After not being in the Temple for a very long time, Snie went back. In the library Snie found out that some information had been erased from the top-secret files. Because he had not been in the library for a very long time he could not remember a thing from what should be in the files, So he went to the counsel and asked them if he could start an investigation. The counsel agreed and Snie started right away.


Snie could not wait a second and went investigating right away. First he had to find out out when it was erased. So, Snie went to the library and searched for any unusual activities, and found it. on a security camera he saw a man sitting at the computer and Snie could just see that the man erased something, but he could not see what the man erased and who the man was. The only thing Snie now knew was that it happened around the same time as Uzraahs escape.

So, without any other clues Snie had to move on with his investigation. He thought it had to do something with great worth to the Republic, some kind of secret base. But he could not not remember a thing about a secret base. Snie went to every Jedi, general and every leader of a building company to find out if they knew anything. No one knew a thing, except for one man. The man said he had worked on a giant project for years builing a giant base on Zean. This base should contain many starships. Snie reported this and a giant search was launched on Zean to find the base, But there seemed to be no trace of such a base, and in 175 ABY, they stopped looking. So, Snie did not get any honor, but he was allowed to train a padawan from that moment.


In 185 ABY, Cohu was born. Snie was send to get the boy because the boy was telepathically very strong at the age of 3, and had to be brought to the Temple to be trained. In 195 ABY, Snie took Cohu as his apprentice. At first, Cohu was a difficult to train, but after a year Cohu learned everything quicky. In 200 ABY Snie taught Cohu Force Stonestorm. At first, Cohu disagreed, but eventually learned it.


in 201 ABY war broke out again. Cohu had become a powerful fighter but was a little reckless sometimes. The Urum system totally unprepared for the attack and totally forgotten about a few special bases built when into battle. Snie and Cohu were sent to the fields between the cities where the main forces of the Empire landed. when the Imperial troops landed, Snie and Cohu went to the ships and started fighting. they managed to destroy 1 battalion and one landing craft but after that they had to fall back. so far that they entered the city and fighting began there too. after just an hour they lost the entire west and northern part of the city. that was that moment Snie, Cohu and their man did a frontal attack many were killed by this on both sides, even more on the Imperial side. the man fought bravely but when Cohu's lightsaber broke he got his masters lightsaber. but when that broke to and Cohu was harmless a shot was fired at him. Snie who wanted to save him jumped in front of him and gave his life. Shortly after that all was lost and Cohu and the surviving 14 man surrendered. that were taken hostage and were to be executed.


It's not his powers but his calmness that made him strong.
—Cohu about Snie

Snie spent his whole life doing the will of the Force and nothing more. This was seen as the ultimate sacrifice for a Jedi to do. Many Jedi wanted to be like him, but only a few could truly do the will of the Force because many were seduced to the dark side. Many Dark Jedi spent all their life searching for the power that Snie possessed, and not searching for the bond to do the will of the Force.

Personality and traits

Snie was said to be the most difficult foe because of his calmness, He didn't even show if he had any pain. This made his enemies look so weak. Many Sith foes fled after a while fighting because of the exhaustion without knowing that one scratch on Snie would be fatal. Snie was one of the few gray Jedi to fully control the dark side without being a bit controlled.

Snie was a born fighter his fighting style was unique to the Jedi order of Urum because of his calmness. He used to walk slowly to his enemy killing anyone in his way and deflecting all lasers, if his foe would run towards him he would just simply push him back and give him a little more time to concentrate.

Powers and abilities

At young age Snie did not have a powerful connection to the force but when he ran away from his home on tatooine and flew to Quary he began to feel something. Back on his home planet he felt a presence he couldn't see and one night he felt like he was being ripped apart. Later he realized it was the force knowing he'd do something for the Urum system. From that moment on he had such a great connection to the force that sometimes Sith could feel his presence so strong they became afraid.

Snie had the ability to control both sides of the force this was a great advantage because he was then able to truly do the will of the force. He was also able to make stonestorm more powerful and destructive, he even destroyed an entire planet using this power. This experience made him realize the dark was truly strong and had to be controlled even more.

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