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The Slice–Trans-Perlemian faction (abbreviated STP) was one of the five major political factions in the Galactic Senate. It was made up of representatives from the eastern and northern portions of the galaxy along with a couple of outliers in the Trailing Sectors. The STP was the most astrographically diverse of any organization, as it featured members from the Unknown Regions, the northern and eastern Outer Rim, the Mid Rim, the Expansion Region, the Inner Rim, and even a planet in Wild Space. The organization worked heavily with the Rimward faction, holding similar beliefs, but the STP was weary of the partner's willingness to work with corporate interests, such as the Commerce Guild. The faction held a tendency for decentralization, a balanced power structure between Core and Rim worlds, the partial redistribution of senators based upon population, open markets, restrictions on expansionism, and a strong central military. Members of the STP were incredibly outspoken about the then–well-documented bias in Core and Inner Rim media, criticizing them for promoting a Core-centric agenda that favored the Core Power Alliance. When Chancellor Rosock Mekosk resigned his position, the faction selected F'xx Os'klx of the Roche asteroids to run. Probitas pro populus darkhorse candidate Anwis Eddicus won the election, however.


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