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Those who pledge their loyalty to me, i will take you somewhere the Jedi will never find us, a place of peace to live with out fear. I will promise you this we will rebuild and come back stronger than ever to reclaim what is rightfully ours. The Sith will return and the Jedi will feel our wrath.
—The Lord Emperor rallying the defeated Sith

The Sith Empire or simply the Empire,  was the government that formed out of the remnants of the Galactic Empire fled in The galaxys Unknown Regions, led by the newly proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith known as Darth Malphas and reastablished it into his own Empire.

With the Empire on the brink of collapse and their leader dead at the hands of Cade Skywalker, Darth Krayt's secret apprentice Darth Malphas came out of the shadows to finally put his plans into action and convinced Darth Nihl to call every known surviving Sith Lord on Wylok, thousands came to answer the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Malphas had them where he wanted and killed Darth Nihl and the rest of the sith. He went on to perform a powerful Sith ritual and drained all of the power of the Kaiburr crystal into himself, granting him unimaginable power.

He betrayed the sith to established his own order, now a very powerful and cunning Dark Lord, he ceased to be Darth Malphas and proclaimed himself Emperor of his people. The Emperor was able to blame the destruction of all of the sith lords on the Jedi, frightening the remaining Sith, and then offering them a glimpse of hope, promising to take all those who pledge their loyalty to him to a safe world where the Jedi could never find them.

While under the apprenticeship of his master, Malphas had his scientists and historians secretly search for the location of his secret homeworld of Balstros. The group Malphas assigned to locate Balstros operated in secrecy, hidden day and night in a lab while they studied ancient star maps and astrogation charts, finally theorizing a hyperspace route to the world, they left the known Galaxy behind to start over.

The Emperor purposely wondered the galaxy with his people on random hyperspace routes trying to escape the Jedis grasp. He did not go straight to Balstros, rather he took them on a long and trying exodus where the Sith were repeatedly forced to turn to him for leadership, thus increasing their dependence on him to the point when they finally reached Balstros, they basically worshiped their Emperor as their savior.

Over the years the Emperors influence spread and conquered thousands of worlds in the unknown systems by brute force or where some willingly submitted to the dark lord out of fear. During his reign he discovered Immortality and for over thousand years of hiding and rebuilding, the Emperor finally prepared for his return to the known galaxy, the Sith waged war against the Union. Led by their mysterious Emperor for the first time in centuries, the galaxy plunged into war lasting twenty four years. With the sith not wanting to be defeated again, the Empire struck with the almight armada and pushed the Galactic Military out of Imperial Space. The Sith starting conquering the Outer Rim and Wild Space, battle after battle the Sith were on the bring of victory with the help of the Emperor's Battle meditation.

The Republic however struck back and pushed the Empire from conquering the Core Worlds, both taken heavy casualties in the war and at a stalemate. The Emperor by this point had grown impatient as he had expected his victory to had been achieved quickly and changed his tactics. The Emperor dispatched his secret assassins to kill important jedi who used their combined powerful Battle meditation that stopped his own meditation from helping Empire from winning the war.

The jedi on the verge of extincton, desperately searching for the Siths ruler knowing that with the emperor dead the Empire would be in disarray without their precious leader. The Emperor in a secret location and was nowhere to be found and with the Republic angry at the Jedi for their defeat in the war offered the Sith Empire a peace treaty.

The Empire took advantage of the situation, with the Republic handing over star systems to the Empire and with the union blaming the Jedi for their heavy losses and countless lives lost, they dissolved the Jedi Order and branded them enemies. The Emperor pleased that the Jedi are no more and signed the treaty as long as the Republic banished the jedi forever. The Emperor now ruled most of the galaxy and with the Republic in their weakened state and their people losing faith in the Republic, it was a matter of time before the rest of the galaxy would be willingly to join the Empire.

The Jedi however retreated from the public eyes and scattered across the galaxy, some abandoned the order out of shame and some secretly gathered and started to rebuild its order somewhere unknown from the Empire. The Emperor was not willing to let them regain their strength and threat his rule, so he used his spies to hunt them down and destroy them once and for all, no matter what the cost.

With his Empire now more stronger than ever, the Lord Emperor who led the Empire during the Dark Galactic War, ruled most of the galaxy. By the end of the war, he was well over 1,500 years old.


Fall of the Galactic Empire

Darth Krayt ressurected and killed Darth Wyyrlok III. With the creation of his deadly Sith troopers pushed those who defied the Empire to the point of desperation. In the hopes of destroying the Dark Lord, the One Sith and their empire in one stroke, Roan Fel convinced the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Jedi Order to join the Fel loyalists in a surprise attack on Coruscant. While the allied forces fought against the Imperials in space, Cade Skywalker led a strike team on the planet with the objective of infiltrating the Sith Temple and kill Darth Krayt once and for all.

In a final fight between the Dark Lord of the Sith and Cade Skywalker embraced his destiny as a Jedi and killed Darth Krayt without succumbing to the Dark side of the Force. But since Krayt had succeeded in cheating death once before, Krayt's secret apprentice Darth Malphas helped with his masters demise, just long enough for Skywalker to using his shuttle to send the Dark Lord's body into Coruscant's sun. In the aftermath of Krayt's death, the Empire was unable to sustain itself and thus collapsed in ruin; the remnants of the One Sith fell under the leadership of Darth Nihl and fled in to hiding. Although Krayt was dead, Roan Fel perished in the final battle as well, thus ridding the galaxy of both emperors. The victorious allies formed a new government, known as the Galactic Federation Triumvirate to unite the galaxy.


In the aftermath of the Second Imperial Civil War, the Jedi and Alliance systematically destroyed the Sith civilization, pushing the survivors of the war to flee Korriban in search of a refuge. Desperate to avoid persecution at the hands of the Jedi, a group of Sith left their former lives behind and joined the new Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malphas in an exodus from the crumbling Empire. Leaving their fate to chance, these Sith boarded an armada and made several random hyperspace jumps in a mission to scout for a new home. Before he departed from his planet of Wylok, Malphas had made his scientists and scholars search for years to find the location of his lost homeworld Balstros, a world long forgotten by Malphas. Just before Malphas destroyed Darth Nihl and many Sith Lords and consumed the power of the Kaiburr crystal and to make himself immortal, his scholars discovered the planet, and Malphas's armada spent two decades searching for the planet, wandering the Unknown Regions.

After years in space, a random jump finally led the armada to their destination: the jungle world Balstros. The Sith landed on the planet and claimed Balstros from the Coligs, establishing the world as the capital of the new Empire to be commanded by Darth Malphas who had led them to the world—the now self-proclaimed Lord Emperor.

A New Empire


Citadel, The Emperor's seat of power

For the following century, the Sith dedicated themselves to the goal of forging a new Empire. Led by their Dark Lord, the Imperials worked to tame the wild jungles, in which they began to build their new capital, Clou City. Once there, the Lord Emperor declared his vision for the surviving Sith - to rebuild their civilization and promised his subjects not only vengeance against the Republic but an Empire that would dominate the entire galaxy. At the center of the city, the Sith built the Imperial Citadel to serve as both their center of government and a monument to the power of the Lord Emperor. During this time the Emperor commissioned the creation of the Shadow Council—a body of thirty Sith Lords who aided in the governing of the Empire and responsible for the logistics of the reborn government. For more than a thousand years, the Sith began to rebuild their mighty empire in secret. Once Balstros was successfully settled, the Empire changed its priorities from the building of a capital to the creation of a military.

Among the greatest architects of the reborn Sith Empire was Myrim Volkin who became the founder of the modern Grand Military. The revitalized Imperial dominion allowed for non-Sith to join its ranks, despite placing them lower in society than Force-wielding Sith. Volkin was responsible for drafting every non-Force user of the right age into the ranks of the military. Once Balstros was fully under their control, the Sith worked relentlessly for centuries to create a massive army and navy. As its military swelled in numbers, the Empire itself did as well, encompassing a variety of worlds. The Dark Lord who led his people in their exodus from Sith Space still ruled during this period, having made his life immortal through a powerful dark artifact, he created. The Lord Emperor's dark side energy and rituals he performed, combined with rites of darkness he performed in Clou City to increase his immense power even more, turned the atmostphere of Balstros into a violent and continuous electric storm.

As the Sith began to reforge their Empire, they began a campaign of conquest of hundreds of worlds. Any civilization that possessed the capacity, technology and resources to combat the Sith were first offered the chance to surrender to the Emperor's rule. When they refused, the Sith Empire would attack leading to the conquest of their enemies who were either killed or enslaved. During the final days of the Empire's exile, they encountered a civilization in the Unknown Regions ruled by a powerful family known as the Monarch of Bohan. The Empire conducted their standard practice only to be surprised when the Yilks ruling class considered the merits of such an offer at a closed doors summit. There, Yilk negotiators and Imperial diplomats along with the commander of the Emperor's Guard met in diplomatic talks. The outcome of this event led to the Yilks becoming the first official allies of the Lord Emperor. As part of this arrangement, the armies of the Moncarch along with resources as well as tax revenues were freely offered to the Sith. In exchange, the Sith allowed the Yilks to administer and govern their own worlds and the Empire was not allowed to send any representative to the Yilks homeworld of Bohan without permission. This alliance allowed the Yilks to maintain their own military forces and society while working alongside the Sith. Despite this being the case, it was known that some members of this species became integrated within Imperial society. The Chiss Ascendancy also became allies with the Empire.

Government and politics

Rulers of the Empire

The Empire was ruled with absolute power by the Lord Emperor, with the Shadow Council as his advisors, and Emperor's Rage as Supreme Commander of the Grand Military. Imperial rule was authoritarian. There was little to no freedom of speech and dissidents were punished harshly.

The Emperor made himself Immortal and intended to rule forever.

Grand Emperor

Darth Malphas was the sole legitimate and unquestioned Emperor to sit on the throne of his Empire.

Executive branch

The Shadow Council was created by the Lord Emperor after the resettlement on Balstros when he withdrew into isolation. The task of the Shadow Council was to debate long term plans of the Empire as well as the logistical task of governing such a government. It was formed by thirty powerful Sith Lords that obeyed the Emperor, who served their Dark Lord and visionary of the Sith Empire.


The Empire also dedicated its vast economic resources and trillions of credits to expand the Grand Military and to fund new scientific developments in a wide variety of fields. This military buildup would eventually result in the Grand Navy fielding millions of starships, the Grand Army being comprised of billions of soldiers, and the creation of a vast force of Troopers. The Empire spent trillions on building superweapons such as the Excruciator and others.

Also the Empire was secretly backed by the immense wealth of the planet Muunilinst. The Emperor used his Darkside powers to influence Chairmans of the InterGalactic Banking Clan over the centuries to use their limitless resources to help fund his military.


Much of what became the Grand Military was masterminded by the first Grand Moff Myrim Volkin who was responsible for the creation of the Grand Military training regimen that remained in place long after his death. He was also the individual that drafted non-Force sensitives into the ranks of the military and allowed them to play a vital role within the Empire as soldiers who were well trained warriors.


While the armies of the Sith were trained to conquer, they did so under the leadership of Sith Warriors who drove them in Empire campaigns. The majority of their ranks consisted of soldiers known as Grand troopers who wore a distinctive piece of armor. More elite units included Dark Squad that were sent on more sensitive assignments. In addition to these non-Force based units, plus the Elite Dark Guard were also known to enter into the battlefield and engage enemy forces.


As was the case with much of the Military, the architect of the Grand Navy was Myrim Volkin who turned his attention to its construction after Balstros was fully established as the Empire's new capital. This monumental task was an ambitious one as it took many years to accomplish in the goal of creating the Imperial armada, an undertaking that Volkin himself would never fully see accomplished as it would take centuries to build.


Starwarsgalaxy-Sith Empire3

The Empire after the war

The Grand Empire's territory was not located in the known galaxy, it was located in the Unknown Regions and conquered unknown systems. It consisted of at least over three hundred worlds, but by the end of the war with the Galactic Republic Union its territory spread to more than half of the galaxy.

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