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The Skirmish at Quadia was the first engagement of the Great Liberation. Two Tetrarchy scout craft decanted from hyperspace and were confronted by a pair of Tershin-class patrol corvettes and an Iscandar-class frigate. The Royal Navy personnel aboard the Empire's ships attempted to communicate with the new arrivals in both Iscali and Basic, while the Tetrarchy officers gave similarly ineffective attempts to communicate in Orhyo.

The Empire's ships arrayed themselves in defensive formation, and when the Tetrarchy ships could not elicit an intelligible response, they gave up an opened fire. The ships exchanged fire for a few moments, dealing superficial damage to one another before the Tetrarchy ships retreated to the Xoquon sector.

Though no casualties were sustained, the flashpoint at Quadia was the spark which ignited a war that consumed the Empire and the Tetrarchy for two years.

Battles of the Great Liberation
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