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The Skirmish over Sriluur was a minor battle over the Weequay homeworld of Sriluur. After picking up a coded signal mentioning a Separatist invasion of the planet, the Republic ship Victory and its Jedi commander Vel Orset rushed to stop the invasion.

After quick thinking, the Victory was able to trick the Separatist ship, the Colicoid Swarm, into moving its shields, allowing the Victory to disable the shields and almost destroy it, before it and its remaining escort ship retreated into hyperspace.


Count Dooku of the Separatists began to form a fleet to invade Sriluur, the Weequay homeworld. Sure enough, later, Dooku had sent a small yet able force to bombard the planet and take over without the Republic knowing for some time. At about three hours before the invasion was initiated, the general in charge of the battle sent a coded message to Dooku that read, Sriluur invasion commencing.

Meanwhile, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Victory was assigned to the Sriluur system to monitor radio signals in that sector. Under the command of Kel Dor Jedi Vel Orset, the Star Destroyer had no luck finding any unusual radio wave, as the only ones they found were the billions of radio waves coming from stars in the system. They eventually intercepted the coded signal and were able to decipher it before heading towards Sriluur alone, without backup.


The Victory was outnumbered three to one, as the Confederates had two Munificent-class star frigates and one modified Providence-class carrier/destroyer, the Colicoid Swarm. As the Victory exited hyperspace, Orset found that the invasion of Sriluur was already underway. The Victory, though outnumbered and attracting attention, opened fire, just as the three ships scanned and found the Republic ship.

The intense concentrated fire from the three ships left the Victory's shields down to 75%. As the return fire from both ships constantly tore each other apart, each commander desperately thought of a way to distract the other. Orset was first, however, and came up with a plan almost instantly. He ordered all fire to be concentrated on one of the Banking Clan frigates. Soon disabled and then destroyed, the frigate's wreckage was everywhere. The Victory locked onto a large piece of wreckage with its tractor beam.

Orset then ordered the wreckage to be flung at the Colicoid Swarm. Diverting shields to the starboard side for a split second for protection, the Colicoid Swarm was left unguarded for a moment. Orset made use of that short moment to concentrate the turbolasers on the Colicoid Swarm, leaving its hull damaged. The Colicoid Swarm, along with the other frigate, retreated into hyperspace. Orset wanted to follow, but decided to clean up the invasion by bombarding from above.


Orset's quick thinking was later called the "Orset Effect," which was throwing something at the ship to distract it. The Jedi Council did congratulate Orset for his achievement and protection of Sriluur, but Orset was overshadowed by a Jedi close to his age, the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, who received the most attention of any Jedi.

Orset's efforts were given attention, but Orset decided that if he wanted to be promoted to Master, he would have to win battles on key planets, not Outer Rim planets like Sriluur. The Weequay of Sriluur, however, entered Orset into their culture, and called him the "Hunter" and the "Destroyer," because he had protected them from destruction.

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