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The Sith Supremacy was a dark side organization that was dedicated to adherence to Sith tradition. They were created during the New Sith Wars by a loose coalition of Sith Lords who felt the numerous darksiders causing havoc across the galaxy and who called themselves Sith Lords but had no real Sith training were an insult to true Sith that had to be wiped from the galaxy. As a sign of their devotion to ancient Sith ways each chose a Darth name for themselves; a rarity among darksiders of the time.


Out of the Past

Let Our Darkness Shine!

Wolves at the Gate

Last Stand Against Kaan

In 1,006 BBY the surviving members of the Supremacy clashed with the Brotherhood of Darkness lead by Kaan at the Supremacy's headquarters on Roon.




Darth Temeluchus began recruiting darksiders to his banner and eventually forged them into the Supremacy. Darth Strix was both his chief apprentice and second in command.


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