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This Sith Order was founded by Darth Nyax, sometime after the Yuuzhan Vong war. It differed very much from Darth Bane's Order in that it ignored the central precept of the Rule of Two and instead was a large organization of Sith, which was led by a Dark lord and included many Sith Lords and Ladys, who each held the title of "Darth" and many thousands of Sith Acolytes who did their masters' bidding.

Upon the formation of the Ismaren Empire by Irek Ismaren, who was in truth the Sith Lord, Darth Nyax; Nyax attempted to conceal the fact that they were one and the same, instead tricking the galaxy into thinking that the Sith were merely working with the Ismaren Empire, he did this through several means, the most prominent of which (that also turned out to be a failure) was when Irek Ismaren set up a meeting between his Imperial dignitaries and Darth Nyax, but unfortunately, the deception was uncovered by Maarek Stele an Imperial Knight serving the Fel Empire, who had been tasked to assassinate Ismaren, he had to this end, placed a tracking beacon on Ismaren's person and tracked Ismaren to the meeting, he then discovered that Ismaren & Nyax were one and the same, and the assassination was called off by Emperor Fel, armed with this knowledge, Fel tasked Stele with infiltrating Nyax's Sith Order, thus Stele took on the persona of Darth Tyro. Tyro became Nyax's second-in-command and was given command of the Ismaren Empire's Starfighter Corps and became the Procurator of Justice.

Nyax's next plot was to send a message to Emperor Fel, stating that he had managed to convince Emperor Ismaren to order a strike at a secret Alliance-Republican meeting, which would cripple the enemies of the Empire, the message stated that should Fel commit his forces to the strike, then Nyax would personally execute Ismaren and swear loyalty to Fel, and promised Fel that with Ismaren dead, the rest of his Empire would rejoin Fel. Nyax's actual plan was to bring an impostor "Ismaren" to Fel, and using it as a cover to meet with Fel, he would then assassinate him and take over the rule of a unified Empire, unbeknownst to Nyax, Fel already knew that Nyax was in fact Ismaren, but before he could make a decision regarding the letter, Hogrum Chalk, one of Fel's advisors feigned an attack on Fel, forcing him into hiding, Chalk then accepted Nyax's offer and tasked Maarek Stele to assassinate Nyax once the strike had taken place. The strike was a huge success for the Empire, as hundreds of top Alliance and Republic leaders were killed, along with a massive portion of their military.

Per the plan, Nyax brought "Ismaren" before Emperor Fel, but before he could enact his plan to kill Fel, he was killed by Darth Tyro, who then revealed himself to be Fel's loyal servant. Before his death he had organized with Chalk the massacre of the Jedi Order at Ossus, which crippled another possible source of resistance to the Empire.

Unfortunately, the two massacres had actually succeeded in unifying the Alliance and Republicans to fight against the Empire, which meant the war continued further. With the Sith deception relealed to the Fel Empire, Nyax's apprentice, Darth Voracis had little choice but to halt the unification of the Ismaren and Fel factions of the Empire, he swayed Ismaren's wife, Ederlathh Palipides into taking up her husband's throne and declaring war on the Fels but in truth the Ismaren Empire was now controlled by Voracis himself, who began subtly transforming it into a Sith Empire. Voracis' secret identity was that of Ken Palpatine, Emperor Papatine's grandson making him the true heir of the Empire in his mind. Voracis' apprentice was Darth Oblivion, whose public persona was that of was the wealthy Alderaanian businessman, Raynar Thul. In secret, Voracis infiltrated the Imperial Court to try to get closer to the Empress, he became a suitor to her, his plot was to marry her, then reveal his true identity as Palpatine's heir and become Emperor himself.

Upon Ken's successful coup of the Ismaren Empire, he announced his identity to the Galaxy, transformed the Ismaren Empire into the Sith Empire, and made the Sith Order the official state religion.

Behind the scenes

The Sith Order is my replacement for the One Sith, and as such will contain members on the One Sith from the Legacy comics, my timeline is pretty much canon up until 42 ABY, wherein I change everything, nothing of the Legacy comics ever occurs, as I have poached loads of characters from there, to use in the 40-50 ABY sort of time.