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The Skirmish at Yin was a space battle at Yin in 100 ABY. Having been forced to withdraw from Quadia a month before, the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob sent another investigatory force, this time supplemented by six battleships. Aware during the same period of the Tetrarchy's presence and the probability of a second attack, Queen Rin Sakaros deployed her fleet across the border systems of the Romasi sector. Yin was defended by a battle group of eight ships led by the Imperial Star Destroyer Overlord.

The fight at Yin was more violent and intense than the skirmish at Quadia, with fighters destroyed on both sides and some damage done to capital ships. The most important achievement of the battle, however, was the capture of a Tetrarchy scout ship by the Overlord's ion cannons. After the Tetrarchy group withdrew, the captured crew of the scout ship were interrogated by Rin Sakaros.

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