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A skirmish aboard the Naboo Grassland was fought in 247 ABY when a group of Sakrask pirates boarded the transport Naboo Grassland with the aim of stealing the vessel and its load. After putting up minimal resistance, the crew was almost entirely killed by the pirates. The pirate leader, Tar Bone, interrogated the captain of the vessel, Izidor.

Later, the ship was freed by the soldier Koro Shimti and the technician Haldo, both of whom fought the pirates. During the fight, the two managed to enter the bridge and save Izidor before he could be killed by the pirate leader. However, Haldo died in battle, sacrificing himself so Shimti could enter the bridge.

By the end of the skirmish, the Naboo sent a pair of barges to rescue the Naboo Grassland. The pirates managed to escape, however, bringing some prisoners along with them


The Naboo Grassland was carrying a load of metal parts to Naboo. They would be used to rebuild a quarter of Theed devastated by fire five days before. The Sakrask pirates decided to assault the transport, being aware of informations about the transport from an information broker on Coruscant, and so they prepared the raid making use of a Disc-class armored freighter, the Bloodthirsty. However, Sakrask knew that it would be an easy prey which could be used to gather the necessary materials to fortify the pirate base on Trandosha; furthermore, in this way they would also obtain a bulk ship that didn't need a large crew, so they could steal the entire vessel with its load.

The fightingEdit

Boarding the Naboo GrasslandEdit

When the Naboo Grassland exited from the hyperspace, the Bloodthirsty immediately opened fire against the engines of the transport, stopping it. The pirates then used the Bloodthirsty's boarding ramp to enter the transport and later, they had to fight with the enemies crew members. But being armed with rifles and powerful weapons, the pirates was easily able to defeat and kill most of the crew.

When the ship was secured, the attacking leader, Tar Bone, led his troop into the command bridge of the Naboo Grassland, and there he ordered to kill all the bridge officer, except for the ship captain, Izidor. Bone interrogated Izidor about the access codes of the load, because he wanted to avoid that his men erroneously destroyed something.

The resistanceEdit

Meanwhile, the guard Koro Shimti and the technician Haldo were in the water tanks room, in the lowest levels of the transport. When they heard the alarm activated by the crew, they ran out of the room, where they confronted two Trandoshan pirates. Winning the fight, the couple crossed the Naboo Grassland, encountering some pairs of pirates but not engaging them. Having arrived to the command bridge, Shimti and Haldo had to fight with too many enemies and Haldo sacrificed himself to allow Shimti to save the captain Izidor.

Once in the bridge, Shimti found Bone aiming at Izidor with a pistol. Shimti was able to kill the pirate and not the captain, but when he went out the bridge, he found the corpse of Haldo and of some pirates. Later, the Naboo Royal Security Force sent two barges to rescue the crew of the Naboo Grassland, but the survived pirates escaped using some crew members as hostages and jumped into lightspeed. However, the load was saved and the Naboo Grassland reached Naboo without other problems.


After the skirmish, Shimti went to Coruscant, where Admiral Druson asked him about the pirate gang. Later Druson created a team of skilled soldiers, Cloak Squad, and sent it to investigate on Duro because of the presence of a Duros leader in every pirate group that had operated in the last days. The Sakrask pirates instead had a reunion and after it Sakrask went to the Black Iron, the Nestoman pirates headquarter, to join them using the information gathered by Ala Kraan.


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