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The Sith, Darth Nihilus.

A Sith was a Force-sensitive individual who was a member of the Sith Order. For the most part, they were taken from their families at a young age and were trained in the ways of the Force for their entire lifetime. Although, in times of conflict, it became common practice for fully trained Jedi Knights to betray their Order and instead join the Sith. They came from almost any species and fought in a variety of ways.


Timeline of major events in history of the Sith

130,000 BBY Born of Sith society ( as a species, not as a religion )

100,000 BBY - The Sith species begins to create its culture, civilization and religion.

28,000 BBY - Reign of the Sith begins Adas . Later leads the Sith forces against Rakatan Infinite Empire , costing lives , throwing the Sith civil war .

25,000 BBY The Unification Wars are fought on Tython between darkness and light. Users of the dark side of the Force are defeated , the Jedi set their main temple on Ossus , the Old Republic is formed , located on Coruscant. Dark Jedi are forbidden to reveal and not to 500 years later.

24,500 BBY - Xendor and students leave the Jedi Order in the First Great Schism.

24,400 BBY - The First Great Schism ends and Dark Jedi are defeated.

7,000 BBY - A group of Jedi Order go and explore the science of mutations of the dark side , starting the Second Great Schism - war known as the Hundred -Year Darkness .

6,900 BBY - Exiles after its defeat during the Hundred -Year Darkness , the Dark Jedi come to Korriban, dondese crossing with the native Sith , and form the Sith Empire. Over the millennia, the empire expands to adjacent systems including Ziost .

5,000 BBY - The Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow is defeated in the Great Hyperspace War, the Sith Empire collapsed ten years later . Sadow flees with his Massassi warriors on Yavin 4.

4,990 BBY - Final collapse of the Sith Empire, after the defeat of Naga Sadow . A Dark Lord in the Unknown Regions hands to rebuild the Empire.

4,400 BBY - The Jedi Knight Freedon Nadd falls to the dark side, and is trained by the spirit of Naga Sadow . Sadow dies at the hands of Nadd , who soon established as King of Onderon.

4,250 BBY - The Third Great Schism happens in Coruscant , resulting in the withdrawal of the Dark Jedi Vultar where Cosmic Turbine activated , causing the Cataclysm Vultar.

4.000 to 3998 BBY - The Queen and King Ommin Amanoa descendants of Freedon Nadd Sith Naddist lead worship in a skirmish against the Jedi during the Beast Wars and the Rise of Freedon Nadd. The Great Sith War begins . Aleema Keto Satal and are instructed in the teachings Sith by the spirit of Nadd. After the defeat of the Naddists , fleeing the Empress Teta system , and form the Krath sect.

3,997 BBY - Exar Kun falls to the dark side. The spirit of Freedon Nadd leads Dxun to Korriban , and thence to Yavin IV , where Kun destroys Nadd completely . There, he founded the new order Sth , which names as the Brotherhood of the Sith.

3,996 BBY - Kun takes the fallen Jedi Ulic Qel -Droma , the Krath leader , as his apprentice. The Brotherhood of the Sith and the Krath fall during the Battle of Yavin IV.

3,961 BBY - Jedi Knight Revan falls under the influence of the dark side after discovering the Trayus Academy on Malachor V , a relic of the mysterious True Sith .

3960-3959 BBY - Revan , hero of the Mandalorian Wars , betrays the Galactic Republic, declared himself Dark Lord of the Sith , and forms a new Sith Empire.

3959-3956 BBY - Darth Revan complements forces with a fleet built by the Star Forge, and invades the Republic during the Second Sith War. Revan is supposedly killed when his apprentice, Darth Malak betrays him , but later appears as a Jedi , returning to the light side . Revan led the Republic forces to victory by defeating Malak and destroying the Star Forge. After the Second Sith War, it became common practice for Sith putting the title " Darth " to their name.

3956-3950 BBY - Following the Battle of Rakata Prime, the Civil War broke Sith on Korriban , and virtually eliminates the Sith followers of Revan and Malak.

3,954 BBY - Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion together many of the remaining Sith warlords . They begin to fight a shadow war over the devastated Republic and start the First Jedi Purge.

3,951 BBY - The Sith Triumvirate was defeated by the Jedi Exile and the First Jedi Purge ends . The Sith Civil War continues as the remaining Sith fighting over the remnants of his empire. At the end of the war being a Sith Lord title " Darth " , one of the few survivors declaring himself a Sith Lord . Another possible extinction of the Sith.

3,781 BBY - The Sith Empire is preparing for the eventual invasion of the Galactic Republic from outside the Unknown Regions in the beginning of the Great Galactic War.

3,756 BBY - is preparing for spies, as the removal of the spirit of Naga Sadow by Barel Ovair .

3,681 BBY - The Sith Empire invades the Republic , and the Great Galactic War begins .

3,653 BBY - The Great War ends with the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. The Republic and the Sith Empire exist as two separate in a state of Cold War governments.

3,500 BBY - Darth Desolous is expelled from the Jedi Order, and forms a Pau'ans Sith army, training them in the use of armor and shields cortosis and led against the Jedi. Some two thousand Jedi Knights are killed before the massacre was over.

2,000 BBY - Darth Ruin , another fallen Jedi , forms a new Sith Order and start the New Sith Wars during the period of the Fourth Great Schism. Lasting a millennium, in

1,466 BBY the New Sith Empire conquers all known space outside the Colonies.

( 2000-1000 BBY ) - The Sith prove to be his own ruin , while the internal power destroys your organization. Lord Kaan unites survivors in the Brotherhood of Darkness , and guarantees you the title " Dark Lord " many Sith.

1,000 BBY - The armies of the Jedi and Sith are destroyed in the Seventh Battle of Ruusan , leaving Darth Bane as the only survivor . To ensure the survival of the Sith , Bane introduced the Rule of Two .

1000-33 BBY - The Rule of Two continues. Darth Millennial abandons his master , Darth Cognus , and sets the Prophets of the Dark Side. Darth Vectivus becomes the manager of a mine near Bimmiel asteroid , and built a mansion in the heart of a nexus of dark side. Lives there the rest of his days surrounded by friends and family, and perhaps his own apprentice training . The Sith Lord Muun , Darth Plagueis is found and trained by an unknown master. Palpatine is trained under Darth Plagueis turtoría , and given the title of Darth Sidious. Palpatine kills his master as he sleeps . Then train Darth Maul as his own apprentice .

32 ABY - The Sith , who had been in hiding for nearly a thousand years , resurface again when Darth Sidious orchestrates the Battle of Naboo in which Darth Maul is defeated by Obi -Wan Kenobi.

22-19 ABY - Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus cause the Clone Wars, and many Jedi die , or go to the dark side .

20 BBY - The Return of Darth Maul.

19 BBY - Darth Vader becomes Sidious 's new apprentice . The Republic and the Galactic Empire falls is established by Darth Sidious , now known as Emperor Palpatine. The Sith rule the galaxy once more , from the Core Worlds to Wild Space .

19-1 BBY - Darth Sidious eradicates most of the Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge.

4 ABY - Vader is returned to the light side of the Force Luke Skywalker , resulting in the deaths of Sidious and Vader, presumed extinction of the Sith , thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Old Jedi Chosen One.

11 ABY - The resurrection of Palpatine , who almost eradicated the New Republic before dying again . Another presumed extinction of the Sith Order. The spirit of Exar Kun on Yavin IV is revived and returns to Kyp Durron a Sith Lord . Exar Kun is later defeated by the New Jedi Order and Kyp I return to the light side of the Force.

11 ABY - Rumors abound about the last of the Sith an Emperor's Hand , named Lumiya. Three decades later , these rumors would be true.

14 ABY - A Sith cult , the Disciples of Ragnos , trying to revive Marka Ragnos , but are frustrated by the efforts of the New Jedi Order.

30 ABY - Darth Krayt begins to rebuild the Sith on Korriban.

40 ABY - Lumiya appears in the galaxy again and seduces Jacen Solo to join her. Jacen slowly tries to bring his cousin Ben Skywalker to Sith ways, in order to do his apprentice but instead , take Tahiri Veila like apprentice. Jacen eventually their becomes a Sith Lord , taking the title of " Darth Caedus " and becomes a co - Head of State of the Galactic Alliance. But with his death, Lumiya 's Sith , the last survivor of the Order of the Sith Lords had perished remnant . Another presumed extinction of the Sith Order.

130 ABY - The Sith , led by Darth Krayt, returning to prominence in the galaxy to sabotage the Ossus Project , causing mass secessions in the second Galactic Alliance Galactic Empire, and almost eliminating the Jedi Order again.

138 ABY - The One Sith is terminated.

Sith training

Sith Training under the Empires

The Korriban academy had been established by the old Sith Empire and had been a training center for prospective Sith for centuries. However, with the defeat and retreat of the Empire, the academy was abandoned.

Under Exar Kun, formalized Sith training was effectively ruled out, as most of his acolytes gained their power through possession by Sith spirits, and he himself had been personally tutored by Freedon Nadd and self-taught with Sith holocrons and manuscripts.

When Darths Revan and Malak arose, the Sith academy on Korriban was reestablished by the two. Relying on a system of instructors tutoring several students at a time, the academy trained the numerous Jedi and Force-sensitives who flocked to Revan's banner in the ways of the Sith. Under Malak's sole reign, the academy remained active, churning out new Sith warriors to fuel Malak's vicious war effort.

However, when Malak was slain by the redeemed Revan, the Sith were left without a strong leader to unite them. Turning on each other, they sparked off the Sith Civil War, and the Korriban academy became the center of the fighting. It was eventually left deserted as the conflict moved on.

516px-Sith Academy obdience

Sith Meditation training

When the Sith Triumvirate arose to fill the power vacuum, the center of Sith training moved to the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. As these new Sith operated covertly, and only aimed to destroy the Jedi, the Academy focused on training Sith assassins rather than an army of Sith Warriors. When the head of the Triumvirate, Darth Traya, was betrayed by the two other members, Sion and Nihilus, the Sith Order was split between the two remaining leaders. They peacefully went their separate ways, Sion remaining in control of the Trayus Academy, while Nihilus established a mobile facility onboard his ship, the Ravager. Both were destroyed by the Jedi Exile.

When the Sith Empire returned and invaded the Republic, they quickly reconquered Korriban and reestablished the academy. Any individual discovered to be Force-sensitive would be sent, willing or not, to the academy as an acolyte. Groups of acolytes were instructed by a single Overseer and, much like the previous incarnations of the academy before them, would attempt to rise beyond the other acolytes as to be noticed by a visiting Sith Lord in the hopes of becoming their apprentice. Various trials existed, such as judgement of prisoners and tests of endurance. Students would often venture out into the wilderness or explore the ancient Sith tombs as part of their tests. After the final disappearance of the Sith Empire, the Korriban academy would remain abandoned for many centuries.

Sith Training during the Resurgencies

When Darth Desolous arose, he reigned as the sole Dark Lord of the Sith, and as far as is known, he trained no apprentices. When Darth Ruin arose and brought about the Fourth Great Schism, numerous Jedi flocked to his banner. While his training practices remain unknown, he is known to have raised a massive army of Sith. While he was ultimately assassinated by his followers, the new Sith Empire he established would rise many times again to assail the Jedi and the Republic.

When Lord Kaan arose, he led one of the most successful Sith campaigns in history. Reclaiming Korriban, he again reestablished the academy. Installing Lord Qordis as headmaster, Kaan based the academy around a classroom system, with single instructors tutoring as many as twenty students at a time.

Sith Training under the Rule of Two


Maul under The Rule of Two

When Darth Bane reformed the Sith Order in the wake of the New Sith Empire's destruction, he limited their numbers to only two. The reigning Dark Lord would train only a single apprentice, who would eventually succeed him through assassination. This ensured several things; the Sith would remain a covert organization; and the Sith would grow increasingly stronger with each new master, as weaker apprentices would simply die.

This also left the training of apprentices at the discretion of the master. As things became based on a single teacher tutoring a single student, formalized training regimes were discarded, as masters began crafting their techniques on both personal preference, and the needs of the student.[10] For example, Bane trained his student, Zannah, much as he himself had been trained, relying on the scheduled and repetitive regimes applied by the Korriban academy during his time there.

Darth Vader, on the other hand, trained his student, Galen Marek, through tests. He provided Marek with only the basic skills in any application, then placed him in situations that forced him to improvise and develop on his own, the goal being to allow Marek to grow unaided rather than guide him down a determined path. Vader's master, Sidious, trained one of his previous apprentices, Maul, similarly.

Sith training under the Rule of One

When Darth Krayt reformed the Sith Order after the destruction of the Galactic Empire, he reestablished the Korriban academy and returned to the old training methods. He eventually moved the training center to the Temple of the Sith on Coruscant, abandoning the academy again.

Sith training was again based on the old method of instructors teaching multiple students. In addition to this highly competitive system, the teaching institution itself was a dangerous place, with combat droids roaming the halls to keep students on edge and teach constant wariness.


Sith Master was the title of a Sith individual who instructed at least one apprentice in the ways of the dark side of the Force. Traditionally, the apprentice was required to kill his or her mentor before they could train their own apprentice and advance to the rank of Master.

Sith Lord was a title that was conferred on members of various Sith Orders who had both considerable knowledge of and strength in the dark side.

Sith apprentice was an individual (and on occasion, a child), that began serious training under a Sith Master, usually chosen by the Master himself or herself, after the potential apprentice displayed an impressive act of loyalty or cruelty. In some cases, the individual pledged themselves to the teachings of the Sith Master, thereby becoming the apprentice.

Sith Acolyte was a rank within the Sith Order prior to Darth Bane's reformation. The term was used to refer to Force-sensitive apprentices who had only just started on the dark path under the tutelage of a more experienced Sith Lord.

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