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The Six Year War is a war that was fought between the Tristchanian Empire and the WSIR in and around the Captial City of Slokana. In numerous battles, snowshoe trooper forces were employed to nearly no end. The most critical battles, the Algastra Woodland Incident and the Commerada Battle were the turning points of the war in 14 ABY and 15 ABY, forcing Hannibal Warbird to consider withdrawl from Tristchana.

History Edit

The Start Edit

The Six Year War was the result of an unresolved feud over the Tristchanian Throne, between the Princess Mariah Warbird supporters, and the Warbird Separatist Imperial Remnant that had begun when the WSIR was tossed out of Tristchana in 264 BBY. With the failure over the Nuclear Holocaust of 260 BBY, Hannibal Warbird, the leader of the Warbird Separatist Imperial Remnant felt that in order to take the throne, he would have to take it by force. So he began with a prompt invasion of the planet in 9 ABY starting with Slokana, the Capital city of Tristchana. The invasion only got this far, since the Tristchanian Imperial Navy and the DeathMerc Squad of Dragon Mercenary Co-op dealt major damage to the invasion force lead by Warbird. Using Snowshoe trooper units specially trained in Winter Combat, Warbird continued with just skirmishes around Slokana.

The First East Side Battle in 12 ABY Edit

With neither side getting anywhere in the war, the Tristchanian forces led by Prince Jeramiah Tolkano made the first move against Hannibal Warbird's invasion forces, the 93rd Snowshoe battalion, containing the 69th and 72nd Divisions (Hannibal Warbird and Gweth Taranak Deadmerit). The WSIR struck back quickly, taking half of the East side of Slokana in retaliation. The battle that ensued over the next four weeks took 450 WSIR troopers and 350 Tristchanian troopers. Finally, in a stunning move made by Tolkano, Warbird and Taranak Deadmerit were forced away from the 16th Ward of the East Side of Slokana, and pushed into the surrounding woodlands.

Denaska Street Battle Edit

One of Slokana's better known main streets was Denaska Street. Used as a supply route for the city, Denaska Street was a critical choking point in the fight. Gweth Taranak Deadmerit and her forces, in 13 ABY, moved in on Denaska Street, and barricaded the street off from the surrounding villages and various supply routes in the city. This forced Tolkano to get his supplies from more vulnerable routes in the city. In a five day siege, Denaska Street's Barricade held all fire from Jeramiah Tolkano's forces. It was only when several mercenaries from Dragon Mercenary Co-op showed up as backup for Tolkano, that pushed the battle in Tolkano's favor. Within a few days, Taranak Deadmerit's forces were forced back out of the area and into the woodlands.

The Algastra Woodland Incident of 14 ABY Edit

With The Six Year War going heavily in favor of Tristchana, Hannibal Warbird felt that some of his best forces should gather in a meeting in the Algastra Woodland on the South Side of Slokana. That night, Jeramiah Tolkano and five of his reinforcements were on patrol in the area. Tolkano noticed a camp of enemy troops in a clearing in the Woodland, and an opportunity to perhaps end the war. He called his men to surround the camp, not knowing how many troops the enemy had in the camp. A sudden snap of a twig near the camp tipped off the presence of Tolkano and his troops, and a small battle ensued. Tolkano ended the battle, using a concussion rifle, which killed about 17 troops in the camp, out of 20 present. The incident was the true turning point in ultimately making the WSIR withdraw from Tristchana.

Commerada Edit

It was near the end of the Six Year War, when Gweth Taranak Deadmerit decided to make one more bold move, and invade a nearby Tristchanian Night-elf village not too far from Slokana. The village of Commerada, which was lightly populated at the time, saw a violent burst of fire, followed by Taranak Deadmerit marching in with over 300 snowshoe troopers. Gweth Annak Deadmerit, a new commander in the Tristchanian Empire, made a startling move against her sister and blasted several buildings loaded with WSIR snowshoe troopers, knowing there was a risk of killing civilians. The invasion was cut very short with this bold tactic, and a duel that nearly killed Taranak.

The End Edit

With the embarrassing losses in The Algastra Woodland Incident and the Commerada Battle, Hannibal forced the remaining WSIR forces to withdraw from the Slokana area in 15 ABY, but vowing that there would be a comeback in the coming years. With The Tristchanian Empire victorious in The Six Year War, WSIR returned to Curava later that year, facing the shame of defeat.

Outcome of the War Edit

The outcome of the Six Year War illustrated just how ill-prepared the WSIR was when it came to planning for their enemies. It also demonstrated how important it was to maintain a steady reinforcement count, and not be cut off by their enemies.

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