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I found the unthinkable. The Sith had returned, and the Empire was under their control.Jedi Master Jhon Cordatus[src]

The Sith Insurrection, also known as the Purge, took place in 1,002 ABY and was the culmination of a years-long plot by hidden Sith forces, whom the galaxy at large believed to be extinct, to launch a coup d'etat against the secular government of the Galactic Empire. The Sith worked for years to infiltrate and manipulate the government and public of the Empire to ensure that the Imperial forces and public would swear allegiance to the Sith upon their takeover, a plan that proved successful and elevated Darth Aevum to the seat of power within the Empire.[1] Known casualties of the coup d'etat include Luthor Elyurius, Lana Elyurius, and Electra Kadmon.

The event led to the Third Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the combined forces of the Galactic Alliance and New Jedi Order in 1,011 ABY, during which time the Empire became known as the New Sith Imperium.[1]


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