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The Emblem of the Sith Council

The Sith Council was the ruling body of the Sith Order of Decreto and its territories.

Founded in 5,000 BBY following the defeat of Naga Sadow during the Great Hyperspace War, the Council was created so that the Sith Order of Decreto could have some sort of government.

By the time of Sam Sinays' reign the Sith Council had taken on a set form. One Dark Lord and ten advisors.

Pre-Sith Crusade

Hekas-ni's reign

Sam Sinays' reign

Sith Crusade

Due to the secrecy that surrounded the Order only about half of the Council during the Sith Crusade is known.

4 as of yet unidentified members

Post-Successors War

Following the Successors War the Council was reformed and its members drawn from Darth Krayt's ranks.

5 as of yet unidentified members

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